Glass Racks / Holders

Glass Racks or Glass Holders are a bar essential. For bar owners, owning glass can be challenging to store. If you keep them in a hazardous area, there’s a chance you could break a glass or two, and we all know that alcohol drinking glass can be expensive to buy.

It’s helpful to have glass racks and holders situated near your serving area since mixing requires a lot of timing and precision. They’re usually made of metal or wood. Installing them on a sturdy surface can keep your glasses and bottles safe from breaking.

You can have them on display near your workstation or hidden under the bar. Either way, glass racks or holders should be accessible for your work rhythm to go undisturbed. Keep in mind that both types have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of having them displayed can minimize service time since it doesn’t require you to reach down and look for the glass you need. However, it has an increased risk of accidents, especially during frantic business hours.

For hidden racks, you can minimize accidents, and it looks cleaner. But if it’s not stored correctly, there’s a higher chance of your glasses being dirty. In addition, it could lead to you washing a glass twice, which isn’t ideal for your utilities.

Beer Glasses & Glass Racks

Glass Storage Racks

Different Glass Racks and Glass Holders

Beer Glasses and Glass Racks. Beer glasses are built to be tall and wide for the bubbles to last as long and for the drink to get enough air for maximum flavor. They’re great to have around since you can also use these glasses to serve water and other non-alcoholic beverages.

With most bars, beer is a staple order, and beer racks can help serve this staple with style. Plus, metal beer racks can leave a striking effect on your customers. It’s easy to clean and store when it’s not in use, and there’s less chance of rust since galvanized metal is resistant to abrasions and water.

You can also buy a bottle drying rack. It helps keep used bottles clean and ready for recycling. Unclean bottles usually attract pests like ants, rats, and cockroaches. Keeping your station clean can lessen that risk.

Glass Storage Racks. Owning a bar means you have an abundance of different types of glasses. Storing glasses can be complicated since having too much or too little can spell disaster. Too many glasses aren’t suitable for small bars since storage is limited. A minimum of glasses can also pose a problem if you have many guests or customers.

They can be made of metal or wood and can even be designed in creative shapes for decorations. However, most glass storage racks are designed to store wine glasses upside down.

Wine glasses are stored in such a manner for aesthetics and practicality. Also, there’s less chance for dust to accumulate inside the bowl. It also holds the stem in place and lessens the risk of tipping it over.


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