Bar Equipment

Bar Equipment is essential for a working bar. Machines, rails, dispensers, wells, and other tools can keep your functioning bar run at a steady pace. They all have different functions, but their overall goal is to keep everything operational.



Speed Rails

Liquor Dispensers

Bar Sinks & Ice Wells

Glass Washers & Sink Accessories

Draft & Keg Accessories

Glass Racks / Holders


Cooling & Refrigeration

Floor Mats

Waitress Stalls

Home & Portable Bars


Different Kinds of Bar Equipment

Machines. Juicers can be helpful in juice bars. You can also use them to prepare juice extract for future cocktails and save you so much service time.

Blenders. These are handy to keep around since some cocktails call for crushed ice. They’re instrumental during hot seasons like summer and spring for making refreshing and excellent cocktails.

Speed Rails. This item can provide extra storage, and they’re easy to install. It’s mainly used to store items that are frequently used. Things such as simple syrups and popular flavorings are often seen on these rails.

Liquor Dispensers. If you run a bustling bar, liquor dispensers can be helpful. It holds spirits and fastens to other types of bottles for fast pouring. You can use this to reduce service time and keep customers happy.

Bar Sinks and Ice Wells. Bar Sinks have a deeper design than standard sinks. So you can put dirty glasses and bottles in the sink when you’re done with them, and it doesn’t disturb the overall space. Ice wells are also deep but are designed with a perforated base. They’re used to keep bottles like wine or champagne cool without the melted water overflowing.

Glass Washers and Sink Accessories. Dishwashing can be such a pain for most people. Luckily, innovators have made strides with such a conundrum. Electric glass brushes can help clean glasses faster and efficiently.

Draft and Keg Accessories. The most common item ordered in a bar is beer. Keg accessories can make it easier for bartenders to serve their customers with their taps.

Glass Racks or Holders. These can be made of metal or wood. It keeps your wine glasses adequately stored and out of the way when it’s not being used.

Kegerators. Serving beer with a kegerator can look high-tech and make your life simpler. For example, you don’t need to use a bottle opener with a kegerator around.

Cooling and Refrigeration. It’s important to keep your drinks, food, ice, and ingredients chilled. Coolers and refrigerators can do just that.

Floor Mats. The most important thing in keeping a business up and running is cleanliness. Floor mats can help minimize the dirt and mud from coming into your bar. Keep it simple, so you don’t waste any intricate designs getting muddy.

Waitress Stalls. These are especially useful for busy bars. It’s used to separate the service crew from the customers and gives a safe passage for servers to get the orders without interruption.

Home and Portable Bars. These are especially useful for catering companies who offer bar services. Portable bars are relatively easy to set up, and home bars can be transformed into a display table during the day.

Security. Any business needs to have a form of protection. It prevents crowds from getting too rough, lessens the risks of getting robbed, and keeps customers feeling safe.


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