Virtual Wine Tasting Event

27 Best Virtual Wine Tastings: Explore The World Of Wine At Home

Virtual Wine Tasting Event

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If you're a wine lover or someone who wants to expand their knowledge, virtual wine tastings offer a unique and practical way to explore the world of vino. Hosted by experts, these online events provide an in-depth look at different wines from all over the globe.

You’ll learn about wine production and drinking, and you can join activities like winery and vineyard tours. By participating in a virtual wine tasting, you can be part of a community with fellow wine lovers too.

Check out our list of the 27 best virtual wine tastings, and start your online wine journey today!

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1. Priority Wine Pass

Priority Wine Pass website

Priority Wine Pass is a unique wine club that has teamed up with some fantastic wineries across California, Oregon, and Virginia to bring members tasting experiences at their homes!

Expert winemakers host this revolutionary wine tasting subscription service. It also offers an exclusive opportunity for your group to interact with winery owners and other interesting figures in the industry.

With Priority Wine Pass's pre-screened hosts, you are promised a worthy and unforgettable experience. Plus, tYou hey offer various virtual experiences, kits, and packages.

To join this virtual wine tasting, choose your favorite winery from Priority Wine Pass's selection of award-winning wineries available for you. They will also assist you regarding location, schedule, budget, and wine preferences.

Then, provide your group's shipping details so they can forward them to your chosen winery. Zoom is Priority Wine Pass's primary method, but they also allow whatever setup your group wants.

2. The Bordeaux Concierge

The Bordeaux Concierge website

Like many virtual wine tastings, the Bordeaux Concierge can arrange a private wine tasting event for you and your friends or colleagues. They will work with clients to create an unforgettable experience, from all aspects of planning down to delivery on-site at any location in the timezone!

The Bordeaux Concierge offers two virtual wine tastings - corporate or premium private. The corporate virtual wine tastings can be totally customizable in terms of your organization's size, budget, duration, and platform.

On the other hand, private virtual wine tastings provide a premium experience for wine enthusiasts. Your group gets a one-on-one session with a certified sommelier or Master Of Wine who has extensive wine knowledge.

Furthermore, the host will talk about the wineries, production techniques, terroirs, and flavors of wine. Plus, you can taste world-class wines from different wine regions in France, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, or the Loire.

3. Seneca Lake Wine Trail

Seneca Lake Wine Trail website

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands, why not take a trip to the Finger Lakes wine country from within your own living room while enjoying a glass of your best red wine?

You don't want to miss the digital events at Seneca Lake Wine Trail! Their calendar is always full of captivating and unique content like traditional virtual tastings, Facebook Live concerts with wine, interviews with winemakers, or even vlogs about wine.

You will be surprised how much you'll learn about vino while supporting this small business. You're also ensured of fun with this immersive experience! You might also end up planning your next road trip along the Seneca Lake Wine Trail, so don't forget to take notes.

This virtual wine tasting opportunity is amazing because you can enjoy the fun, educational experience without spending any money! The event is free, but you can definitely buy wines by accessing their website if you want to purchase some.

4. Tres Sabores

Tres Sabores website

Tres Sabores has just made it easier than ever for you to enjoy their Tres Sabores wine tasting in your own home. If you have Zoom installed on your device, then you're good to go!

You will be blown away by their comprehensive and enjoyable virtual wine tasting session that lasts for 60 minutes. You'll get to sample three or more different Tres Sabores wines, listen to the music while learning information, and look at photos about their brand!

After that, you can ask them questions during the Q&A session, where they might even give tips on how to enjoy these fantastic beverages.

Drinkers can enjoy a variety of experiences that are sure to please. The cheapest option costs $100, while the most expensive costs $210. With each experience, you'll get three wines, wine stoppers, and brochures for your home bar or office!

5. Far Niente Winery

Far Niente Winery website

The experts at Far Niente Winery are on hand to guide you through your tasting experience. A maximum of 20 people only per group is allowed per wine tasting session.

The online meeting is highly interactive, which means that everybody is given a chance to ask, speak, and share. With the educators being friendly and approachable, the learning will surely go smoothly.

They won't charge you for the actual wine tasting session as long as you purchase wine on their website. The prices vary from the styles and varieties, but for reference, a 3-bottle white and red wine tasting that is good for two persons would cost around $220.

