Bourbon Mule Cocktail Recipe

Bourbon Mule: The Recipe Plus More Details About Kentucky’s Pride

Bourbon Mule Cocktail Recipe

The classic Moscow Mule is a certified crowd pleaser, but if you’re looking for a new taste for your Mule, then you’re in for a treat! Bourbon Mule, also known as Kentucky Mule, is a variation of Moscow Mule that makes use of bourbon instead of vodka. The warm flavor of bourbon whiskey is a good match for the spice of ginger and will surely have you or the people you serve it to asking for more. 
The good news is, it won’t take you too much time nor effort to prepare! 

Bourbon Mule Ingredients:

  • 4 - 5 oz. ginger beer
  • 1.5 oz Kentucky bourbon
  • ½ oz fresh lime juice
  • Lime Wheel for garnish

Bourbon Mule Preparation:

  1. In a copper Moscow Mule mug, blend fresh lime juice and bourbon. Add ice cubes, around 3-4 pieces per mug. 
  2. Pour ginger beer until the mug is full and stir. 
  3. Garnish with a lime wheel and serve.
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Recipe Variations

The Bourbon Mule is just one of the many variations of the classic Moscow Mule recipe. What are the other versions of Moscow Mule are there, you ask? Well, here are more adaptations of the drink that you can try! 
  • Whiskey Ginger Mule- A variation of Moscow Mule that also makes use of bourbon and lime juice, just like the Bourbon Mule. This recipe includes ginger syrup-Molly Newman’s secret ingredient- and freshly-grated nutmeg as garnish. 
  • Ancho Mule- If you’d rather have something hot to match your taste, then try this recipe-it makes use of Ancho Reyes Poblano Chili Liqueur to add to the spiciness of the Honey Ginger Syrup.
  • Peach Mint Mule-With peaches and mint leaves, the Peach Mint Mule becomes a refreshing twist to the classic Mule recipe.
  • Travellin’ Mule- Inspired by the different places that he has travelled to, Lead Bartender Adam Oliveras created this drink ideally as a “happy little world family inside of a mule mug”.
  • Modern Mule- Same Mule, just with modern ingredients-specifically, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Fever Tree Ginger Beer.

Check out our full list here!

Know Your Ingredients!

Find out more about the ingredients that makes the Bourbon Mule stand out from the other Mule recipes.
  • Ginger Beer- An vital addition to many cocktail mixes. There are several types of ginger beer available, such as Naturally Light Ginger Beer, which has natural sugar and fewer calories, and Spectacular Ginger Beer if you prefer a spicier taste. You may also make your own ginger beer at home!
  • Kentucky Bourbon- Bourbon Mule isn’t called Kentucky Mule for nothing. Kentucky is known for producing remarkable bourbon, and this cocktail is the proof of such quality.
  • Fresh Lime Juice - Whether you prepare it fresh yourself or have a bottle of ready-made juice available, you decide. As long as it’s the right amount of juice as indicated in this recipe, you’re good to go. 

Bar Accessories 

Whether it’s your first cocktail or not, it’s definitely important to secure the right equipment. Here are the things you need in preparing a Bourbon Mule: 
  • Citrus Squeezer- To make fresh lime juice yourself fast and easily, we recommend using a citrus squeezer. This will also come in handy with many citrus-based cocktail recipes-or generally, any type of dish or drink that involves citrus. 
  • Jigger- Too much or too little ingredients isn’t good in any recipe, and we don’t want that to ruin your Bourbon Mule. Use a jigger to make sure you have the right amount of bourbon.
  • Moscow Mule Copper Mugs- Each cocktail drink needs a specific container-such as highball glass or coupe glass-, and Copper Mug is for Bourbon Mule. All mugs are made with 100% copper, carefully designed for a great drinking experience.

The History 

When Jack Morgan created the Moscow Mule in 1940, the drink became famous all around the States. The demand for the cocktail increased but vodka wasn't easy to produce at that time. Thus, people started to look for alternatives to the said ingredient, and they have found that regional spirits suit the recipe just as much as vodka. With that, the different varieties of Moscow Mule were introduced, one of which is the Bourbon Mule. 

The Rise in Fame

Although not as famous worldwide, Bourbon Mule is well-loved by everyone in the US, particularly, the cocktail enthusiasts from Ohio, New York, Florida and California. The cocktail’s popularity has significantly increased over the years, and is seemingly the people’s choice of drink during the holidays, as its fame specifically rises every December each year. Part of this cocktail's fame is thanks to the recipe being featured on Yahoo News last 2017, and another factor that helped in spreading the word about Bourbon Mule is the introduction of Apple-flavored Bourbon, which was used for Apple Bourbon Muscow Mule that turned out to be a fan-favorite.

The Perfect Pair

Sure, Bourbon Mule is a holiday favorite, but that doesn’t mean it only goes with the traditional dishes during festivity like roast beef and turkey. Surprisingly, it also goes well with pizza, tacos, and the like, perfect for a  casual relaxation time outside with friends or by yourself. 

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