The Top 9 Cocktails To Order On A Plane

The Top 9 Cocktails To Order On A Plane

Cocktails To Order On A Plane

There are many ways to enjoy a delicious cocktail when traveling. Whether to calm nerves or begin a vacation early, having a mid-flight drink can be a delightful experience.

If the airline doesn't provide, people can make many do-it-yourself mixed drinks on a plane. Here are the top cocktails to order or make while in the sky.

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For Flavor Lovers

When on a flight, a passenger’s sense of taste dulls due to dryness and the natural sinus congestion at that altitude. Airlines often fill their in-flight meals with salt or other seasonings to compensate. This flavor deficit also applies to alcoholic beverages, but here are a few drinks with satisfying flavors while enjoying the views.

1. Sangria


A punch originating in Spain and Portugal, sangria is a delicious and flavorful drink you can either order or make yourself with a few ingredients. There is red and white sangria, depending on the wine you choose.

Researchers believe the drink got its name from the word “sangre,” which is Spanish for “blood,” but it’s far from scary. Depending on your taste preferences, you can add whatever fresh fruit and juices you like. Popular choices are oranges, lemons, and strawberries, but apples and plums are common.

The fruit adds sweetness, while the juice and seltzer add an enjoyable tang. Pairing with a favorite wine makes this cocktail a top choice for flights.

Get the recipe here.

2. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

This classic cocktail only requires a few ingredients, and passengers can spice it up to their preference. Likely named for the infamous British ruler, the cocktail actually originated in Paris. It was a favorite of author Ernest Hemmingway.

Consider garnishing yours with a celery stick for a slightly more modern take. The celery tradition began in a Chicago bar when a patron couldn’t find a straw.

This famous brunch cocktail is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a kick while traveling.

Get the recipe here.

3. Simple Wine Cocktail

Simple Wine Cocktail

A wine cocktail is a delicious choice for anyone who isn’t a fan of whiskey. Though they’re seen by many as vintage, plenty love them for their versatility.

The orange and other citrus flavors amplify the flavors of the wine, while the soda gives this cocktail a pleasant sparkle.

There are dozens of variations out there. Here is one of the easiest and tastiest to make on a plane.

Get the recipe here.

    For Sensitive Stomachs 

    It’s no secret that some passengers get queasy on a flight. It can make the flight miserable and unenjoyable for themselves and anyone around them. The following three cocktails are good for someone who might get airsick.

    4. Shandygaff


     A shandygaff is a beer cocktail with delicious flavors and stomach-calming properties. Given its current name in 19th century Britain, there’s evidence the drink was popular much earlier. Charles Dickens even mentioned this spectacular mixture in one of his books.

    The ginger in this drink calms an upset stomach, allowing passengers to enjoy the flavor to the fullest.

    Get the recipe here.

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      5. Moscow Mule

      Moscow Mule

      Simultaneously calming and refreshing, a Moscow mule is a great drink to sip throughout a flight. Though the name implies its creation in Russia, it was invented in a Hollywood bar. It’s credited for saving Smirnoff from going out of business.

      Though it’ll likely lack its traditional glass, a Moscow mule is an excellent way to relax with small sips, allowing passengers to savor the intense flavors while the ginger helps soothe nausea.

      Get the recipe here.

      6. Mint Julep

      Mint Julep

      You don’t have to be at the Kentucky Derby track to savor this minty treat. Though people famously enjoy it at the famous horse race, you won’t find this tasty treat many other times.

      A publication first mentioned the drink in 1803, and while it was never enjoyed as Scarlett O’Hara suggested, it’s still loved by many.

      Like ginger, mint is a good flavor for relieving nausea and soothing the stomach, making this an excellent cocktail for airsick passengers.

      Get the recipe here.

      For Morning Passengers

      Whether ending a red eye or recovering from a night in the sky, these final cocktails are nice and refreshing.

      7. Screwdriver


      A screwdriver is one of two popular morning cocktails involving orange juice, making it a perfect choice for breakfast or brunch hour.

      The drink is one of the first recorded cocktails to use vodka. It’s incredibly versatile, with many different versions. A popular addition is a Harvey Wallbanger, which adds Galliano to the mix.

      The subtle taste of the vodka gets amplified by the crispness of the orange juice, making it a solid choice for the early hours.

      Get the recipe here.

      8. Mimosa


      The ever-popular mimosa was invented in Paris and still remains a brunch staple. This cocktail on this list is a super easy-to-make and refreshing drink for anyone who likes the sensory experience of bubbles.

      Try a Bollinger La Grand Annee Brut for the champagne in this recipe if you can. Easy and refreshing, the mimosa is a great choice for anyone struggling to wake up.

      Get the recipe here.

      9. Irish Coffee

      Irish Coffee

      This final cocktail is an excellent choice for someone who needs caffeine in the morning. There are many different versions of the drink, with a traditional spin adding brown sugar and whipped cream. However, the plain mixture is just as delicious.

      Though it may seem counterintuitive, the warmth of the coffee helps give passengers comfort, while the whiskey can help ward off jitters. The creamer adds sweetness, making the drink a great addition to a sunrise flight.

      Get the recipe here.

      Choosing the Right In-Flight Cocktail 

      A cocktail or two can be an excellent addition to an air travel day. Whether you crave a refreshing, stomach-soothing, or flavorful drink, choosing the right cocktail and alternating drinks with water can turn almost any flight into a relaxing one.

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