• Sale -9% CHEFQ7 Qt Marmite Soup Chafer with 6 Oz ladel Stainless Steel Buffet Set Warmer for Any Event or Party - Commercial Grade CHEFQ7 Qt Marmite Soup Chafer with 6 Oz ladel Stainless Steel Buffet Set Warmer for Any Event or Party - Commercial Grade

    CHEFQ CHEFQ7 Qt Marmite Soup Chafer with 6 Oz ladel Stainless Steel Buffet Set Warmer for Any Event or Party - Commercial Grade

    Brand: CHEFQColor: SilverFeatures: FUNCTION AND ELEGANCE, this marmite chafer will impress your guests and customers, while also ensuring your soups and sauces stay at the perfect serving temperature for the duration of your catered event. Featuring a cut-out location for a chafing fuel can (fuel can Not included), as well as a fuel can holder with handle, this chafer ensures patron and guest safety. ESAY TO USE, it has a notched cover so the serving utensil can stay in the vessel for maximum sanitation. The inverted handle allows adequate space for staff to firmly grip it and access the food without taking away from the contemporary flat top. Furthermore, the water pan's two side handles make transporting the chafer easy and the broad legs provide optimum stability once it's positioned on your buffet table. ELEGANT CHAFER chrome-accented legs and handles that are clear-coated to reduce discoloration. The body is constructed of beautiful mirror-finished stainless steel, ensuring this chafer is built to withstand everyday use. Enhance your buffet and serving area with this soup marmite! A marmite chafer, also known as a soup chafer, is commonly used to keep soups, stews, sauces, gravies, hot cereals, and other liquids warm throughout your service. ISK-FREE PURCHASE: Being so sure about the top quality and excellent performance of this amazing soup chafer, we are able to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee. With nothing to lose, order one for you and one for your friend today. model number: BM8307 W/LPart Number: BM8307 W/LDetails: Enhance the look of a serving table with this stainless steel chafer-style soup warmer in 7 and 11-quart capacities. This soup chafer is a simple, yet elegant solution for your buffet, catered events, or hotel. Includes the cover, water pan, food pan, frame, and one fuel holder. EAN: 0670924903611Package Dimensions: 14.3 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches

    $ 197.99$ 179.49

A buffet is a festive system of serving meals to the public. A line of metal containers filled with food is placed on a long table, and people help themselves depending on their appetites. This practice began around the 19th century where food was served at parties; since not everyone plans to eat during the party, the food is there for the hungry guests.

Types of Buffets

  • Breakfast Buffets

Almost every high-end hotel offers breakfast buffets. It’s an excellent way to feed all the guests without putting too much burden on your staff. It provides various breakfast combinations where customers get to pick for themselves, and it can be prepared the night before.

  • Salad Buffets

This is also offered in many establishments, but it’s not as popular. Preparing vegetables can be a difficult task as greens tend to wilt when exposed to hot temperatures.

To keep lettuce cool and crisp, spray a bit of water and use some ice to keep them cold. Remember to offer a variety of dressings such as vinaigrettes, yogurt, oils, and lemons. 

  • Snack Buffets

Some buffet places offer snacks or appetizers before serving the main dishes. This gives the chefs time to prepare certain meals as some of them are better served warm. Snack buffets have bread, fruits, soups, and sandwiches.

  • Dessert Buffet

These are popular among young guests. Ice cream, cakes, and other pastries are commonly served on these buffets with toppings like chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles to go along with them.

  • Brunch Buffets

This is a meal that is served around 10-11:30 pm. They’re great for the weekends and a popular hangout suggestion for couples, friends, and family. They have a mix of breakfast meals and lunch meals served at the buffet, and customers get to decide which meal they would like.


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