Bar Sets & Package Specials

Bar Sets and Package Specials are an excellent gift for novice or professional bartenders. It gives opportunities for new student bartenders to improve their skills and experienced bartenders to expand their collection of bar tools and accessories.
These may be bartending sets, tools, tote sets, flair training kits, and home bar packages. Most of these sets are composed of shakers, stirrers, strainers, and other bar essentials used for cocktail making and serving. It can be helpful for many aspiring cocktail mixers who wish to have a ready-to-go supply.

Bartending Sets

Bartender Tools

Bar Tote Bar Sets

Flair Bartending Training Kits

Home Bar & Gift Packages

Different Bar Sets and Packages

Bartending Sets. This set has everything that a bartender needs. It usually consists of shaking, mixing, bottle equipment, and other utilities used for cocktail making. In addition, some have a wooden stand to be stored appropriately and displayed when it’s not in use.

They’re not equally made since cobbler shakers are not as beginner-friendly compared to Boston shakers. If you plan to get one for your friend, gauge their skill level to optimize their practice further. Otherwise, they might feel discouraged from the craft if they have difficulty with the tools.

Bartender Tools. If you already have a set but mix some pieces, the bartender tool section will probably have what you need. Bartending tools can be measuring cups, strainers, stirrers, and other items required for mixing drinks. Some don’t come with the set since they can be too small and could get lost during delivery.

They’re used to make drinks pristine and aesthetically beautiful with proper measurements, sieving, mixing, and other cocktail-making techniques. It’s usually made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel for long-term use and a good cleaning.

Bar Tote Sets. These are handy for bartenders who like to perform and compete. They come in a small bag that rolls out so you can see all your tools in a clear and accessible manner.

It’s also great for bartending students who need to practice their craft in different areas and situations. You can also use these tote sets for traveling with your buddies. Have a cocktail freshly made with this set.

Flair Bartending Training Kits. These kits are made explicitly for flair bartenders. It has flair practice bottles, shakers, bottle openers, and other flair bartending tools to help anyone starting.

These tools are good practice for newbies who are not used to tossing bottles around. It removes the stress of accidentally breaking glass bottles. The flair bottles imitate a regular bottle’s weight and dynamic movements so bartenders can get used to it faster.

Home Bar and Gift Packages. These packages are made for home bar owners. A home bar can be stylized and decorated with whatever the owner wants the bar to exude. It can look like a professional bar or look like a themed bar, depending on their taste.

These gifts can vary from personalized coasters to mats or even stylish reusable ice cubes. They’re a perfect present for housewarming, birthdays, anniversaries, or other adult-centered parties.


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