Home Brewing & Wine Making

Homebrewing has been a hobby since the invention of beer. Most homebrewers create ciders, meads, and beer for fun or as a business. It isn’t an illegal activity to make your foamy alcoholic beverage, but you are required to have a license to sell your brew.

In 1978, the homebrewing ban was lifted by Congress, and now every beer-making enthusiast can supply themselves with their golden elixir. This gave rise to the brewing culture where people gather for competitions, awards, and community. Certified judges in various categories generally evaluate brewing competitions.

Brewing is a long process that requires care and attention to make the best brew. Mashing, boiling, and fermentation are part of this process. With mashing, you can create unique flavors by changing the foundation of your mash. Fruits, vegetables, or spices can change the taste of a basic brew.
Homebrewing kits are easy to find online or in specialized homebrewing stores. If you’re in a homebrew club, you can also ask them and get their input on the best home brewing kits. All you need now are bottles and beer glasses to serve your homemade drinks.

Bottling & Storage

Beer Glassware & Serving

What You Need for Your Homebrew

Bottling and Storage. After creating your liquid masterpiece, you’ll need to store your gallon of homebrew. Bottles are great for holding an excessive amount of beer since they can be sealed with a built-in plastic cork or a bottle cap sealer.

The key to a good brew is an airtight seal and store it in a cool dark place. This prevents it from getting contaminated by outside forces, and it can remain undisturbed until it’s time to serve. It’s important to remember that storing drinks like beer in amber bottles has an advantage compared to keeping them in a clear one.

Amber bottles filter the UV light from coming into your brew. This prevents heat and oxidation, which can be detrimental to the quality of your brew. Glass bottles, in general, are better for storing since they don’t leach material into the drink, unlike plastic.

Beer Glassware and Serving. Storing your beer in bottles may prolong its shelf-life, and have it prepared for consumption when you need it. But you can enhance your drinking experience with beer glasses as they’re specifically designed for such things.

There are different designs of beer glasses with parts having a specific function. For example, beer steins or beer mugs are designed to be thick with a handle. This design keeps the beverage cool since your hands are not directly touching the glass.

Highballs are more for cocktails but can be used for beer. The tall design keeps the balls for longer, and the wide mouth helps some aeration for the beverage, which gives a better experience.

Some are designed with a thermal band to prevent your drink from warming up too quickly. Remember to chill your bottled brew in the fridge before serving it. Adding ice to your drink may dull and water down the taste and flavor. You can also chill your glass for maximum cooling.


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