3 Methods To Properly Hold All Types Of Champagne Glasses

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2 glasses of Champagne

Ideally served between 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit, champagne is delicate and light. That’s why knowing how to hold a champagne glass with the utmost care is essential. Three types of champagne glasses help exude this chilly and bubbly drink’s captivating qualities: the flute, coupe, and tulip.

The most common method of holding a champagne glass is by the stem. Just place your thumb and fingers around the stem away from the bowl. Remember not to hold the champagne glass by the bowl because it'll warm up the drink.

This article will teach you various ways to hold all types of champagne glasses properly.

Method 1: Holding a Champagne Glass by the Stem

A person getting served Champagne while holding out a Champagne glass by the stem

Many people try to emulate this way of holding a champagne glass on Instagram pictures and new year’s parties. But many get it wrong as most of these novice champagne drinkers tend to place their hands close to the base of the bowl.

To execute this technique properly, place your thumb and forefinger on the champagne glass stem and let the rest of your finger rest on the base. You may use more or all your fingers to hold the stem.

The bottom line of holding different types of champagne glasses by the stem is to avoid the base and the bowl as much as possible.

Method 2: Holding a Champagne Glass by the Rim

Since champagne glasses are never filled to the bowl’s rim, the rim is the perfect place to hold the glass.

Use your thumb and one or two fingers to hold the rim on opposite ends and let the rest of your fingers hover at the side of the champagne glass. You can also surround the rim with all of your fingers if you want to feel a little more secure with your grip.

This method is commonly used on champagne coupes, but not so much with champagne flutes and tulips.

Method 3: Holding a Champagne Glass by the Foot

2 glasses of Champagne covered in festive decoration

Champagne glasses are designed to have the foot at the bottom to act as a foundation. And since having your hand close to the base or bowl quickly heats the drink, holding it by the foot which is furthest away makes sense.

Place your thumb on top of the glass’s foot and place the rest of your fingers at the bottom of the foot. If you are unsure about this method, you can pinch the stem’s base with your thumb and forefinger and let the rest of your fingers support the foot's bottom.

Holding a champagne coupe glass by the foot is not recommended as it has a wider bowl that can make you lose balance.


We don't often think about the importance of holding a champagne glass a certain way. But we can all agree that learning proper etiquette when drinking helps preserve the delectable taste of champagne.

What’s your favorite method of holding a champagne glass? Let us know in the comment section below.

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