Best Adult Party Games: How to Have Fun and Get Wasted

16 Best Adult Party Games: How to Have Fun and Get Wasted

Best Adult Party Games: How to Have Fun and Get Wasted

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By the way, virtual parties are no fun. How can you call that a party when you're staring at a browser and internet device while it's being bombarded with targeted advertising by third-party providers who process personal data obtained, compromising your privacy and security? That's not a party. That's targeting cookies marketing!

As adults, many of us are so preoccupied with work and family obligations that we never seem to have time for fun. We feel so guilty and pressured to prioritize important things that we tend to forgo our leisure time. In reality, we don't have to cut everything out, so making time to play can be a great source of relaxation and stimulation for us.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to add to your next adult party, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best adult party games that are sure to get you and your friends laughing and wasted in no time.

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Jenga Giant JS6


Runner-Up: Prosecco Pong

Most Energizing: Spike Ball

Most Unique: Pass the Pigs

Most Entertaining: Karaoke Competition

Best Classic Game: Drinking roulette

Best Casino-Style Game: Spinshot Glass Game

Most Hilarious: DRINKO Drinking Game

Best Strategic Game: Flip Cup

Most Flexible: The Hot Seat

Most Educational: Pictionary

Most Interesting: Story Starters

Best Reality Game: Misery Index Card Game

Most Thrilling: Werewolf

Best Outdoor Game: Giant Connect 4

Most Simple: Who can Do It?

Best Adult Party Games (Classic Games)

1. Best Overall: Jenga Giant JS6

Jenga Giant JS6

Giant Jenga is similar to the classic hardwood game Jenga, but it is much larger, stacking to over 4 feet, making it 8 times the size of a classic Jenga. It is made of premium hardwood and comes with a heavy-duty carry bag. This is the largest hardwood game brand ever sold on the market.

Its objective is to remove a block from the bottom of a tower of blocks and place it at the top. This increases in difficulty as the game progresses because you must avoid the block tower collapsing due to the gaps where you remove the blocks. The declared winner is the last player to place a block at the top successfully.

Jenga teaches patience while dealing with the stress of building blocks without falling. We want to tell you that if you want to have a great party game for developing decision-making skills and visual coordination, Giant Jenga is the best party game you shouldn't miss playing.

How to Play It

The traditional Jenga game consists of 54 wooden blocks. Each block is thrice as long and wide as the original standard size Jenga. When someone creates the tower, the game begins. The tower should be built by stacking the blocks in three levels with their long sides at the right angle to the previous level.

2. Runner Up: Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong is a fun game which is made perfectly for any celebration that gets everyone involved and pretty tipsy! Prosecco Pong is popular among those who enjoy bubbly but aren't big fans of beer because it has the same rules as beer pong but with a different drink. The fun thing about this drinking game is that you can customize it by writing dares on the bottoms of the cups.

Prosecco Pong has helped parties bounce, fizz, and sparkle since it became a popular party game in the UK. We recommend this if you're looking for a fun game to play before a night out with friends. It's also a great way to get the hens clucking before the big night, and it's perfect for festive occasions all year round.

How to Play It

The game's basic rules are pretty simple. You need two teams of two, four ping pong balls, and twenty red solo cups are required. Fill the cups with about an inch of beer or whatever beverage you prefer and arrange them in a pyramid formation on each end of the table.

Each team throws the ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups. If you make it in, the opposing team must drink the contents of that cup. The winning team or the person who won is the first to remove all of their opponent's cups!

3. Most Energizing: Spike Ball

Spike Ball

You may be tired of the standard park or beach hangout with your friends during parties after a couple of years of very-outdoor activities. Beach and lawn games can provide much-needed structure to those long afternoons in the sun and keep us entertained. However, we have always wished for something that truly entertains us at parties, and we have grown tired of the most common party games.

If you're looking for something to keep you active and get you up and moving while partying with your friends, look no further than spike ball. If you want to reminisce and recreate the classic party game of volleyball, we recommend playing spike ball and revealing your hidden varsity talents.

How to Play It

To play, you must follow the goal of being able to bounce the ball off the net so that the opposing team cannot bounce it back. A team has up to three touches to return the ball until one team cannot return it.

4. Most Unique: Pass the Pigs

Pass the Pigs

This game, released in 1977, is a hilarious variation of traditional dice games. This game has been a family favorite for generations and is widely regarded as the best dice game ever.

