White SodaStream with Eco-Friendly Logo

Loving The Planet: Is SodaStream Environmentally Friendly?

White SodaStream with Eco-Friendly Logo

SodaStream, the leading brand of soda maker on the market, is a fun and innovative solution to produce sparkling water. A SodaStream machine comes with one carbonating bottle that can be reused for three years, reducing countless single-use plastic bottles. 

SodaStream soda makers are eco-friendly and help the environment from excess plastic bottles. Continue reading to learn more about SodaStream’s goal in the environmental aspect.

Impact of Water Bottles on the Environment 

One of the things that contribute to the Earth’s ruin is plastic. Even when people recycle them, doing so still harms the environment. 

Statistics state that about 485 billion PET plastic bottles were produced in 2016, and it forecasts that it will increase to 583.3 billion in 2021. With this number, only 9% gets recycled, and the rest ends up being incinerated or dumped in landfills. 

For every 460 billion of plastic made, it takes about 100 million barrels of oil to burn. Plastic bottles don’t degrade until after 450 years or more, and the pile accumulates yearly. Additionally, transporting these bottles in different countries also takes up much energy.

How does SodaStream Alleviate the Problem?

Part of SodaStream's initiative is to eliminate about 67 billion single-use plastic bottles by 2025 to save the planet and everyone in it. They are also about promoting health and wellness. Here are the ways SodaStream helps the environment:

CO2 is a by-product

Factories with Smoke

The carbon dioxide used for sparkling beverages is not necessarily manufactured for this purpose. Instead, it comes from natural gas and power plants’ industrial operations and is spewed from their tailpipes. With special equipment, they are captured before they escape into the atmosphere and purified for consumption. 

When a carbonated drink is opened, the CO2 still escapes. But since the CO2 is derived from power plants rather than manufactured is a way to minimize its harmful effects.

Reduces recyclables

Hands holding up plastic bottles 

With SodaStream’s reusable carbonating bottle, one machine and bottle can save up to 3,000 disposable bottles per year. SodaStream bottles also reduce carbon footprint by 87% as opposed to disposable ones.

Cuts transportation needs

Transportation trucks line up

Since you have the SodaStream soda maker at home, it saves you the trip to go to the store, so there is less emission from cars. Also, when less plastic is manufactured, there won’t be a need to transport them to numerous areas. 

Less Pollution

Hands holding Waste less Print 

If there are less plastic disposal and less emission, pollution is also lessened, which would give the environment and living things time to heal.


Undoubtedly, SodaStream is dedicated to preserving the environment. They will continue to pursue their goal until there is a significant change in the world. So the next time you make seltzer from your SodaStream, know that you are helping save the environment.



  • Can you confirm whether your refills use more plastic than the equivalent single-use bottles? Surely your machine burns more energy per ml than a factory machine would due to economies of scale? This sounds like terrible greenwashing…



  • Thanks for your question, Nick. The 3,000 bottles are only an estimation made by SodaStream. Some factors can affect this number, including the consumption rate and the single-use plastic bottles’ volume. Also, the number of bottles saved by each SodaStream machine varies.


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