When it comes to owning a bar, drinkware is required for serving drinks. They're used as a vessel to hold your scotch, wine, and cocktails. Some are made from glass, while other types of drinkware can be made from food-grade BPA-free plastic.

Glass can be preserved for a long time if properly stored and taken care of. You can also recycle them if you don't plan to use them anymore. But, of course, glass can't be broken for recycling since they pose a hazard for people who are handling them.

Plastic is solid and affordable. However, since it disintegrates slowly, it is highly recommended to place your used plastic in the recycling bin. With the innovations of today, plastic recycling has made strides from clothing to building material.

Having drinkware is used to serve yourself, but a set can establish uniformity and help you serve a plethora of guests. This drinkware is great for parties, and they're easy to clean, so you don't have to worry about tidying up so much later on.

Novelty Drinkware

Novelty Shot Glass

Different Types of Drinkware

Novelty Drinkware. Plastic drinkware is quite common since most plastic products can be recycled afterward. They're tough and durable enough for rough parties, and some are equipped with neon lights for some beautiful and social media-worthy effects.

This stylish novelty drinkware can be a memorable piece at your party and leave a good impression on your guests. In addition, there is some novelty drinkware that has crack-resistant lids with straws which is excellent for kids.

Kids tend to be rambunctious, so having drinkware with a lid and straw is ideal. It prevents big messes and frees you from worrying about your floor and furniture. Plus, they have a fun design to keep those kids entertained.

Parents and guardians will appreciate this type of drinkware since they'll come home with a somewhat clean child. That can encourage more get-togethers which leads to a good community and builds bonds for a healthy relationship. It's important to note that small details can lead to significant changes in your life.

Novelty Shot Glass. These types of glasses are known in big night clubs as the starter for any wild parties, but did you know that shot glasses weren't meant for that when it was invented. Instead, the idea for the shot glass was done to measure drinks for making cocktails accurately. It later evolved into a type of drinkware you used for strong spirits. 

Now that shot glasses have become big party drinks. Creatives have come up with different designs to make the glass more exciting and picturesque. It's an excellent gift for party-goers or drinkers, and you can have these pretty designs displayed on your desk or mantle.

Other helpful shot glass designs can be beneficial in the kitchen, such as measurement lines and mason jar designs. Measurement lines can be used for baking, cooking, and mixing, while mason jar shot glasses can be used to store homemade jams for yourself, customers, or as gifts.


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