How To Keep Your Copper Mug Shiny And Clean

A true cocktail connoisseur knows full well that drinking from the right cup is just as important as the mix itself. And as any Moscow Mule lover would tell you, the perfect vessel to keep your precious concoction on is in a good quality copper mug.

Unfortunately, we all know that no matter how expensive or durable copper is, it tarnishes over time.  However, keeping your copper mug looking new shouldn’t stress you out. Cleaning it is easy and safe, all you need is to find the right cleaning solution and you will be back to using it in no time.

Go Natural

If you prefer all-natural home ingredients when cleaning your copper mug, here are some of the most common types of natural cleaning solutions that you can use. Rub your preferred solution over your copper mug and let stand for a few minutes before rinsing.

  • Salt and vinegar – are a superb cleaning combination for copperware. The acid from the vinegar can wipe the tarnish clean and the salt will scrape away any of the irritating build-ups.
  • Ketchup – Not many people know this but ketchup works surprisingly well as a natural cleaning agent for copper.

Because ketchup is made up of both vinegar and salt. The tomato paste in ketchup has natural acidic properties as well which helps in the cleaning process.

Special Cleaning Cream

In some cases, you may find that natural ingredients will not be as effective in cleaning your copper mug as you hoped it would be. Fortunately, there are specialized cleaning solutions for copper that will help do the trick.

Wright’s Copper Cream is the perfect solution to clean and restore the natural gloss and shine of your precious copperware. It erases even the toughest and most stubborn copper build-up caused by natural and prolonged use.

Copper Mug Holder

So, what’s the next best thing to owning a brand-new copper mug set? A matching mug holder, of course!

If you store your copper mug in a closed and warm environment like a cupboard, it could tarnish the vessel. Good thing you can put them in this matching cooper mug holder.

This Advanced Mixology Mug Holder is the perfect accessory to match your beloved copper mugs. It can hold up to six mugs and has a built-in tilt-up feature that will ensure your copper mugs stay securely in place. 

It is multi-purpose as well which means it’s also great for organizing small jewelry items such as necklaces and bracelets.

Keep it Fresh 

Feeling tired and desperately in need for an instant pick me up drink? Check out this cool and refreshing cocktail concoction for a fresh start to the week.

Prepare this recipe on a picture-perfect Advanced Mixology copper mug for a fantastic Moscow mule cocktail that will guarantee to take the Monday blues away.  

What’s more, these elegant high-quality mugs are a perfect gift for your loved one or even yourself. 


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  • Jessica K on

    These mugs look amazing. I use similar ones to drink wine from them.
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  • tom on

    Copper mugs are fun, but they actually warm your drinks faster. That’s why you get so much condensation is because the coolness is leaving your drink. It’s a great conductor of heat.

  • Dyana Hulgan on

    Love drinking from your mugs! Keeps drinks cold!!!

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