Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail shakers are essential for cocktail mixers. They’re used to mix drinks consistently, so all the flavors can be evenly distributed for a delicious drink. Other bartenders use a mixing glass for the same reason. They can be made of stainless steel or glass, depending on the item you use.

There are three types of shaker tins: Cobbler, Boston, or Parisian, and shaker tins can be a 2-piece or 3-piece set. Mixing glasses also have three types: Traditional, Yarai and stemmed. There is a big difference between using a cocktail shaker and mixing glass. It’s through their consistency.

Shaker Tins

2-Piece Shaker Sets

3-Piece Cocktail Shakers

Mixing Glasses

Different Shakers and Mixers

Shaker Tins. These are cocktail shakers you often see bartenders used to prepare cocktails. They generally pour ice inside to cool the drink faster as they shake it. Bartenders can place any ingredient inside, usually a spirit, water, sugar, and fruit. It comes in a variety of three types.

Shaker tins can be traced back to pre-Hispanic Mexico, where they used a jar gourd as a shaker. Back then, these shakers were used to mix drinks to make beverages more tolerable and palatable for the consumer. Now they’re used to make delicious alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for a person’s enjoyment.

2-piece Shaker Set. There are two types of shakers that are a 2-piece set: the Boston shaker and the Parisian shaker. Boston shaker’s pieces are two large cylinders, one slightly smaller than the other. They can be used even if one piece is missing, and all the bartender needs is another highball glass to replace the other piece.

The Parisian or French shaker has a different design. Instead of two straight cylinders, one acts as a metal cap for a better grip. Much like the Boston shaker, you can use the bottom half with a highball glass if the top half goes missing. The only issue with these types of shakers is the requirement of a separate strainer.

3-piece Shaker Set. The Cobbler is one of the most notable 3-piece shaker sets. It consists of a base container, a built-in strainer, and a cover. The cover can be used as a measuring cup for a quicker way to add ingredients. Unlike a 2-piece set, this type of shaker is not beginner-friendly since it requires more practice to handle.

During the Jazz Age, cocktail shakers became the symbol of sophistication and the epitome of a good life. Presently, cobbler shakers are used by professional bartenders. And it’s important to note that while the built-in strainer is nice, cobbler shakers have a tendency to freeze shut due to its design.

Mixing Glasses. This is a glass customarily shaped like a beaker. It’s used for gently mixing drinks compared to the shaker. A set typically consists of a mixing glass and a long stirrer. Mixing drinks is excellent for ingredients with similar densities. This way, the consistency stays the same, and the drink is not agitated.

The goal when using a mixing glass is to achieve that optimal chill and dilution for your drink. Shakers are generally done quickly to avoid the ice from melting fast, but for mixing glasses, it’s encouraged to dilute your drink, especially for strong alcohol. 


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