Serving Supplies

Serving Supplies is essential for any food and drink establishments. They keep service crews looking clean and presentable, which is a crucial factor for a professional business. Items like aprons, trays, and check presenters can help any service staff look appropriate for the job. It also shows uniformity that is a good representation of teamwork in a company.

Aprons & Server Gears

Designer Aprons

Designer Check Pad Holders

Serving Trays

Check Presenters

Shooter Gear & Club Drinkware

VIP Service

Types of Service Supplies

Aprons and Server Gears. Full-body uniforms can be expensive and a hassle to get for both the employer and the employee, especially in a casual bar setting.

With aprons, you can have that sense of orderliness without sacrificing individuality. In addition, aprons are an excellent middle ground for employees to use since they’re easy to clean, and you can keep them at the bar for the next person to use.

Designer Aprons. The big difference between designer aprons and regular aprons is the absence of the top half. Instead, they’re designed only to be tied around the waist, which is preferable for service staff that tends to move around more often.

The ventilated design provides plenty of movement, and the skirt-like apron can protect the lower half of their body from spills and other splatter-related accidents.

Designer Check Pad Holders. Check pads are primarily ordinary, but if you want to leave an impact on your customers at the very end, these designer check pad holders will do just the trick. They come in different styles that are eye-catching and beautiful.

Of course, if you’re going for a subtle and classic approach for your business, the regular black leather check pad will suffice.

Serving Trays. Food needs to be presentable when it comes to restaurants or bars. Service trays can help serve food in a tidy function.

It does take practice to use a serving tray as overloading it with orders can spell disaster. Be sure to hire trained professionals or at least people with experience if your bar is the type to serve food on tables.

Check Presenters. These are handy at keeping tabs on orders. They’re equipped with pockets for cards or cash to be held in place.

It’s essential to have check presenters. It keeps the money safe and hidden and lets customers know exactly how much they’re paying. Transparency is key to a good customer relationship.

Shooter Gear and Club Drinkware. These themed shot glasses can attract certain types of customers. They look great in nightclubs, especially in mood lighting as the lights reflect on the colorful drinkware. The tubes come in little racks, so they’re easy to serve.

These club drinkware can go well with science-themed bars and can be one of the main attractions in your bar. In addition, it’ll provide free advertising since most people will probably post these cute test tube shots on social media.

VIP Service. There are several ways to indicate or identify VIPs. For clubs, the VIP wristband can easily distinguish a VIP member from a regular member. For a more fanciful setting, reserve signs are a way to keep a table open until the person shows up. You can tell which one is the VIP by checking the list and confirming identification.


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