Advanced Mixology VIP Rebate Program

Advanced Mixology VIP Rebate ProgramEvery month we give some of our new products for free, with a 100% rebate, to our VIP customers.

Our VIP customers are enjoying FREE PRODUCTS every month! Simply follow the instructions below and join our VIP CLUB for FREE! Yes, that's right! Everything is for FREE! 
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The currently active 100% rebate promotional products are:


Cup Turner from our sister Brand - Glytterati

How to get the 100% rebate?

  1. IMPORTANT if you have not received an email about being selected for the rebate, then this promotion does not apply to you. If you are interested in the rebate program join our free VIP club here:
  2. If you have received the rebate selection email, then pick one product from above list and reply back to the email. You will receive further instructions via email.

Previous Rebates:

Hanging Fruit Baskets

A stylish way to save counter space, and organize various kitchen, laundry, bathroom or any home supplies & accessories. 

Rebate Ended 
Pure Copper Water Vessel

Copper Mug Bottle

This copper bottle is another addition to our line of 100% pure copper products.

Rebate Ended 
Copper Mug Holder

Copper Mug Holder

Elegant mug holder that can store and display up to 6 large mugs.

Rebate Ended

Moscow Mule Mugs Set

Here's what you'll receive:

• Four (4) Copper mugs
• Four (4) Copper straws
• One (1) Copper jigger

Rebate Ended
Wine Science Red Wine & White Wine Glasses with coasters, Set of 4

Wine Science Crystal Wine Glasses Set

Here's what you'll receive: 

• One (1) Gift Box
• Four (4) Coasters
• Four (4) Hand-blown crystal wine glasses 

Rebate Ended

    Upcoming Products

      Kitchen Science Sea Grass 3 Tier Hanging Fruit Basket  Kitchen Science Premium Grade Stainless Steel Pour Over Goose Neck Tea and Coffee Kettle  


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