The game's objective is to roll out the pigs onto a smooth surface and mentally keep track of the score. Points are awarded based on how the pigs land.

If you're looking for something fun and addictive that will push you to think strategically, pass the pigs is the game for you. We enjoy playing this game, especially when we are out with a group of people who prioritize making decisions and enjoy taking risks.

How to Play It

This party game comes with two pig dice, pencil, and a pad. Roll it as many times as you dare on your turn to score points. Don't be an "oinker" or a "pig out."

  1. Remove the scorepad's cover.
  2. One player should be called the "swineherd," responsible for recording individual scores on the scorepad.
  3. Choose one player to go first. Toss both pigs into the air simultaneously when it's your turn. The swineherd records your score at the end of your turn, and you pass the pigs to the next player.

5. Most Entertaining: Karaoke Competition

Karaoke Competition

Most commonly, we see and hear people singing using karaoke at celebrations such as birthday parties. Over many years, karaoke has been a huge part and a symbol of fun gatherings during events. Whether you are not musically talented or want to relieve stress by singing, this karaoke machine undoubtedly helps.

This game's goal is pretty versatile. You must sing a song and set your own rules, such as whether you and your friends will play as a group or individually. This game is for you if you want to play a game that avoids the consequences of drinking alcohol. We know you'll enjoy this game, especially if you want to impress everyone with your hidden talents or simply change the party's mood because we all know music affects our emotions.

How to Play It

You can play a variety of games with this karaoke machine. All you need is a karaoke machine and a decent microphone.

1. Name that tune - Players can form teams or compete individually while non-singers compete. The singer sings a song, and each person or team attempts to guess what it is. First to get the song title, and the artist gets the point.

2. Rewrite the song - Players are divided into teams, and popular songs are placed in a hat, from which teams must choose one. After a team has chosen their song, they have 15 minutes to rewrite the lyrics and perform as a group.

3. Song lyric musical chairs - Before the game begins, print out a variety of songs with lyrics missing every few lines and have a player sing the song from the printout. As the players gather around the chairs, ensure the song lyrics are not displayed to the rest of the room. Everyone must find a seat when the singer introduces a missing lyric.

If the last person standing correctly guesses the missing lyric, they can return to the game. They must leave the game if they cannot guess the lyrics. The fun continues even after a chair is removed!

4. Misheard lyrics -This game tests your ability to create ridiculously bad alternative lyrics. This is a game in which players draw a song from a hat and have 15 seconds to create a ridiculous "misheard version" of a song they have chosen.

5. Blind Auditions - If you've ever watched the reality show "The Voice" on television, probably you're already familiar with how this game works. To begin, have the players sit in chairs with their backs to the singer. The singer sings in a funny voice, and the other players list who they believe is the secret star. The person who correctly guesses the singer wins!

6. Best Classic Game: Drinking roulette

Drinking roulette

Drinking roulette is a game that features a roulette wheel with several shot glasses positioned on the edges of the wheel. The game got its inspiration from the famous Russian Roulette, and there are many ways to play drinking roulette, but we'll focus on the most popular version.

We highly recommend this roulette game wheel if you want to put everyone at ease while drinking or if you want house parties that never lack raucous excitement. There will never be a dull time at your next gathering when you use one of these drinking roulette sets.

Since there are essentially two ways to fill the shot glasses, the roulette drinking game can be played at a stag or new year's eve parties. On the wheel, there are numerous combinations that you may choose from, each prepared with a different spirit that has different intensities and pleasantness.

How to Play It

  1. Prepare a shot glass set and a roulette wheel.
  2. Assign a number to each participant, and write that number on the shot cups.
  3. Pour your chosen drink into the shot glasses.
  4. The player must consume alcohol each time the ball comes to rest on a particular number on the roulette wheel. If it lands on red, the player must take one complete shot. If not, they must only take one half-shot.
  5. You can add or change the rules to make them more intriguing, such as asking everyone to drink everything in their glass regardless of what color the ball lands on. If you're feeling devious, you could even use a mixture of chili vodka and choose players you know that dislike these drinks.
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7. Best Casino-Style Game: Spinshot Glass Game

Spinshot Glass Game

Almost all of us are familiar with the "spin the bottle" game. The spin shot is a simple game that is super easy to play and is very similar to its predecessor but with a few key differences. Instead of spinning a bottle, you spin an arrow built into the bottom of the shot glass. Second, instead of kissing whomever the bottle points to, you must drink whatever is in the shot glass if the arrow points at you.

