7 Fruit-Infused Vodkas To Make Your Summer Exciting

7 Fruit-Infused Vodkas To Make Your Summer Exciting

Stuck home and dreaming of a tropical island getaway this summer? Who needs a road trip when you can have a taste of refreshing tropical goodness right in your own living room? And what cooler way to enjoy your “me time” but with a delicious selection of fruit-infused vodkas you can indulge in all summer long. Try these delightful fruity flavors from some of the world’s best vodka brands and start having so much fun you’ll forget you ever want to go out.



SKYY Pineapple

SKYY Pineapple is one of the seventeen flavors of SKYY Infusions, a fruity line of flavoured vodkas by the world-famous vodka brand, SKYY.   Due to its unique distillation process, SKYY vodkas are nearly congener-free which makes for a smoother, more refreshing drinking experience. This Pineapple variety from SKYY Infusions is made from natural pineapple flavors with a trace of citrus juice that’s just perfect for the hot summer days. .  


Absolut Mango

What’s so great about this fruit-infused vodka from Swedish distiller, Absolut is that it doesn’t contain added sugars. This means, you can enjoy real mango goodness in a vodka without the guilt. Absolut Mango is full-on delicious with its gorgeous ripe mango flavor with a hint of tropical fruit flavors.

Smirnoff Coconut

Have a taste of coconuts right in the comfort of your own couch. This amazing coconut infused vodka from the vodka giant, Smirnoff, is your ultimate summer drink with its sweet smell and pleasant and lingering aftertaste. Tease your taste buds with the refreshing burst of coconuts and be instantly transported to the summer destination of your dreams.

Whitley Neill Blood Orange

In the mood for a dark twist to your fruit-flavored vodka this summer? Try this Blood Orange Vodka from award-winning English distiller Whitney Neill and see for yourself how a combination of vodka and Sicilian oranges can be so dangerously delicious and…addicting.

Cîroc Pineapple

Pineapple vodka with a hint of vanilla? Why not? This unlikely combination from Cîroc, makers of Ultra-Premium Vodka from France, is surprisingly good. Distilled five times, this uniquely-flavored vodka is the perfect ingredient for tropical-inspired cocktail recipes.

Absolut Raspberri

Another fantastic fruit-infused vodka variety is the raspberry flavoured, Absolut Raspberri. Like Absolut’s other fruit-based vodka products, Absolut Raspberri is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t contain additional sugar. If you want your summer drink rich, intense, and bursting with flavor, then you can never go wrong with the sensational taste of Absolut Raspberri.

Three Olives Fresh Watermelon

Your summer will never be the same with the Fresh Melon vodka from premium British vodka maker, Three Olives. The water used in Three Olives vodkas is sourced from a lake in Wales unintentionally created by a dam that had burst in the late 19th century. Feel instantly refreshed with the exciting mix of fresh watermelons and buttery honeydew flavors of Three Olives Fresh Watermelon vodka.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a swig of these enticing fruity vodka flavors now and invite your friends over for an unforgettable summer “getaway”.




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