5 Best Copper Mugs for Hot Chocolate in 2020: Advanced Mixology

Copper mugs are a rage these days and an excellent choice to drink drinks like moscow mules, cocktails and tea. Though it’s interesting to note that you can also use a copper mug to consume hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is consumed in different forms in different regions of the world. The interesting part is how you consume and in which container do you enjoy having it the most. We have compiled a list of the best copper mugs for hot chocolate.

Until now, you must be drinking hot chocolate in a glass container or a ceramic cup. Today as we put forward our curated list, you will be surprised to know that copper mugs are not just limited to spirits and water. Although its still not clear if there are any harmful effects of drinking a hot chocolate inside a copper mug. At advanced mixology we’re proud of producing high quality copper mugs and we think our copper mugs are totally safe and made with attention.

For your ease, here’s our recommendation for the best copper mug for hot chocolate:

5 Best Copper Mugs for Hot Chocolate in 2019

1. Advanced Mixology Copper Mug

The Copper mugs from Advanced Mixology are unique copper mugs that have a rivet-less technology which gives a punch to its design. This technology helps maintain the shine of copper mugs for years and improves longevity. Most importantly, when it comes to having your hot chocolate in these cups, you’re going to love the entire experience. The box come beautifully packed in a seamless fabrication that can also become a great gift for someone fond of parties.

These are 100% copper so you won’t find any hint of nickel or tin. You may not notice but there will always be some hint of copper in any drink that you consume in these mugs. 

One of the highlights of any copper mug is the exterior and in advanced mixology copper mugs, mugs have a food grade lacquer coating which makes the cup shine and gleam. In case you do get some coating then it can be easily removed with slight scrub. The whole box comes with two wooden coasters which also have a lifetime guarantee alongside 100% refund.

2. Barrel shaped Copper Mugs from Advanced Mixology

How about having your hot chocolate in a barrel shaped copper mug. This is a special barrel shaped copper mugs set from advanced mixology which comes in the form of a barrel that can turn into a container for your liquors . These are one of the top rated copper mugs for moscow mules from advanced mixology also have a 16 ounce weight and utilizes technology to join the metal in the right place.

The handles of these copper mugs are of high quality and do not have any leaks. These copper mugs are tarnish resistant and have a safe yet dissolvable outside lacquer which can be rubbed away easily that will give a more antique appearance. The set also includes a copper straw just in case you would like to sip your hot chocolate.

Look wise, the set looks beautiful and also comes with coasters to keep your tabletops and other areas clean and dry. What is important is that you even get a lifetime guarantee on our products and a free vodka shot glass also made from copper. 

3. Morken Barware 100% Solid Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

While doing your research, you may have seen that there are a lot of copper mugs in the market that claim to be pure copper mug but don’t have a lacquer coat inside them. If you are going to drink a hot drink like hot chocolate then you should only buy copper mugs with a lacquer coating to prevent copper metal reacting with your drink. 

Morken Barware copper mugs have a lacquer interior inside them which makes them safe to use. They are hammered and have been made from 22-gauge copper. Intended and made dedicatedly for moscow mule, the handle is made from copper.

These pure copper moscow mule mugs have been made after a rigorous work of 2 days following a 15 step process. Morken mugs are great for gifting purpose as they have been made with a high level of attention to detail. The whole look and feel of mugs make it one of the best out there, perfect for gifting occasion.

4. Kamojo Copper Mule Mugs

Some of you may love to drink hot chocolate and wish to take it to another level then how about a copper mug that’s embossed with design. Kamojo moscow mule mugs are made from copper and have been embossed with stunning design over them. Not only does it look like a great example of craftsmanship but also feels impressive.

Each mug has a capacity of 16 ounces and free from nickel or any type of steel linings. You even get a free 35 page e-book that has 20 unique must try recipes and comes with 2 pure copper straws. Each set comes with a free 1 year warranty. This can become a great gift for any type of occasion. What sets this set apart is the quality of the craftsmanship.

All these mugs are made in India and by Indian artisans. Although due to using hot chocolate, the copper may develop some tarnish but there’s nothing to worry about. It’s for serious lovers of the drink and someone who wants to flaunt it all!

5. Jacky’s Handmade Copper Mugs

The jacky’s original handmade copper moscow mule are pair of some really sturdy and polished copper mugs. These are handcrafted and have a hammered design and are made in India. Although made primarily for moscow mules, you can have your hot chocolate in them. Since they also have steel in them you can expect them to last for longer time. Not only are they suitable for moscow mule but can also be used for beer and other types of beverages.

These sets come in a special holiday mug set where you get 4 mugs with 20 ounces capacity. One of the things you should always look for is the presence of nickel lining which should not be present and hence the absence ensures high standard of authenticity. Such utensils are easy to carry and wash.


A lot of us love hot chocolate. It’s consumed world over in different forms and flavors. One thing that’s common everywhere is that the drink is served hot. Copper mugs were originally made for moscow mules and other alcohol based drinks. You shouldn’t worry about using them for hot drinks such as hot chocolate, tea,  coffee and hot water based drinks. Just make sure the copper mugs used have a lacquer coating inside them which will make everything safe.

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