Bottle Opener Accessories

Bottle Opener Accessories are helpful in a bar setting. They’re convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable. Designers have made innovative strides to enhance a bottle opener’s style. The idea is to create a bottle opener with multiple or improved functions. Additional features like cranks, foil cutters, can punchers, and other ingenious inventions have made to the market.

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Bottle Opener Accessories

Different Kinds of Bottle Opener Accessories

Crank Can Openers. The first can opener was invented in 1858 by Ezra J. Warner. It had a simple design of a hammer and chisel to cut open the can. William Lyman patented the first crank can opener. It made can-opening a more manageable task since you didn’t have to put too much force and pressure on twisting the crank.

Adjustable Openers. Generally, bottles have the same sized cap. But even though bottle openers are made for universal use, there’s still a chance of accidentally slipping and hurting yourself. The adjustable bottle openers can help keep the device secure and open your bottle safely.

Rubber Grips. Opening a jar can be a chore, especially when it is sealed tight. In addition, gripping a smooth lid can put a strain on your hands and could lead to injury in the future. Luckily! With the rubber grips, you can open a charge with less stress as the rubber helps create a friction force that prevents your hand from slipping.

Jar Openers. If you’re an individual who experiences hand problems such as carpal tunnel or arthritis, rubber grips may not help in your situation. Inventive creators have made exceptional designs for jar openers that minimize your need to use force and make your life easier.

Keychain Bottle Openers. When it comes to leisure time with your friends, most people associate it with drinking. You’re either drinking beer, soda, and even juice at an event. Still, sometimes the only available vessel is a glass bottle. Glass bottles are usually sealed with bottle caps. Having a bottle opener is helpful in such activities.

Cork pops. Corkscrews are designed to twist and pull the cork out. However, creatives have decided to improve it by making it easier and faster to pull out the cork. Cork pops have a built-in foil cutter that you turn on the wine bottle to expose the cork. Then, push the spike in and press the button to pull the cork out.

Foil cutters. Wine foils can be challenging to cut. If you use a knife or regular scissors, there’s a slight chance of accidentally slipping, scratching, or breaking the glass. Foil cutters are built for that bottle shape. They’re pretty straightforward with how they cut, just twist the foil cutter around the bottle opening, and you have your exposed cork ready to be pulled out.

Can Puncher. Some can products are only filled with liquid: products like condensed milk, pineapple bits, or soup, to name a few. Can punchers are perfect for these types of canned products. It’s ideal to use a small opening compared to a large one because it minimizes the chances of spilling. It’s also great for draining liquid before getting the solid contents.

Electric Bottle Openers. With the rise of technology, designers have incorporated automation with corkscrews. Electric Bottle Openers ensures winos with hand issues enjoy their wine without feeling too much strain.


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