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Being a bartender isn't just mixing and serving drinks; it's also about the experience you give to customers with your performance. The bar isn't just a section where drinks are made but a stage where the bartender executes cool tricks.

Flair bartending can attract customers or increase your reputation as a bartender. That’s why it was essential for the mixology community to host competitions that cater to this art form.

Bar Tools You'll Find in a Flair Bartending Kit

Flair bottle. These mimic the feeling of liquor bottles without the risks of them breaking. It's usually made of PVC plastic. There are some designs where you can refill it with water for a better feel.

Shakers. The easiest shakers to use for flair bartending are Boston shakers. You can toss them around when they're empty, and tricks like multi-pours can make everyone stare in awe as multiple streams of liquor go inside each glass.

Bottlecap opener. Speed openers are regularly seen in flair kits. Their design is excellent for tricks since there's a thumbhole you can use to secure your opener. Its flat body is the perfect shape to keep it in your pocket.

Hawthorne strainer. These strainers are easier to use when it comes to tricks. Unlike the Julep strainer, the Hawthorne strainer can fit in the mouth of the shaker. You can make quick finishing moves with this type of strainer.

Stirrer. Have you ever been mesmerized by baton twirlers in parades? The spinning motion can be an entertaining movement that you can apply to bar stirrers. The long spiral handle can reflect and bounce off light which can catch your customer's eyes.

Double jigger. Measuring drinks can look exciting with a double jigger. Since it has an hourglass shape, you can grab this tool on the thinnest part with ease. It's small to give you enough control and spin.

Liquor pourer. This accessory helps you keep your form clean and precise. It gives you a controlled pour and a steady stream which prevents you from causing a big mess. Having this in your kit can make you look sleek and professional.


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