Best Copper Mugs For Ginger Beer To Buy In 2021

5 Best Copper Mugs For Ginger Beer To Buy In 2023

Best Copper Mugs For Ginger Beer To Buy In 2021

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A ginger beer originally was an alcoholic drink made using fermented ginger, water and sugar. But today, it’s hard to find an alcoholic ginger beer. There are many versions in which you can serve ginger beer. A ginger beer is different from a ginger ale where the ale has more carbonation than ginger beer. The best way to serve ginger beer is in a copper mug as the copper when in contact with different elements of beer gives it a unique taste.

In this article, we are going to recommend you 5 of the best copper mugs for sipping ginger beer. Although modern day ginger beer has less alcohol and sometimes no alcohol but what has stayed the same is the way its sipped in a copper mug.

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Our Top Picks

Advanced Mixology Copper Mug

Best overall choice: Advanced Mixology Copper Mug

Best premium choice: Kamojo Copper mugs

Fisher Copper Mugs

Best budget option: Fisher Copper Mugs

The Best Copper Mugs for Ginger Beer

1. Advanced Mixology Mug Set: Best Copper Mugs for Ginger Beer

Mule Science Advanced Mixology Copper Mugs

The Copper Mugs by advanced mixology are one of the finest copper mugs set available online. They come in a set of 4 and are 100% handcrafted. You can clearly see the hammered design on the exterior. Since its made from pure copper, there is no nickel or tin used.

What’s even better is that they have the same capacity of 16 oz similar to the original Moscow mule. A 100% copper material will always develop tarnish but not advanced mixology copper mugs as they come with a lacquer food-grade coating which also retains the shine.

No wonder they are the highest rated mugs on Amazon. Each set comes in a beautiful gift box and lifetime warranty.


  • 100% made from pure copper
  • Has a lacquer coating to protect tarnishing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hammered design and comes in a gift set

2. Benicci Copper Mugs Set

Benicci Copper Mugs

If two copper mugs are same then they have not been hand-hammered. No two Benicci Copper mugs set are ever the same. Benicci copper mugs are 100% copper with a shiny polished finish. Many users often have questions before sipping their ginger beer in a copper mug but you should not be worried since these mugs have passed the necessary tests.

These copper mugs come in a set of 4 and have a nicely finished package which is suitable for gifting on any occasion. As a bonus, you receive 4 copper straws and also get a 12 months money-back guarantee. They are suitable for everything from beers, teas and water.


  • 100% Copper Mugs with hand-hammered
  • Comes with a jigger and 4 copper straws
  • 12 months Guarantee
  • Tested as per food grade checks

3. Kamojo: Best Premium Choice Copper Mug Set

Kamojo Copper Mugs

How about copper mugs with an embossed design on copper mugs? Kamojo copper mugs are made from copper and have a beautiful design which is handcrafted and gives you an exclusive experience when sipping your ginger beer. These have the exact original capacity of 16 ounces.

Kamojo copper mugs set are free from nickel or any type of steel linings. Since ginger beer is often mixed with vodka, you do want to consume it which brings out the true flavors of the beer as copper is a reactive metal.

All Kamojo copper mugs come with a protective layer which help maintain the shine of these mugs for many years. You also get a free 35 page ebook that has a lot more recipes and the best part, you get a free 1 year warranty and 2 copper straws.


  • Embossed copper mugs
  • 1 year warranty and free copper straws
  • Original capacity of 16 ounces
  • Long lasting shine due to protective coating

4. Krown Kitchen Copper Mugs Set

Krown Kitchen Copper Mugs

Krown kitchen’s latest copper mugs set are better than before as they now come with an upgraded handle which not only provide you with a better grip but also keep up the shine and elegance of the copper mugs.

Krown copper mugs come in a beautiful gift set like a package with 4 in number along with 4 coasters, a recipe book, a cleaning cloth and a shot glass. As you know, with something like ginger beer you will have a metal like copper rusting with time. But not with this copper mug as it has a stainless steel core metal and unlike copper that gets tarnished with time, steel lasts longer.

The copper mug has a double wall construction which means your drink will be ice cold for longer hours. Not only will this be a great copper mug to sip Ginger beer but it can also be a really good gift.


  • Upgraded Handle for better grip
  • Come with coasters, cleaning cloth and shot glass
  • Shiny and elegant look
  • Double wall construction for long life

5. Fisher : Best Budgeted Copper Mug Set

Fisher Copper Mugs

Fisher copper mug set has a very classic copper mug look. They are hammered by hand which takes somewhere between 8 - 10 days to do. Because of hammering, each mug gets a new look and makes perfect for sipping ginger beer.

All fisher copper mugs come with a food grade lining that also helps retain the cold temperature once you pour your chilled beer in it. These copper mugs come with a soldered handle instead of a riveted handle. You can use them for beers, mojitos and cocktails.

As is with a lot of copper mugs. They may develop some tarnish after some time as copper tends to react with some acidic elements of different drinks and beers. They also come relatively cheap compared to other copper mugs.


  • Comes with a soldered handle instead of riveted handle
  • Hand Hammered copper mugs
  • Comes with food grade inner lining
  • 100% copper made


One thing is clear from all the options that Ginger beer is best enjoyed with a 100% pure copper mug. It’s the marriage of a drink with a metal that brings the best out of Ginger beers. Now all that matters is your choice of copper mug. To make it easier, we have listed three choices:

If you are still confused, we will suggest you to go for Advanced Mixology Copper Mugs. Nothing bias but you can yourself check the reviews of these copper mugs. The number of happy customers is a true testimony to our products.


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