Garnishing Your Cocktail

What sets a mediocre drink from a delicious and visually-appetizing cocktail? The answer is garnishing. After all, who would want to try a drink with a sad-looking garnish on it? No matter how delicious a vodka martini tastes like, if the piece of olive on it doesn’t look at all appealing, the drink itself will seem unenticing and boring. This is why garnishing your cocktails is important. And knowing what garnishes are and how to use them can level-up your cocktail making game.

Garnishing 101

What makes a perfect garnish? Does it have to taste just as good as the drink? The answer is yes and no. Yes, if you prefer your garnish to complement the taste of your cocktail such as a citrus wedge on a tequila. And no, because in essence, the main purpose of a garnish is to make a simple-looking cocktail look more appealing.

Whether you’re preparing classic drinks such as Moscow mule or Bloody Mary, or something eclectic and fun like The Crow cocktail, garnishes are a sure-fire way to arouse the drinker’s curiosity and whet their cocktail cravings as well.

What to Garnish

Perhaps, you’ve seen those cheap paper umbrellas they put on cocktails at a party? Those are garnishes, too. In fact, there are endless possibilities for garnishing––from plastic toys to fruit pieces, and even vegetable slices. The truth is that you can use anything as a garnish––minty leaves and tiny, fake umbrellas included.

Garnishes give pizazz to cocktails. They also provide a pop of color to your favorite drinks. Google photos of cocktails on the internet and you will know what I mean. Our cocktail Instagram account is full of gorgeous cocktail creations with interesting and colorful choices of garnishes from various social media influencers all over the world. You can never go wrong with a simple garnish of maraschino cherry, a fresh orange slice, or even a dill pickle spear or a celery stalk when adorning a cocktail. The best part is, most of them can be found in your kitchen, you just need to know how to use them to good effect.

Get Creative

Garnishes are also a great way to showcase your creativity. Whatever garnish you fancy, just make sure that it will enhance the look or even the aroma of your cocktail. Salt rim your margarita or put fruit on your Old-fashioned, you can even try putting on edible stir sticks on your favorite drink for a unique twist to a classic cocktail.

Dress to Impress

So, what are you waiting for? Why not whip up a classic drink of your choice and dress it up with something unique and fancy. For more inspiration, check out some gorgeous garnishes on our video gallery of cocktail recipes.


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