• Sale -15% WODEGIFT Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Cast Iron With Magnetic Cap Catcher Bottle opener ,Party ,Halloween Gift (Black) WODEGIFT Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Cast Iron With Magnetic Cap Catcher Bottle opener ,Party ,Halloween Gift (Black)

    WODEGIFT WODEGIFT Bottle Opener Wall Mounted Cast Iron With Magnetic Cap Catcher Bottle opener ,Party ,Halloween Gift (Black)

    Brand: WODEGIFTColor: 122-BlackFeatures: 1. What You Will Get: 1PCS WODEGIFT wall-mounted bottle openers, 1PCS powerful Magnet Bottle Tops Catcher, 3PCS Sturdy Screws,3PCS rubber particles.(Note: The product does not have wood panels) 2: Innovative Design: The wall-mounted bottle opener with strong magnetic is made of Cast Iron and has a beautiful antique appearance. 3: Strong Practicability: When opening the bottle cap, the bottle cap will be firmly adsorbed on the heavy-duty neodymium magnet and will not fall off. The compact size allows you to install it in various places (indoor and outdoor) to provide maximum convenience. The fixed position installation no longer has to worry about not finding the corkscrew. Very suitable for bar, Man cave, cabin, game room, KTV, hotel, kitchen, club or barbecue. 4: Unforgettable Gifts : Suitable for gifts to drink and beer lovers, this will become their darling, so that your relatives and friends can remember you forever. 5: Perfect Guarantee: In case our product fail to please you, we will either replace the product or offer you a full refund, with no questions asked. model number: 122Details: 1: High-quality design, each bottle opener is made of strong and high-quality Cast Iron 2: When opening the bottle cap,Magnet that will grab all the caps you throw at it, Magnet that will firmly adsorb the bottle cap and keep it in place to prevent the cap from falling out. 3: Fixed installation location, no longer worry about not finding the bottle opener. 4:Compact size, convenient for you to install in various places to provide maximum convenience. Package Includes 1PCS Wall Mounted bottle openers 1PCS Heavy-duty neodymium magnet 3PCS Screws 3PCS Rubber ParticlesPackage Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches

    $ 23.99$ 20.49

Wall-mounted bottle openers are stylish and a great addition to your bar. You can install them at the sturdiest part of your wall and have guests open their bottles. This minimizes the chance of losing your bottle opener and puts less strain on your hands as a host.

Advantages of Using a Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

  • It's impossible to lose.

Since it's stuck to the wall, you don't have to worry about losing this bottle opener, and unlike its portable version, you don't need to trouble yourself looking for a bottle opener since you know it's rooted to the wall.

  • It's easy to incorporate into your room design.

There are plenty of wall-mounted bottle opener designs to choose from. Animal-shaped bottle openers such as bear or tiger heads are excellent for a wilderness-themed bar. You can also add stickers to your wall mount for your personal touch.

  • It can be installed in outdoor or indoor bars.

These are made with cast iron, a strong metal that is abrasion-resistant. So you can install this in your indoor or outdoor bar without worrying too much about rust and discoloration. Just remember to keep it dry as best you can.

  • You can keep the mess to a minimum.

Having a wall mount means that all the crowned bottle caps stay in one spot. Some have opted for a magnetic plaque so the metal caps do not hit the floor. Others have made a cap catcher built under the wall mount so it'll be ready for recycling when it's time to clean up.

  • Self-serving guests
  • Hosting has never been easier with a wall-mounted bottle opener. All you need to do is give them the ice-cold bottle and have them open their bottle. You can install two wall mounts if you need to since wall mounts can easily be congested with thirsty guests.


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