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Our Best Non-Alcoholic Beer & Food Pairings For Spring

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Did you know that pairing your favorite dishes with non-alcoholic beer further enhances their flavors? Alcoholic beer not only has negative health effects but also significantly masks the taste of food. However, if you indulge in a non-alcoholic beer like the Suntory All-Free, it won’t affect your taste buds. 

Non-alcoholic beers give off rich, distinct, and delicately sweet and bitter notes that go well with almost anything, particularly spicy, savory, and Japanese cuisines. Here are the top five non-alcoholic beer and food pairings perfect for your next bonding moment.

1. Spaghetti and Meatballs

 A serving of spaghetti and meatballs with utensils

If savory is the criteria, Spaghetti and Meatballs should always be included in the list. The salty, sour, and saucy goodness of this dish can be a little bit flat if you only consume plain water or juice with it since there is no carbonation in those beverages.

However, drinking non-alcoholic beer can further release this pasta’s meatiness as it gives off a certain refreshing feeling. Also, the bitter notes found on non-alcoholic beers can complement the meal’s greasiness.

2. Maki Sushi Rolls

A serving of Maki sushi rolls

Japanese food such as sushi is always delicately made to have a smooth and sweet taste. Maki sushi, for one, is loaded with layers of flavor and texture from the rice, nori, mayonnaise, cucumber, salmon, and crab meat. Plus, when dipped in soy sauce and wasabi mixture, a touch of salty and spicy hints are incorporated into the fresh rolls. 

The best way to end a meal with such complex flavors is a glass of icy non-alcoholic beer. It has a bubbly and bitter taste that perfectly balances out the dish’s sweetness and varying textures.

3. Pizza 

A serving of pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms


The pizza and non-alcoholic beer combo is a no-brainer. Seriously, this match right here is so good that you wouldn’t want to go back to drinking alcoholic regular beer. Pizza is known to have a tomato base and lots of cheese, meat, and vegetables. Different flavors are bumping into each other that can sometimes be overwhelming. 

If you happen to try the Suntory All-Free alcohol-free beer while eating pizza, you would immediately feel as if your palate has been cleansed. The barley malt and Tennesui water used in this beverage create a distinctively smooth flavor that just eliminates any savory note lingering around your mouth.

4. Curry

Two bowls of curry with toasted bread

Whether it is Indian, Thai, or Malaysian, Curry is known for its hot and robust kick that will make you sweat in just a few spoonfuls. This cuisine is usually full of capsaicin, a molecular compound found on peppers that creates a burning sensation in your mouth. 

The trick in making sure that you can handle the spice is by consuming a smooth and refreshing non-alcoholic beer. The pleasant bitterness and sharp aftertaste can bump away from the dish’s heat without drowning out the curry’s intricate flavors.

5. Fried Chicken

Suntory All Free Non Alcoholic Beer with Fried Chicken on the table

The classic and crowd favorite Fried Chicken pairs well with any beverage. However, considering that it is high in fat, it is best matched with a drink like the Suntory All-Free non-alcoholic beer to minimize the grease and cleanse your palate. The sweetness and carbonation present in this beverage are a refreshing element in every bite. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer Goes Well With Anything

Suntory All-Free with man holding a burger

Non-alcoholic beer is bubbly with bitter notes, just like regular beer. Plus, it pairs perfectly with various dishes, and you can drink it any time of the day. The only difference is that alcohol-free beer is the healthier option

Can you recommend other non-alcoholic beer and food pairings? Let us know in the comment section below.


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