The Best Cocktail Making App

6 Best Cocktail Apps For Beginners And Home Bartenders

The Best Cocktail Making App

Enjoying mixed drinks at the bar is fun, but making your cocktails at home is priceless!

But you do not have to be a professional bartender to make delicious cocktails at home.  

Home-bartending is getting more and more popular, and with the help of modern cocktails app development, you can easily see the ingredients and equipment you need to shake (or stir). You just need the right APP and the right ingredients.

Below, we reviewed some of the best cocktail apps to find anything from new fusion recipes to classic techniques. Let’s get shaking!

1. Cocktail Flow (iOS and Android)

Cocktail Flow

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A popular drinks app with a smooth design that is very easy to use is perfect for home bartenders or those just starting to learn. Cocktail Flow has a massive library of step-by-step cocktail recipes with different categories and easy-to-navigate groups.

You can search for different recipes by name or base spirit or the most popular cocktails right now from anywhere worldwide.

When clicking on "My Bar" and adding everything you can find in your house, the app will immediately offer you cocktails that you can do without buying any extras. Besides, you can add notes, use personalized instructions or add to your favorite recipes. 

Cocktail Flow gives you endless opportunities to discover and create so many different kinds of cocktails you can easily make at home.

2. Perfect Drink (iOS and Android)

Perfect Drink

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Before making perfect cocktails, you will need to learn one of the basics in bartending - the precise measuring of each ingredient. It might seem hard at the beginning, but with the help of Perfect Drink, you will master it at the drop of a hat.

The application offers informative real-time guides on how to mix your drink. You will need to purchase an accompanying scale that connects to your phone for an additional price, but the mobile app is free.

All you need to do is place your glass on the scale and choose the recipe, and the rest Perfect Drink will do for you! You will learn the order and amount of ingredients, basic techniques, and it will even customize the recipe for you in case of over pouring.

3. 8500+ Drink Recipes (iOS and Android)

8500+ Drink Recipes

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If you are looking for a large number of recipes, then 8,500+ Drink Recipes is for you! You can search by category, ingredients, or names.

The best functions of 8,500+ Drink Recipes include random cocktail suggestions, where you only need to shake your iPhone and get a cocktail recipe that you have never tried before.

This best cocktail app allows creating unique drink recipes with the ingredients you have, or you can share your favorite drinks by mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

4. Distiller (iOS and Android)


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All popular liquors, expert ratings, and thousands of reviews - are stocked in one bartender guide application.

Distiller will help you determine which rum is perfect for your cocktail, which brandy is best to give a friend, or which whiskey is worth trying. You can create profiles of your favorite alcoholic beverages, discuss them with other users, leave reviews and tasting notes.

5. Highball (iOS Only)


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Highball is the best pick that lets you store and share your unique cocktail creations. Organized as a stylish virtual recipe card, this mixology app allows you to import your favorite recipes or manually add your ideas and can be fairly called a small masterpiece.

However, Highballs' design is not the only advantage. The main idea of the application is to make a convenient notebook for you. You can add the number of components and their volume and choose the most suitable picture for a cocktail. Plus, this app provides a brief description of the mixing procedure. 

Highball is not for everyone. It is aimed at a narrow audience who love not only drinking but also creating cocktails. Plus, it is for those who want to have recipes for their favorite drinks.

For professional mixologists, it is the way to share their creations with the world!

6. The Liquor Cabinet (iOS Only)

The Liquor Cabinet

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This cocktail application was created in 2015 by three drinks experts and brothers, Patrick, Peter, and Sean Janell. They wanted to make a modern authoritative source for everything that is associated with the art of creating alcoholic beverages.

The Liquor Cabinet is a recipe library of the mainly classic cocktails from the expert - the former head bartender and the director of the Maison Premiere bar in Brooklyn Maxwell Britten, tips for using and storing ingredients, dishes, tools, drinks history, as well as a liquor bottle guide.


Being a bartender is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It requires skill, individuality, experience, and resistance to work almost until the morning, which is very difficult.

Young people dream about being bartenders but learning the main techniques and classic recipes is necessary before getting there. The rapid technology and application development allows us to try and understand the process of making drinks and realize how suitable this profession is for you.

With these bartending apps, you not only become quite the professional at making drinks, but you will also easily impress your friends and loved ones when hosting a home party or family event.


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