6. Wine With Chas

Wine With Chas website

Chasity Cooper is a Chicago-based wine blogger who shares her love of all things related to wines on social media. You can find her videos on IGTV. In her blog, readers are able to learn more about different varieties, global wine regions, and tasting tips from Chasity herself!

Cooper’s approachable and friendly tasting series is the perfect way to get your wine fixed! Watch as she samples wines with great personality while occasionally schooling us on what makes them tick. You can also find past episodes on her Instagram or blog for free.

Furthermore, you can have a personalized tasting just for you and your friends! Wine With Chas has created virtual tastings designed to be fun and interactive experiences.

You'll get an hour-long educational meeting focused on an assortment of wines from all over the world. Wine With Chas also offers corporate virtual wine tastings!

7. Stony Hill Vineyard

Stony Hill Vineyard website

The three different virtual experiences offered at Stony Hill Vineyard are worth checking out. You can enroll on their Zoom tasting event, join them on Instagram Live, or choose to go all-in with Club Member-Exclusive meetups after signing up to become an official member!

You can join Stony Hill Vineyard for a 45-minute Zoom tasting, starting at $124. The experience is available by purchasing their virtual tasting pack on the website and signing up online. But if you don't want to spend money, their Instagram account is a few clicks away!

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Stony Hill Vineyard will be happy to guide you through their extensive wine selection. And if there's anyone who wishes to ask questions, they have answers packed for you. You can also schedule private tastings, but you have to inform them in advance.

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8. Chandon

Chandon website

Chandon is hosting a series of virtual tastings exclusive to club members and others that are open to everyone else! Chandon offers these virtual wine tastings to showcase their featured wines in a specific month.

They've got some great wines from their shipment this month, so if you're interested, be sure to check them out.

After signing up for the wine tasting via their website, they will send you details about the featured wine, upcoming events, and a Zoom meeting link. If there's no Zoom link, you can also participate via Facebook live.

As mentioned, Chandon is offering public tastings with no fees. However, you still need to buy the bottles, which range in price.

You are given the option to buy individual bottles. But if you have the budget, you can also purchase all the wines featured in the set that cost $115, exclusive of the shipping fee.

9. Coursera

Coursera website

For people who want to become a pro sommelier but don't have the time, Coursera offers an online class from UC Davis that will turn beginner drinkers into experts. It only requires 14 hours of dedication and hard work before students proudly call themselves pro-level tasters!

In this course, students will learn about wine through various lenses. They'll develop a sensory vocabulary for describing the bouquet and flavor profiles and learn how different faults can be identified in various varietals. They also get an introduction on how food pairings work for each type as well!

The course is designed in a way that one can apply what has been learned about wine tasting, alcohol content analysis, and more. You'll be able to take on an assignment that will allow for the practical application of skills developed throughout the class.

The course is free, but you'll have to buy the wines yourself. Students are expected to budget $150 to $250 for all of their drinks during this class.

10. Domaine Carneros

Domaine Carneros website

When it comes to wine, do you prefer sparkling wine? Domaine Carneros has just what your heart desires! They specialize in the finest sparkling wines and offer a private guided tasting at home for those who want something intimate.

You can enjoy a relaxing and informative virtual tasting session at Domaine Carneros for free! The session will run for about 30 minutes on Zoom, which means you can join no matter where or when!

You might want to visit their website for more pricing information as they offer different types of wines such as estate brut, brut rose, and more.

A helpful tip if you're participating in their virtual wine tasting: always keep a couple of wine stoppers in your arsenal. This step is essential to quickly preserve and store the leftover sparkling wines after the tasting.

11. Corkbuzz

Corkbuzz website

Corkbuzz is a revolutionary new way to learn about wines and winemaking. You have two options when purchasing their virtual class: live or recording.

The former allows you to attend the live virtual class and gives you access to the recording. On the other hand, the latter only gives you access to the pre-recorded course, ideal for students with schedule conflicts.

Corkbuzz sommeliers will teach you everything there is to know about wine, from its regions, vineyards, and history, all the way down through what producers do at a winery.

They'll even show off some videos, so the lesson becomes more comprehensive. The classes last around an hour so attendees can ask questions or share their opinions related to wine.

