Party To The Next Level With These Boozy Push-Pops

Party To The Next Level With These Boozy Push-Pops

A few weeks ago, we featured vodka ice pops, fruit-flavoured alcopop that’s a convenient and enjoyable way to satisfy your cocktail cravings this summer. This week, we are introducing another delightful frozen alcoholic treat guaranteed to quench your thirst while the temperature heats up––the Buzz Pop Cocktails frozen push-pops.

Share with loved ones, family and friends and be the life of the party with these fun, natural fruit-infused alcoholic push-pop treats that are not only delicious but made with healthy ingredients as well.  


Buzz Pop Cocktails

Buzz Pop Cocktails is the first and only fat-free, vegan, 100-calorie alcoholic popsicle product in the market. It has an ABV level of 15% and comes in seasonal all-natural fruity flavors without any artificial colorings and flavorings so you can enjoy it without feeling guilty. These “chef-inspired” adult push pops are infused with either vodka, tequila, rum, or whiskey.

According to their website, there are actually 75 different seasonal varieties of the push-pops, so you can enjoy these fun and delicious adult delicacies all year round and not just during the hot summer months. Try this eight glorious tropical fruit varieties in season right now:

  •         Pink Paradise – If you love your tequila, then you will love this popsicle version even more. Made with blood orange and grapefruit flavors, this is one icy treat that will have your guests clamoring for an unforgettable summer pool party.  
  •         Blueberry Mojo – Another frozen tequila you’ll be dreaming about all summer long. This one is made with pomegranates and will make any celebration an instant hit with the guests.
  •         Caribbean Breeze – Say summer and think of long, lazy days at the beach with a glass of rum in your hand. But why not with a rum icy push pop, instead? Surely, this orange, pineapple rum push pop is the stuff summer goals are made up of.
  •         Watermelon Patch – Can’t get enough of rum in a push pop? Try it with the fresh, all-natural watermelon flavor and get instantly refreshed and revitalized in a pop.

  •         Mango Passion Fruit – Another perfect rum combination in a push-pop is of course, mangoes. Turn up the volume loud and party hearty with this fun and exciting summertime push-pop flavor.
  •         Southern Belle – Will remind you of everything that’s sweet, precious…and intense! This frozen push-pop variety is made up of peaches and sweet tea-infused bourbon.   
  •         Lemon Drop Martini – Party ‘till you drop with this luscious lemon drop martini push-pop flavor. If the weather’s getting too hot to handle, then this will instantly cool you down.
  •         Moscow Mule – A classic cocktail flavor in a frozen push-pop? This is one flavor you shouldn’t skip. Grab a pop now if you want to check if it’s as good as the real thing.

Where to Buy

Buzz Pop Cocktails are available only in these states for now––Florida, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, California, and in Las Vegas where the company is based. Not anywhere near these areas? Not to worry. You can still order them online, here.


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