Woman holding a glass of wine in Portugal

Top 30 Mind-Blowing Portuguese Red Wines In 2023

Woman holding a glass of wine in Portugal

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Portugal is a country with a rich cultural heritage, especially when it comes to food and beverages. If you are a Portuguese red wine enthusiast, this blog post is for you. We will be discussing the best wines from Portugal with both experienced and novice drinkers in mind.

Portuguese wines have been acknowledged internationally as one of the best and most consumed in the world. They can range from sweet to dry, delicate to intense, and everything in between. From vintages like 2014 to 2019, these wines are sure to please any palate!

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Our Top Picks

Quinta do Paral Reserva 2017

Best Overall - Quinta do Paral Reserva 2017

• Classy design
• Jams and fruits flavors
• Ripe black fruits and pepper aromas

Palato do Côa Grande Reserva Douro Superior 2014

Highest Rated - Palato do Côa Grande Reserva Douro Superior 2014

• Gold Medal and 95 points at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020
• Blackberry and black currant flavors
• Balanced texture

ASDA Extra Special Douro 2017

Best Value - ASDA Extra Special Douro 2017

• Most affordable price
• Ripe berries and spices aromas
• Pairs well with roast pork and casseroles

1. Carmim 'Monsaraz' Reserva 2017

Carmim 'Monsaraz' Reserva 2017

The Carmim winery has created this new vintage that mixes up its usual formula. The combination of Touriga Nacional with Alentajo's time-honored favorites, Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet, creates an international style that appeals to everyone. 

During the Decanter World Wine Awards 2020 Competition, this was awarded Best in Show and 97 points (Platinum Medal).

This wine is lavish and powerful, featuring a tinge of spice to lush black fruits. It's also complex due to the addition of pepper, which comes from alcohol aging, and wood used in barrel-aging. In terms of acidity, this one brings out an attractive profile with hints of citrus fruits.

2. Manuel Carvalho Martins Golpe Reserva 2017

Manuel Carvalho Martins Golpe Reserva 2017

The grapes used in the creation of Golpe Reserva 2017 are grown using sustainable farming. They are handpicked and come from the oldest vineyard in Quinta Vale do Olmo, Portugal.

This wine has a deep and vibrant purple color, but it is not overly heavy. It leaves hints of violet, blackberry, licorice, and thyme in the mouth, making this an excellent accompaniment to steaks and meats.

The vintage's solid black fruits give it density and bring out ripeness and tannins that are just beginning to soften. This is for further aging, with complex flavors best enjoyed the next year or later!

3. Comenda Grande Reserva 2014

Comenda Grande Reserva 2014

The 2014 Comenda Grande Reserva is a rich vintage with an outstanding balance. The flavors of Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet are wonderfully blended into this high-quality wine from the Alentejo region in Portugal.

This vintage from the Monte da Comenda Grande cellars undoubtedly deserves its designation of "Reserve." It features an intense shade of garnet and a pleasing aroma with mature fruity notes accompanied by flavors such as jam. 

It has hints of vanilla or light spices to boot after time in wood barrels. It also has a potent flavor, further showcasing its grand structure. The taste is slightly acidic and mellow, with tannins that linger in the mouth for a long time.

4. Global Wines Cabriz Dão Reserva 2016

Global Wines Cabriz Dão Reserva 2016

Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro, and Aragonez come together in this vintage with layers of richness, spice, and juicy textures. Nine months spent aging in wood smoothed out many tannins, while bottle age does the rest. 

This is ready to consume immediately, although it will continue to mature gracefully for years after opening. It displays a deep, dark ruby color with brownish tones. The intricacies of its flavors go from intense balsamic notes to floral and fruits. 

It is juicy in taste and has a soft mouthfeel that lingers on your taste buds for an elegant finish. Pair these Portuguese wines with some steamed or grilled meats and cheese.

5. Quinta de São Francisco 2017

Quinta de São Francisco 2017

The Quinta de São Francisco, produced by Companhia Agricola do Sanguinhal in Portugal and coming in at 13% alcohol content, was created from the hybrid varietals Touriga Nacional and Aragonêz.

The color is a deep, dark red with flavors of red fruits and hints of chocolate from time spent in wooden barrels. The lingering finish will have you craving another sip for hours after your glass runs dry!

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6. Casa Américo Reserva 2014

 Casa Américo Reserva 2014

This wine has a deep red-ruby color, and the aroma is intoxicating with hints of wild berries. The grapes have been aged in oak barrels to give it that silky texture on your tongue as you are sipping.

