• Bar tool bag Portable bartending kit Professional bartender tools bag Cocktail Equipment Case Drink Mixer Set Bartender Tool Roll Bag (Black) Bar tool bag Portable bartending kit Professional bartender tools bag Cocktail Equipment Case Drink Mixer Set Bartender Tool Roll Bag (Black)

    OleksynPrannyk Bar tool bag Portable bartending kit Professional bartender tools bag Cocktail Equipment Case Drink Mixer Set Bartender Tool Roll Bag (Black)

    Brand: OleksynPrannyk Color: Black Features: MATERIAL: Sturdy canvas and real leather used for this bartender set bag ensure long and comfortable use. Cotton-based fabric is durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear. The leather straps are adjustable making this bartending tool roll great for everyday use. TOOLS: Bag comes with all essential bar equipment already included. There are 10 bartender tools necessary to make most of the cocktails plus one shaker in separate compartment. DESIGN: This bartender kit was designed for frequent use and neat tools layout. When the roll is open, it lays flat organizing your selection of tools and then it simply closes by rolling up. It looks compact and nifty but is pretty spacious to fit bartender essentials. Inside there are 11 elastic loops to hold everything secure in place. Drink mixer set case has a sturdy leather handle and adjustable closing straps. SIZE: Dimensions when closed: 11.5 x 9 inches WONDERFUL GIFT: This bartender kit a truly unique and wonderful gift for all occasions. It can be given as a meaningful gift for bartenders or as a cool home bar kit for amateurs. You can also buy one for yourself. Details: Nice and practical, comfortable and stylish this bartender bag is made for carrying all basic bartending equipment. Portable bartender kit allows to bring your cocktail equipment with you whenever you go to be always ready to amuse your friends and guests. Bag already includes a set of high quality bar tools. Moreover, it is great gift for professional bartenders as well as for those, who just like cool home bar accessories. Bartender tool roll bag is made of leather and fabric. It was designed to hold bartender tools organized and in a tidy way. EAN: 0603964879684 Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.0 x 3.7 inches

Like any freelancer, traveling bartenders need to prepare and work hard to make this a viable and profitable career. You need the tools, reputation, and confidence to get started and get a foothold in this unique profession.

One of these tools is the bar tote bag set, and its portable design makes this travel-friendly and convenient to use. The different compartments can fit every kind of tool, book, and personal item to make traveling mixology easier.

Tools You’ll Find in a Bar Tote Bag Set

Lemon squeezer. As a traveling bartender, you’ll be working by yourself, and there will be instances where you have to set everything up on your own. This could put a strain on your hands, and having a lemon squeezer can lessen that pressure when you prepare cocktails later on.

Double-sided jigger. Jiggers are a great way to measure small amounts of liquor. They’re made of stainless steel metal, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking when you travel.

Liquor pourers. Most events are not equipped with liquor pourers; a good deal of the bars you’ll be working at will probably only have the ingredients you need, but not the tools. Bringing your own pourer can save you a ton of time and make your mixing look clean and effortless.

Muddler. While squeezers are great for extracting citrus juices, muddlers do well extracting the flavor from fruits and vegetables. Even though you can use spoons for such a task, muddlers are designed with jagged ridges to get the most out of any fruit or vegetable.

Shaker. You can find this in any bartending set, but it’s important to note that the majority of bar tote bag sets have a Boston shaker. They’re only two pieces, and they’re easiest to use compared to the other two.

Mixing spoons. Some events will occur in a non-restaurant or hotel setting. You may find yourself at a high school reunion at a gym, and those areas don’t have utensils lying around.

You can try and ask the catering company that’s set up next to you to borrow some spoons, but they usually keep track of their utensils. Keeping a mixing spoon with you can save you embarrassment and make you look well-equipped.

Ice tongs. Every party needs ice, but not every party provides ice tongs to handle it. Bringing this will ensure that all your drinks will be clean, and your hands won’t have to succumb to numbness or freezer burn.

Strainer. Your performance as a traveling bartender is judged based on your skills, preparations, and drinks. If your drinks aren’t clean to look at, people may not want to consume them. Luckily, strainers can prevent that from happening. There are always two types of strainers you can find in your bar tote bag set: Hawthorne and Julep strainers.

Bottle opener. This handy tool is essential, and you should have it with you at all times. As a bartender, you’re going to be surrounded by a lot of bottles that you’ll need to open for your customers.

Ice picks. Similar to the ice tongs, most events will probably not have this. Ice tends to stick together when frozen, and you’re going to need something to separate them. Ice picks are sharp and sturdy enough to do that job.


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