This game is for you if you want to play with your small circle of friends because it is played with only at least for people. We highly suggest this game if you want a full twist when drinking. There are endless possibilities for rules to make the game more interesting.

How to Play It

Make sure that everyone should sit in a circle. Pour a shot into the glass and have one person spin the arrow. Whoever the arrow points to must drink. There are different rules for what happens when the arrow points to someone depending on how you like to play this game.

8. Most Hilarious: DRINKO Drinking Game

DRINKO Drinking Game

Have you seen The Price is Right's Plinko board? This game is similar to that, but it involves drinking. You'll need a Plinko board, which you can upcycle with a piece of plywood and some nails or buy online if you don't want to consume a lot of time. You can also use your younger siblings' marbles and shot glasses at home.

The goal of the game is for your marble to land in the shot glass at the bottom of the board. Each player alternately drops their marble down the board. You drink whatever is in the cup wherever the marble lands.

If you want a fast-paced game that can quickly get out of hand, we recommend including this game in your party plans. If you believe that more is better, this drinking game can accommodate a large number of players.

How to Play It

A question is asked, and the player answers with their best answer. The person who gives the wrong answer gets to drop their marble. The person who answers the question correctly is spared from his turn to drop the marble. The game continues until the drinks are consumed or if someone decides he's had enough.

9. Best Strategic Game: Flip Cup

Flip Cup

Flip cup is a drinking game that is ideal for parties. It has simple rules in which each team has a row of plastic cups filled with beer or another cocktail. The first player on the team drinks their beverage and then flips their empty cup upside down on the table's edge at the signal.

This game gets more fun as the number of players increases. We highly suggest playing this game if you don't want much equipment, and the setup is simple. This isn't just for fun but will inevitably arise as a result of challenge and a sense of togetherness.

How to Play It

During the start of the game, each player is given a cup, which they must fill to one-third with a drink, preferably beer. Then, each team takes a seat on one side of the table. Every team should have the same number of players. For an 8-person team, each group should consist of four players who face each other, and the filled mug of beer should be placed on the table in front of the players without being touched.

1. Playing with a group

Form two or more teams with your friends. Line up the number of cups as teammates on the flat surface in front of you and fill them up to the same place so that it's fair. When that is complete, the first person in line stands in front of their cup. When the "go" signal is given, two players from opposing teams race to finish their beer and flip the cup faster than the other.

Form two or more teams with your friends. Line up the number of cups as teammates on the flat surface in front of you and fill them up to the same place so that it's fair. When that is complete, the first person in line stands in front of their cup. When the "go" signal is given, two players from opposing teams race to finish their beer and flip the cup faster than the other.

2. Playing head-to-head

    In this game, you can also challenge a single person. Each of you will line up a certain number of cups and fill them evenly.

     When it's time to go, you each drink a beer from the first cup and then turn it upside down. Repeat the process down the line. The first person to finish the task wins.

    10. Most Flexible: The Hot Seat

    The Hot Seat

    The Hot Seat game is similar to Truth or Dare but with more alcohol. Throughout the game, one person sits in the hot seat while the rest of the group questions him. The person in the hot seat has the option of answering truthfully or taking a drink. If the player drinks, he is not required to answer the question since drinking is one of the consequences of refusing to answer the question.

    We recommend this game if you enjoy games where you can make your own rules. Whenever you want to get to know your friends better or introduce yourself to them, this game could make it happen by allowing the person in the hot seat to answer two questions truthfully in order to avoid taking a shot. If you want to keep your friendships unchanged, the hot seat game will undoubtedly save you from an awkward getting-to-know-your-friends situation.

    How to Play It

    You can buy a deck of cards with questions already printed on them or write your questions on a piece of paper. You won't have to think of questions on the fly, and you'll be able to easily change the game mechanics. You can deal three cards to each player and ask them to choose one to answer, one to pass to another player, and one to discard.

    1. Ask a question - Draw three cards and pick one question which you want everyone to answer.
    2. Write your answer - Respond to the questions pretending you were the player in the Hot Seat.
    3. Guess the answer - Guess the answer written by the player in the Hot Seat.

    11. Most Educational: Pictionary


    Pictionary is a charade-inspired word guessing game created by Angel Games in 1985. This game is played in teams, with players attempting to identify specific words from their teammates. The goal of Pictionary is to guess what the drawer is drawing from a deck of cards. When you correctly guess, you can move across the game board, and the first person to reach the end wins!