The 10-month wood maturation has given this wine a lush, fruity taste with spicy notes. The dusty tannins balance the sweet fruitiness and acidity to create an elegant drink ready for your enjoyment.

7. Tiago Cabaço Blog 2017

Tiago Cabaço Blog 2017

Tiago Cabaço's "Blog" 2017 is a delicious combination of varietals from Alentejo, with an alcohol content of 15%.

Tiago Cabaço's wines are seductive yet serious, modern in style, and profoundly Alentejo. He is considered among the most promising producers in the region because he selects wines that embody these qualities.

It has a deep ruby red color and is perfect for any occasion. It starts with minerality and soon begins to give hints of fruit that include cherries, currants, plums, and floral notes.

This wine is bold yet smooth and will be sure not to disappoint when it comes time for an intimate evening or celebration!

8. Vallegre Vinhas Velhas Reserva Especial 2016

Vallegre Vinhas Velhas Reserva Especial 2016

The 2016 Vallegre Vinhas Velhas Reserva Especial is made from the best tinta francisca, touriga nacional, touriga franca, tinta amarela and sousão. This complex red vintage has a bountiful flavor with an alcoholic content of 14%.

It has a spicy expression of the sort where intense raspberry, vanilla, and graphite perfume dance on your palate. The flavor is broad, with lots of promise ahead.

9. Quinta da Pedra Alta ‘Pedra a Pedra’ Douro 2017

Quinta da Pedra Alta ‘Pedra a Pedra’ Douro 2017

This vintage is made from a blend of indigenous grape varietals grown on the schist soils of Portuguese vineyards.

This Portuguese red is luxurious and bountiful, delivering damson fruit with a hint of black licorice for complexity. Despite some savory notes, it finishes smoothly on your palate with hints of fruity heat.

10. Casa Santos Lima Confidencial Reserva 2017

Casa Santos Lima Confidencial Reserva 2017
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This vintage is complex and full, with a hint of vanilla. When tasting it, you can feel the citrus smoothly transitioning into oak flavors that will not overwhelm but rather complement any dinner table.

The aftertaste of this bottle is surprisingly well-balanced and rich with a hint of sweetness, which gives it the complexity to overcome ripe fruit flavors and chocolate notes. With refinement from time, this could be one for your cellar!

Casa Santos Lima is best known for producing wines with excellent quality and affordable prices. The winery exports most of its products to around 50 other countries.

In recent years, Casa Santos Lima has been crowned one of Portugal's most prestigious winemakers by winning awards at major national and international competitions.

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11. ASDA Extra Special Douro 2017

Asda Extra Special Douro 2017

This lush and flavorful red vintage from Portugal is crafted with handpicked grapes to create a dense, fruity mix that pairs perfectly well with roast pork or winter casseroles.

It is black as midnight but with a tantalizing aroma that will keep you coming back for more. Its intense scent with hints of ripe berries and spices comes from the barrel aging process. 

This wine is robust yet smooth with just enough tannin to give your tongue an exciting experience without being too harsh or overwhelming.

12. Cova do Frade Reserva Dão 2017

Cova do Frade Reserva Dão 2017

Cova do Frade is a classic Portuguese wine that has been fulfilling the world with its unparalleled taste. It reached gold at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and boasts Dão varietals in its recipe for success.

The vintage has a garnet color with violet tones in the glass. The aroma of black fruit on the first sniff highlights black plum and salty sensation.

It is intense but delicate simultaneously, softened by its twelve months of aging in barrels that gives way to remarkable flavors such as delicious ripe fruits like plums or other sweet berries.

13. Quinta da Lapa Reserva Merlot 2016

Quinta da Lapa Reserva Merlot 2016

This 2016 Quinta da Lapa Merlot Reserva is a vintage from the regions of Alentejo made with merlot. With its dark maroon edges and flashes of violet, this vintage would be worthy to serve at any dinner party or family gathering where guests are looking for an elegant yet affordable bottle.

This wine is excellent for the taste buds, with flavors that include blackberries, smoky notes, and hints of chocolate. The mouthfeel has just enough amount of thickness to create an enjoyable experience.

14. Bojador Vinho 2018

Bojador Vinho 2018

This delicious 2018 vintage is made using traditional organic farming practices and a blend of three varietals: Aragonez, Trincadeira, and Touriga Naçional. The grapes were handpicked before being foot trodden and then fermented in stainless steel tanks before aging. 