With their live wine classes, you'll get to taste six different wines and receive printed materials and cheese to pair the wines with.

12. Orange Glou

Orange Glou website

If you're seeking a new wine subscription service that takes your taste to the next level, you can turn to Orange Glou. With its diverse selection of still and sparkling orange wines from around the world and expert guidance on each one's unique flavors, this is one club worth joining!

Thanks to its founder and orange wine lover, Doreen Winkler, people from around the world can appreciate the existence of orange wines.

Orange Glou has a variety of wine tasting experiences for your convenience. Whether it be small or large groups, they have you covered with their virtual offerings that allow easy reservation without having to leave home! 

You can choose either of the two packages offered. The first package of Orange Glou is perfect for those who want to learn about the history and complexity that goes into making orang wine. You'll get to drink two orange wines with a sommelier and observe its tasting notes.

This virtual wine tasting lasts for about 20-30 minutes. The second package is similar but, it runs for 45 minutes long, and instead of two, you'll be tasting three bottles of orange wine.

Recently, Orange Glou just opened the first-ever orange wine store in the world, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. They offer in-person events at their store, but they can accommodate 20 people only. Their curated program is sure to feed you knowledge, satisfaction, and memories.

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13. Wine Dine Caroline 

Wine Dine Caroline website

Wine Dine Caroline offers both private virtual tasting and corporate virtual wine tastings, but you may also participate in the free virtual happy hour. This is a creative and fun opportunity for you and your family, friends, or colleagues to do a little activity together, even if you're miles away.

Caroline will join you during the virtual wine tasting. She is a British-American sommelier who currently lives in her cozy loft apartment at Lyon's Croix-Rousse in France. This is also where she hosts exclusive wine workshops.

Wine Dine Caroline doesn't ship wines to taste during your virtual wine tasting. Instead, your group gets to choose the bottles of wine you prefer to taste and enjoy.

You just need to inform Caroline of your choices so she can prepare the necessary details you might want to hear about what you're drinking. But if you have a dilemma in choosing the wines, Caroline can present you with a list of suggestions.

Their virtual wine tastings cost about $164 but can increase depending on the session, and they are carried out on Zoom.

14. Acker Wines

Acker Wines website

Another way to learn about wine from passionate experts is through Acker Wines. They offer weekly tastings where you can meet with other like-minded individuals to discuss different wines worldwide with a sommelier.

They also feature private virtual tastings for wine and spirits. Their 45-minute virtual wine tasting includes two or more bottles of wine for a group. You can request to schedule the meeting anytime, but you must make it about two weeks before your planned date.

The minimum cost for two bottles of wine is $75, while three bottles cost about $100. Their spirit program includes three bottles of spirit for each group and lasts for an hour, with a starting price of $100 for three bottles. Just like their wine program, it is also led by a  sommelier.

15. In Good Taste

In Good Taste website

The virtual wine tasting experience at In Good Taste is a delicious treat and an opportunity for you to try and learn about wines from around the world with your friends. 

With the In Good Taste subscription, you get to enjoy a whole lot more wine. You receive 187-ml bottles rather than 750 ml ones so you can try out more varieties, which is what sets them apart from their competitors!

The in-depth knowledge of wine experts is on hand to lead your group through a tasting session that will answer any questions you may have. You'll learn all about each region's specific varietals and flavors while having fun interacting with other participants or answering trivia questions during live Q & A sessions!

The curated tastings allow you to explore new worlds of wine without any limits. You can try wines from California, Australia, and New Zealand in one sitting with talented winemakers or wine experts guiding your journey!

The tasting boxes cost $65 each, including eight bottles of 187-ml wine bottles. There is a shipping fee unless your purchase reaches $100 or beyond that. You and your friends can all agree to buy two tasking kits or more so you can enjoy the free shipping feature.

16. Brooklyn Winery

Brooklyn Winery website

There are two options at Brooklyn Winery - private virtual wine tastings and a live wine tasting activity for big groups.

The former is a fantastic destressing activity for a small group, which could also be celebratory or a unique way to express gratitude to your group. The latter is ideal for bigger groups such as an organization or company.