    If you enjoy guessing games with a creative twist, we believe Pictionary is the game for you. You can let out your creative juices if you play this with your friends!

    How to Play It

    Divide your group into as many groups as you wish to play the game. Draw something without saying anything, and let your group guess what it is. Then the next group goes up and repeats the process until no more scraps of paper are left. Once they have correctly guessed, you can sit down, and a point will be added to your group's score.

    12. Most Interesting: Story Starters

    Story Starters

    Story Starters is a fun icebreaker that encourages people to share interesting stories about themselves. It works in all groups, and playing games like this will keep everyone engaged.

    If you enjoy reading or playing mind-stimulating games, you're probably on the right track with story starters. We are confident that if you play this, your party guests will uniquely construct their narratives to create their own stories.

    How to Play It

    1. Prepare the cards in advance, or the following could be written on a chalkboard or a PowerPoint.
    2. Write the following sentences on each card. You can start your story sequence.
    • "Once upon a time"
    • "The silliest thing I ever did was"
    • "My ideal vacation is"
    1. Distribute these cards to smaller groups. Each group member must choose a story that begins with one of these sentences.
    2. Each group can vote on which story they think is the most intriguing. The most interesting stories can be shared with a larger group.
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    Best Adult Party Games (Modern Games)

    13. Best Reality Game: Misery Index Card Game

    Misery Index Card Game

    If you enjoy game shows or reality television, we highly recommend this game, which was inspired by the game show The Misery Index. The rest was inspired by a card game called Shit Happens and was turned into a TV show, which was then turned into a game.

    This game is based on how psychologists rated stories from around the world, with three categories to judge: Emotional Trauma, Physical Pain, and Long-Term Psychological Impact. If you have experienced trauma or suffered from a mental illness, we strongly advise you to have someone screen the game before you play because some of the cards are quite sensitive if you are a trauma victim.

    The game deals with financial difficulties, workplace sexual harassment, adultery, sending inappropriate texts to family, and marginalization. To be honest, this is the game for you if you're looking for a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity.

    How to Play It

    To begin, each player is dealt three face-up cards. This is called the "lane of pain" in the game mechanics, wherein the game needs players to create their own "pain lanes." Once each player has his own "lane of pain," each player will take rotations, selecting a card from the deck and reading aloud the unfortunate event for that card for the player whose turn is to guess its misery rating.

    The player observes the cards in his "lane of pain" and assigns a rating of 1 to 100 to the event. If the player correctly answers, the card remains in his lane. The player who finishes 10 cards in his "lane of pain" first wins the game.

    14. Most Thrilling: Werewolf


    Werewolf is a modernized murder mystery game in which you are assigned to fictional characters such as a robber, villager, or seer. Each player must figure out who the game's werewolves are. If you're a werewolf, you'll try to persuade them otherwise.

    If you're tired of traditional card games, this is the best game we can recommend to you.

    If you've never played Werewolf, we believe you're missing out on a fantastic party game that's great for building relationships because it's fun to play with the same group of people every time. The more you play, the more you'll learn about each person's playstyle and how they interact! Werewolf is an excellent way to get everyone to socialize and try to encourage partnership. This game makes it simple for anyone to learn, so even the most inexperienced players can have fun with their team members.

    How to Play It

    The game shifts between Night and Day rounds, with the Night being the first. At Night, the Moderator instructs all players to "close their eyes," and everyone starts slapping their table or knees to drown out any noises from the Night. The Moderator then instructs each character to wake up one by one.

    1. Gather players - You must have at least 7 people before setting up your village and character deck. Although it is only optional, an odd number of players works best.
    2. Building the Deck - Each player should receive a character card by establishing the deck. You'll need one Moderator, one Doctor, one Seer, and two Werewolves. The remaining characters should all be Villagers. Add one Werewolf for every four players if you have more than 15 players.
    3. Shuffle and Deal - Once you've finished the character deck, shuffle it and deal it out face down. Each player should examine their card, but they must keep it secret.

    15. Best Outdoor Game: Giant Connect 4

    Giant Connect 4

    Even though we are adults, this might be our favorite childhood game, but in life-sized. In many ways, Connect 4 is similar to tic tac toe. It's as simple to learn as tic tac toe, but it's a little more difficult to master. This game is known as Gravitrips in Russia and Four In A Row in other countries.

    The goal of this game is to line up four of your color counters. This line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. You should drop the counters into the frame during the game. You must always have a turn and cannot 'pass' or forfeit it.