This Portuguese wine is lavish and flavorful, with dark fruit notes mixed in. The tannins provide a grippy sensation on the tongue that gives way to the youthful energy of finesse as you sip more.

15. Global Wines Vinha Maria Premium 2017

Global Wines Vinha Maria Premium 2017

The winery of Global Wines has created this 2017 Vinha Maria Premium, a red vintage from the region of Vinho Verde. It is based on the Touriga Nacional grape and comes with an alcohol content of 13%.

This vintage is a vivid, dark maroon color. It smells of fresh raspberries and strawberries with hints of cherries and berries, as well as toasted notes in the background. The taste is wonderfully fruity, velvety, and has well-integrated tannins.

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16. Marquês de Marialva Baga Reserva 2015

Marquês de Marialva Baga Reserva 2015

Adega de Cantanhede's 2015 Marquês de Marialva Baga Reserva is a red aged in French oak casks, with accents of fresh fruits and spices. It has good volume and an elegant mouthfeel that is sure to please anyone who enjoys a glass or two!

This wine has a beautiful aroma, with the taste of pink peppercorns and damson fruits. The finish is concentrated and mouth-watering while also being crisp on your tongue due to its delicate structure.

17. Sogrape 2018 Silk & Spice Red

Sogrape 2018 Silk & Spice Red
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Portugal's Silk & Spice wines are a testament to the country's capacity for making silky and fine, exotic wines with deep berry fruit flavors. They're also an ode to Portuguese explorers who sailed from its shores into new worlds in search of spices and aromas.

This intensely ruby-colored vintage is characterized by aromas of ripe fruits that combine with hints of vanilla and chocolate. 

Its taste is balanced with soft tannins and a long finish. This wine pairs perfectly with pork chops, beef dishes, or cuisines served in tomato-based sauces, which are complimented nicely by this beverage’s rich flavors.

18. Quinta de Curvos 'Prova Cega' Reserva 2017

Quinta de Curvos 'Prova Cega' Reserva 2017

This Portuguese red wine is a mixture of Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional, and Touriga Franca, with an alcoholic content of 14%.

It has a deep, vibrant maroon hue. Its scent is complex and aromatic, with hints of sweet fruits mixed with smoky notes that linger on the buds for a long time after being tasted. 

In the mouth, its structure is strong but not too heavy on your palate while still retaining its natural complexity from beginning to end.

19. Monte da Ravasqueira 'Guarda Rios' 2018

 Monte da Ravasqueira 'Guarda Rios' 2018

This 2018 vintage is a blend of regional varieties from the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. It has a pleasant aroma and flavor that will please even picky drinkers.

This vintage is a smooth, easy bottle that has been described as "approachable and ready to consume." The black fruit flavors are balanced by the soft tannins. This light acidity makes for an overall well-structured wine.

20. DFJ Touriga Nacional-Touriga Franca 2018

DFJ Touriga Nacional-Touriga Franca 2018

This 2018 vintage is full of black fruits and a spicy density with firm tannins. It also has structure, making it lavish and straightforward.

This wine is the perfect blend of two excellent grape varieties. The intense forest fruit flavors and dark chocolate notes offer a lush, enjoyable taste with an enticing aroma that's best enjoyed by itself or alongside meat dishes like steak, game meats, and cheese dishes.

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21. Quinta do Paral Reserva 2017

Quinta do Paral Reserva 2017

Quinta do Paral produces this red vintage from the region of Alentejo. It is made up of indigenous grapes harvested in 2017 and has an alcoholic content of 15%.

The 2017 vintage has a complex aroma of ripe black fruits and peppery notes. The aftertaste is long-lasting, leaving you wanting more! It pairs well with tasty meats or hearty dishes.

22. Herdade do Peso Reserva 2017

Herdade do Peso Reserva 2017

Nestled in the Alentejo region, Herdade do Peso Reserva 2017 is a vintage of superb quality that concentrates all the grandeur and vivacity from this beautiful area. Produced only during exceptional years, it's complex yet elegant.

This dense wine has a dusty texture and is plentiful in flavor. The aroma of this robust, fruit-laden vintage will make your mouth water with its thick tannins and fragrant black fruits like plums. 

If you're looking for an intense drinking experience that can be aged to perfection, then look no further!

23. Quinta Vale d’Aldeia Reserva 2015

Quinta Vale d’Aldeia Reserva 2015

Quinta Vale d'Aldeia Reserva 2015 is a vintage rich in aroma and complexity, with firm tannins. It has an intense scarlet color that holds up well to this potent drink's undertones of deep black fruits. 