There is a minimum purchase for you to access the two options, which some people see as a disadvantage. The minimum purchase in question is at least 12 packages. Each package includes the wines, wine glasses, and a wine key.

If you want the packages to include some snacks so you can have wine and food pairings, you need to pay additional for it. Furthermore, you are given a choice to have them delivered at the same location or at different locations.

17. - Best Overall website is one of the best destinations for anyone who loves wine, and it's not hard to see why! They offer an extensive list of past tastings and events that will feature various regions, hosts, and bottles - making it one the most versatile picks on this list.

The joining process is quite easy; after you buy a bottle of wine/s on their website, you just have to sign up for their free event. They will then send the necessary details and information for you to access the virtual tasting, which will be held on Zoom.

Moreover, what makes impressive is that they don't limit you to one winery's wine offers. Instead, they'll give you access and freedom to choose any wine that you want to try among their thousands of wine options. Plus, with their premium membership program, you'll get free shipping!

You can enjoy the virtual wine tasting at your own pace with a pre-recorded event or sign up for one that takes place live. If you run to their website now, you'll be able to catch impressive lineups!

18. Jordan Winery

Jordan Winery website

Jordan Winery features different wines in their virtual tasting, each with its unique flavors. However, they are available on certain weekdays and weekends only. It's important that you check their schedule so you can book a time and day at your own convenience.

They use Zoom as their online wine tasting platform, and you are joined by one of their chosen staff members who will serve as your host. They will walk everyone through the session. One of the hosts will most likely talk about is the new vintages at their winery.

Each session can accommodate 50 participants only. Furthermore, they are allowed to bring their own wines that they bought anywhere, and the host can talk about those specific wines.

19. The Supper Share

The Supper Share website

As the novel coronavirus continues to impact people across America, The Supper Share was created and launched in March in hopes of helping sommeliers and chefs look for brighter opportunities and make a living.

Enrolling in their online wine tasting is a breeze. You’ll have to visit their website, where you'll find a form to fill out. Then, you'll have to decide on a wine theme and wait for their confirmation.

You have to wait no more than two days for their reply, and they'll introduce you to a sommelier who will assist you. They will then send you the link to where you can purchase your wines, and they will forward the wine tasting invites to your group members.

20. Aperture Cellars

Aperture Cellars website

If you want to join an Aperture Cellars for a virtual wine tasting, you have to purchase from their multiple tasting packages such as the "Virtual Tasting Flight Aromatic White Wines," which costs $70. With this, you get two bottles of different wines and access to an online virtual tasting.

For every order placed on their special deals, you can support those most significantly affected by COVID-19 as some of their profit goes straight to donations to aid victims.

Their prices range from $70 to $240, but they offer exclusive prices for particular members, and the shipping is complimentary. To know their calendar, you can quickly check it on their website.

21. Stags' Leap Winery

Stags' Leap Winery website

Stags' Leap Winery offers an exceptional opportunity to sample wines in an intimate and personalized setting without any hassle. They will handle all the logistics for you, including shipping the tasting kits, so you don't have to do anything but wait and enjoy the wines.

However, they've set a minimum purchase for their virtual tastings kits or packages, which is 20 per order. Plus, you need to make the order about two weeks prior to your planned date for the virtual wine tasting. The earlier you order, the better since their online wine tasting is based on availability.

They offer three tasting options to choose from, namely the Estate Tastings, Winery Exclusive Tastings, and Napa Valley Collection Tasting. You also get three full bottles of wine inside the kit.

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22. Matthiasson Winery - Best Private Tastings

Matthiasson Winery website

If you can't make it out to Napa Valley, it's not a problem! You can just enroll in a virtual wine tasting at Matthiasson Winery, which is one of the top-rated wineries in California, with many garnered awards and six James Beard Award nominations. 

Their $249 price tag may seem like an extravagant expense, but the immersive experience they give you is worth it. Plus, that's way cheaper than personally flying to Napa Valley to drink their wines. Their virtual events may be a splurge; however, it comes with a free shipping feature.

Plus, Matthiasson Winery lets you have a 10% discount per 1-5 bottles that can be used the next time you'll order something from them after the wine tasting you're enrolled in is already through. The discount rises to 15% if you're getting six or more.

