Bar Novelties

Bar novelties are an excellent present for your drink-loving friends. They’re helpful, stylish, and can spark a deeper interest in all things mixology. You can buy them as a birthday gift, a housewarming present or something you treat yourself to.

They can be anything from bottle openers, bartending gear, or a flask. Each potential gift represents a different meaning, and it can be matched to a specific type of person. Bottle openers are great as a casual present, mainly for an acquaintance or a first date. It’s excellent for alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers.

Bartending gear is perfect as a holiday present. Christmas and new years is an important event when people create or try new hobbies during those times. Finally, if you have a dad or an avid drinker, flasks can get them excited.

Novelty Bottle Openers

Adult Bartending Gear

Flasks and Portable

Different Bar Novelties

Novelty Bottle Openers. Metal can be formed into any shape. With novelty bottle openers, you can give a present that meets right in the middle. It’s not too extravagant to make the person think you spent too much but witty enough to show that you put effort into your present.

Bottle openers are a fantastic neutral gift since everyone drinks. They can be made into keychains or cards, making them portable and preparing them for any situation. Some are designed with other utilities such as a mini-ruler, screwdriver, and other valuable tools that may come in handy during emergencies.

Adult Bartending Gear. If you know someone who likes trying new hobbies or is an avid drinker, adult bartending gear is a fantastic gift for them. You can give them a starter bartending kit to show your friend the ropes or standard tools to help you with their bartending if they already have some experience under their belt.

A starting gear usually consists of a shaker, stirrer, jigger, pourers, and other items to help any aspiring mixologist get started. They either come with a wooden stand or their very own tote bag, which can be used for storage.

Wooden stands last a long time with minimal maintenance. It can be displayed in any part of the kitchen or bar, and it’s helpful to keep things organized. With tote bags, you can carry your bartending gear with you for performances or on-call work.

Flasks and Portable. If you’ve ever watched any comedy-drama tv show, there have been times where you see the main character take a swig from their flask. This usually adds a comedic effect which implies that they need to drink to handle a ridiculous situation.

Flasks were recognized during the 18th century where gentry used them to store their liquor, but later became a popular device for women to smuggle gin boarding British warships. This act led to the prohibition era and made the fashionable metal containers illegal to drink from.

Even though the alcohol ban was lifted, drinking in a public space using an open container was still deemed illegal in the United States. So if you plan to use one, make sure you’re drinking from it at an appropriate area, such as camping or beach trips.


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