The taste offers flavors such as ripe fruits at their peak mixed into balsamic notes. The way this drink is partially fermented in open stone lagars, giving flavors of dark fruits from being aged on wood, melds well together for a balance that delivers freshness at its finest.

24. Vinhas do Sabor Tinto 2017

Vinhas do Sabor Tinto 2017

This wine from Portugal is exquisite and will leave you feeling refreshed. It has a deep color that ranges from purple to dark red, with pleasant aromas of cherries and plums. 

It is fermented in stone lagars to give it a density from the generously soft tannins. It also has an acidity that makes its lavish black fruits more concentrated, thanks to low-yielding old vines. This means this batch of vintage will only get better with time!

25. Secret Spot 2016

Secret Spot 2016

The winery Secret Spot Wines offers this 2016 vintage from the Douro region with 14.5% alcohol content and grapes harvested in the 2016 season.

This Portuguese wine has an intense, rich maroon color that makes it seem alive. You can smell the mineral in its flavor and feel the fresh fruits on your tongue with every sip. It's sweet but also compact for such an elegant, drinkable experience. 

It’s definitely something you'll remember!

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26. Herdade do Rocim Amphora Red 2019

Herdade do Rocim Amphora Red 2019
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The Herdade do Rocim Amphora was aged in amphorae, a type of ancient Greek jar, and had been naturally made with wild yeast. The result is an elegantly textured wine that has fruity flavors as well as light tannins.

A fantastic, refreshing wine that has an outstanding balance. It is flavorful, with hints of raspberry and cherry on the nose that come through in the taste. The finish leaves you wanting more!

27. Quinta de Valbom Reserva 2015

Quinta de Valbom Reserva 2015

The wine is created with the strict selection of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, and Sousão grapes from old mixed vines planted on Quinta de Valbom's natural amphitheater. This process gives a vibrant and concentrated wine with excellent aging potential for connoisseurs to enjoy.

Quinta de Valbom Reserva is a wine worth your time. It has an intense color and a taste that goes with it and copious aromas of ripe fruit and spices. The tannins are firm but not harsh on the palate, while their acidity gives energy for longevity.

28. Duorum 'S&R' Tinto 2018

Duorum 'S&R' Tinto 2018

The Soares Franco and Portugal Ramos families have teamed up to produce a friendly, open-flavored wine that celebrates Porto.

The Douro River flows through the city's heartland, providing fertile ground for black fruits with smoky undertones balanced by warm tannins in this ready-to-drink bottle. Your nose will be delighted by the many different scents that this red has to offer, such as plum jam, blackberry, and chili pepper at first.

But as you take a deeper whiff, it becomes more complex, with notes of leather, tobacco, and vanilla bean also coming through. Its medium tannins also make for an easy-drinking experience.

29. Quinta Da Cidadoura Reserva 2016

Quinta Da Cidadoura Reserva 2016

This high-quality wine is made from a selection of Syrah, Touriga Nacional, and Castelão grapes. The climate at Portugal’s Quinta da Cidadoura during the maturation stage created this full-bodied vintage. 

It packs a punch of dark berries and violets, with hints of Chambord liqueur. The enthralling finish is strong with ripe blackberries, chocolate, and oaky spice for depth. For an award-winning piece, this is surely of great value!

30. Palato do Côa Grande Reserva Douro Superior 2014

Palato do Côa Grande Reserva Douro Superior 2014

The Douro Superior is a rich, full-bodied blend of grapes from the best vineyards in these regions. The blackberry and black currant flavors give it an acidic edge that balances out its sweetness without overshadowing the fruity notes. 

Aging for 18 months in wood barrels has only given these delicious Portuguese wines more depth, rounding off any rough edges while keeping all those lush fruity flavors intact for your satisfaction!


The best thing about Portuguese wines is that many of them are made with grapes native to the region. This means they have a unique flavor profile and an interesting story behind their cultivation, which you can learn by asking your server or bartender where each bottle comes from.

It’s also important not to forget dessert wines like Porto, Moscatel de Setúbal, Madeira, and Vinho Verde because these sweet treats will satisfy any sugar craving after dinner! So if you want to experience all Portugal has to offer in one sitting without breaking the bank, this list should be just what you need.

Did you find a new favorite? Did your best Portuguese red wine make it on our list? Let us know in the comments.

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