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Start your home-brewing journey with one of these mead-making kits. Each package provides you with the right equipment for making your very own mead, including fermenters, airlocks, and racking essentials. Some kits may also come with a sanitizer, yeast and yeast nutrients, thermometer, and hydrometer to meet all your mead-making needs.

Basic Mead-Making Tools

  • Fermenters. Fermenters are containers designed for holding fermenting or aging mead. It can be a carboy or a wide-mouthed fermentation bucket. If you are making traditional mead, carboys can do the trick. But if you are using additives such as fruits and spices to add flavors to your mead, we recommend using a fermentation bucket. 
  • Racking essentials. You may also need racking essentials for these types of mead. Racking helps eliminate lees and other non-liquid ingredients that settle at the bottom of your must, clarifying your end product. Racking essentials may include siphon, tubing, and another container. 
  • Yeast and yeast nutrients. Yeast initiates fermentation on your mead must while yeast nutrients ensure a healthy and complete fermentation. Some mead-makers also add potassium metabisulfite and potassium sorbate into their mixture to stabilize the mead.
  • Fermentation airlock. During the fermentation process, mead makers use an airlock to seal the must from the elements outside. This device allows the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape from the fermenter while preventing oxygen from entering. It also keeps unwanted yeast and bacteria out of your mead.
  • Sanitizer. Before getting started with brewing, it is of utmost importance to sanitize all the tools you will use. Ensuring that all the equipment is squeaky clean will help stop bacteria growth in the mead.

Different Types of Mead-Making Kits

  • Starter/Introductory kits. Perfect for beginners, these kits contain all the essential tools you will need for simple mead recipes. Some packages even include an easy-to-follow instruction guide.
  • Intermediate kits. These kits are ideal for experienced home brewers such as hobbyists and DIY-ers.
  • Advanced kits. For meads that require a more complicated process and advanced brewing technique, elaborate kits are available for you to choose from.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mead-Making Kit

  • Type of mead to brew. There are many types of meads, and it is crucial to determine which one you would like to try out before choosing the best kit to buy.
  • Brewing technique to use. One of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, people have discovered various ways to make meads. Knowing which brewing technique you will use allows you to decide which equipment is best suited for the job.
  • Amount per batch. Another factor to consider when selecting the right mead-making kit is the amount of mead you are brewing. One-gallon fermenters are ideal for small-batch brewing. If you’re planning to brew larger batches, there are kits for yielding five gallons of mead and up.

Advanced Mixology carries a great selection of mead-making kits to suit all your home-brewing needs. With these kits, brewing mead at the comforts of your home has never been easier. Shop now!


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