• Sale -11% 9 Oz Clear Plastic Cups by Framo, For Any Occasion, BPA-Free Disposable Transparent Ice Tea, Juice, Soda, and Coffee Glasses for Party, Picnic, BBQ, Travel, and Events, (240, clear) 9 Oz Clear Plastic Cups by Framo, For Any Occasion, BPA-Free Disposable Transparent Ice Tea, Juice, Soda, and Coffee Glasses for Party, Picnic, BBQ, Travel, and Events, (240, clear)

    Framo 9 Oz Clear Plastic Cups by Framo, For Any Occasion, BPA-Free Disposable Transparent Ice Tea, Juice, Soda, and Coffee Glasses for Party, Picnic, BBQ, Travel, and Events, (240, clear)

    Brand: FramoColor: ClearFeatures: 🍻 THE BETTER CUPS FOR SPECIAL EVENTS - These 9 Oz. Disposable Plastic Cups come in a convenient 240-count pack which makes them ideal for backyard or summer party. Whether you’re going to have red sangria, soda or cool smoothies, these clear plastic cups are perfect for your entertainment needs. 💪 GREAT QUALITY AND SAFE TO USE - Our small disposable cups are manufactured in our facilities where high-quality and safety standards are always ensured. 🎂 STACKABLE, CLEAR, AND LIGHTWEIGHT - These plastic drinking cups equip you to fulfill all your needs. You can use them for birthday parties, ceremonies, anniversaries, Church events, picnics, lake parties, camping, family meals, BBQ parties, Christmas parties and much more. ♻️ DISPOSABLE DESIGN - After everyone has enjoyed their cold drinks, they can simply toss the cups into the waste bin. Our cups are recyclable and versatile to use for arts and crafts projects as well. 👍 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We provide unconditional guarantee for all our products. If, for any reason our product does not meet your current standards, ship it back to us for a full and prompt refund. Binding: KitchenPart Number: 3L-U8OF-XVJRDetails: FRAMO 9 OZ. CLEAR DISPOSABLE PLASTIC CUPS Stock your kitchen cabinets now for your upcoming parties & events with our disposable plastic cups. ★★★ SAVE TIME & MONEY ★★★They will save you time and money as you won’t need to wash your family kitchen glasses after the event. These cups would also prevent breakages of your valuable glass cups from accidental drops. ★★★ PREMIUM QUALITY & DESIGN ★★★The 9 Oz. plastic cups are just the right size to enjoy a cold beverage at a summer party. The cups are manufactured using high-quality plastic material that makes them sturdy, lightweight & safe to use. They feature grip along the sides for an easy hold thus avoiding accidents caused by slipping. ★★★ ENHANCE YOUR SOCIAL INTERACTIONS ★★★Our plastic cups are custom-made for social events and offer a better and affordable alternate to glass cups. From birthdays to festivals to proms, soda and juices are always there to entice everyone and these plastic drinking cups are designed to make your social interactions great. ★★★ FILL YOUR CUPS WITH CONFIDENCE ★★★You can use them for any type of liquids including water, juices, smoothies, soda, adult beverages and more without any fear of leakages. They can also be used for desserts like fruits, ice cream, cheesecake, brownies and more. Click the add to cart button and get your pack of 240 plastic cups today.EAN: 0758614298916Package Dimensions: 15.7 x 9.8 x 6.9 inches

    $ 79.99$ 71.49

Plastic cups are a great way to reduce your clean-up time. You can use these to serve to your guest at a casual party or make some jello shots, depending on what kind of plastic cup you purchased. Red solo cups are excellent for serving drinks, while small souffle plastic cups are great for making jello shots.

Why are Jello Shots Popular?

  • Easy to Make
  • Jello shots are easy to make. You can buy a gelatin packet in any grocery store. Choosing any flavor is easy since you can mix the gelatin powder with any liquid. Fruit flavors are the most popular, but you can also use other drinks depending on your taste.

  • Fun to Serve
  • Jello is a fun dessert to have. They jiggle and come in bright, vibrant colors. Many people often associate jello with childhood memories, but now you can reminisce with a twist!

  • Customizable
  • Being able to choose the colors means you can customize how you want your jello shot to look. You can add solid ingredients like fruit or candy and garnish it with some powdered sugar or edible glitter.

    Jello Shot Ideas

  • Rainbow Jello Shots
  • This is a pretty simple recipe. Mix different colored gelatin powder in separate glasses of hot water and let them cool. Add a splash of vodka to each mixture. Pour in the first color in the plastic cup and let it freeze or harden, then pour in the following color, and keep doing that until you get a rainbow-colored jello shot.

  • Candy Jello Shots
  • To make a sweet candy jello shot, you need to infuse your favorite candy into a bottle of vodka. Pour jello powder into hot water, and remember to use powder similar in color to your candy. Add a splash of your infused vodka and pour it into your plastic cup to let it freeze.

  • Champagne Jello Shots
  • We all know we can’t put ice in champagne because this will dilute the drink. But what if we have cold champagne jello shots to chill your sparkling drink. Add gelatin powder in hot water and let it mix.

    In another mixing glass, pour champagne and ginger ale and stir together. Combine the liquor mixture and gelatin mix and pour it into the plastic cup. Add slices of your favorite fruit to pair with champagne and lay it in the container. Freeze and add the jello to your bubbly.


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