    If you enjoy outdoor parties, we can assure you that this version is even more enjoyable because it is usually played outside. It's incredible to be able to play a game like this while waiting for grilled hot dogs and hamburgers to cook in your backyard. The giant version of the game is ideal for keeping your guests entertained and having fun at your home party!

    How to Play It

    You and your opponent take turns dropping the counters into the frame during the game. You must always take your turn and may not 'pass' or forfeit it. The player who receives four in a row first wins.

    1. Determine who goes first by drawing straws or flipping a coin. Whoever finishes first in the first game will finish second in the second game.
    2. The first player places a checker in one of the columns. The following player also places a checker in one of the columns.
    3. The first player places a checker in one of the columns. The following player also places a checker in one of the columns.
    4. Continue alternating between players, dropping checkers down the columns, until all column and row combinations are occupied.
    5. If someone is the first to connect four checkers in a row, diagonally, horizontally, or vertically, that person wins. If no player had four in a row with all of the checkers, the game is a tie.

    16. Most Simple: Who can Do It?

    Who can Do It?

    Who Can Do It is a card game comprising 250 cards with various contents and several challenges the players must complete. The rules are simple: someone acts as the judge, chooses a card, and reads it aloud. Everyone must follow the directions on the card, and the winner is decided by the judge.

    This game allows partygoers to witness their friends' deception, and the best part is that it can be played with or without alcohol! The content is fairly adult-oriented, and some challenges are intended to be completed by adventurous people like you and test your limits, so we recommend this game if you're a true daredevil.

    How to Play It

    1. Gather three or up to eight players who want to play the game.
    2. Allow one player to pick a card and read it aloud. Pay attention to what they share and what the card says.
    3. Wait for the judge to decide who did the best job and to declare a winner.

    Final Verdict

    Aside from delicious drinks, good music, and good company, if you don't have a lot of ways to entertain the guests, the party can quickly become a yawn party. When choosing the perfect party games, consider the age range of the adults attending.

    If you're planning a party, you probably want to throw one that is fun and memorable, and the games they play can be what distinguishes your event. The games can make or break the experience for everyone involved.

    Tips When Choosing the Best Adult Party Games

    Choose the Best Packaging

    Whether our party games are card games or board games, we always think about the packaging when we buy a new one, and it's almost as important as the product inside to ensure its quality. The packaging must protect the product from damage while it sits on the shelf on the days we keep it.

    Offer a Great Entertainment

    Good entertainment adds to the enjoyment of guests. When guests have a good time, they are more likely to interact with others. Since they're the main highlights of parties, they are a huge part of the energy of the event that raises the mood of the entire event, so if you want everyone to have so much fun, you must put effort into arranging your party.

    Give the Best Quality

    Quality game time motivates challenge, being a good sport, and becoming engrossed in the entire game time during the party. A game is not considered quality or good when you only allow yourself to learn nothing.

    Find a Good Space

    Different party games create different atmospheres, so it's always a good idea to find a good space or location to play in. Party games are more than just having to include a specific activity. It can also be a state of mind, which is why playing in a good space, depending on the party game you'll play, can help you relax and have more fun.

    Follow the Rules

    It's important to remember that a game is only as good as its rules. If you want to play a game, you have to comply with the rules. 

    It's even fun to make up your rules as you go, but make sure everyone understands the rule changes. If you want fair play, keep a list of rules handy.

    Best Adult Games FAQ

    Adults having fun

    What is a fun game to play with adults?

    Adults will enjoy playing charades. This is a classic adult party game, and there is no need to buy anything to participate. Form your teams and let the first player develop a song, book, movie, or other topics where players act out with clues but no words.

    What is the funniest game to play with friends?

    Playing games at parties relieves stress and helps us exercise our minds. However, it is not only what improves our memory that is important, it's also what makes us happy. Here are other popular games that are both challenging and entertaining and are sure to make us laugh.

    How do you play Hot Seat?

    The player in the Hot Seat is dealt three cards: one to play, one to give, and one to discard. They should read aloud the question they have chosen to play. Finally, everyone should answer the question as if they were the player in the Hot Seat.

    How do you make a party interesting?

    People become preoccupied with doing things correctly and lose sight of the purpose of a party, which is to have fun. If you don't want this to happen, plan something unexpected. Play games before dinner, in between meals, and at the end of the party to ensure that there is never a dull moment.

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