They change their wine selection inside their wine package every season, but it'll always feature six delicious and refreshing standard-sized bottles. After you place your wine order, you can schedule the one-hour wine tasting on their website.

23. Passalacqua Winery

Passalacqua Winery website

With Passalacqua Winery, you can have $75 worth of personalized wines delivered right to your door with their sample sips.

The $75 includes three different samples with a 2-ounce capacity with the shipping fee included. You'll receive a sample of their most famous Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Furthermore, there's a minimum order of 8 tasting kits. They will charge you an extra $250 in account for processing and handling if you fail to reach their minimum.

The virtual wine tasting is scheduled after a day or two of receiving the kits. They are to be carried out on a platform of your choice, such as Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, etc.

24. Bottles Nation

Bottles Nation website

Bottles Nation offers one of the best virtual wine tastings, and they also branch out to other alcoholic beverages! Now, you can participate in craft bar, cocktail, and whiskey tastings. This company's versatility sure is compelling!

Bottles Nation will provide you with a certified sommelier that will lead you through a one-hour virtual tasting of different wines and give you a comprehensive overview of the whole winemaking process.

You will also be provided with digital tasting notes that you can utilize throughout the wine tasting session.

The Bottles Nation sommelier is ready to answer all your wine-related questions. Whether you want regionally-specific insights, organic recommendations, or ideal food pairings, this person has got it covered!

The classic wine tasting kits associated with their virtual wine tasting cost $85 per person. It's worth every penny since you're getting four standard-sized bottles of different varieties, including Spanish Sparkling (Cava), New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, and Argentinian Malbec.

25. St. Supéry

St. Supéry website

St. Supéry offers a variety of live virtual meetings that are sure to satisfy your thirst for wine knowledge! You can choose from shared group experiences, small group private tastings, and large-scale private events.

The St. Supéry's exclusive small-group 30 to 45-minutes sessions are the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to enjoy an intimate, hands-on educational experience with one of their WSET level 2 certified hospitality team members. This can cater to up to 23 participants at once.

Furthermore, can you imagine sipping your favorite wine with the founder of St. Supéry? This is what you get when participating in their private virtual events!

The CEO and his winemaker will let you take a peek at the picturesque wineries and vineyards at Napa Valley. You'll get insider access to their rich history, grape growing practices, and the production of award-winning wines.

26. Ponzi Vineyards

Ponzi Vineyards website

Ponzi Vineyards have amazing ambassadors in their arsenal who are friendly and have extensive knowledge about vino. They will lead you through the online wine tasting event and answer any questions while guiding visitors and tasting wine.

Ponzi Vineyards host their wine tastings on Zoom. The organizer assigned to cater to your group will take care of the online meeting, and all you need to do is wait for the link.

The online win event should last for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, but that's still subject to changes according to the number of wines to be tasted.

They offer various wines for the tasting, such as Riesling, Reserve Wines, Single Vineyard Wines, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, etc. If you're uncertain and don't have anything in mind at the moment, you can let a Ponzi ambassador do the choosing for you!

27. Bouchaine Vineyards - Best Sessions / Kits

Bouchaine Vineyards website

Take an online expedition to Napa Valley with Bouchaine Vineyards! They offer 50-minute virtual tastings that you can customize for your knowledge and experience.

Eight different wine tasting options await, so choose wisely before getting ready to explore this beautiful California wine country from the comfort of your home or office.

Casual wine sippers who want to learn the basics can get winemaker kit #1. It includes information about how different wines are made and what makes each unique in terms of its acidity levels or taste profiles, thanks to varying grape varieties.

Aside from winemaker kit #1, they also have winemaker kit #2, wine and cheese pairing, vineyard and winery tour kit, chocolate and wine tasting kit, bourbon and wine tasting kit, a name that tune tasting, and the Myers-Briggs personality pairing.

Rather than just tasting the wines with a view of a conventional winery, Bouchaine Vineyards' virtual wine tasting gives you access to an amazing overlooking view of estate vineyards. You can enjoy private sessions that start as low as $59!


The next time you want to celebrate your love for wine, you can try joining a virtual wine tasting. It may be different from going to actual tasting rooms, but the experience and learning will still be worth it.

Are you ready to join the best virtual wine tastings? We'll be happy to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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