• Sale -10% KANARS Whiskey Rocks Glass, Set of 4 Crystal Bourbon Glasses In Gift Box - 10 Oz Old Fashioned Lowball Tumbler for Scotch Cocktail Whisky Rum Cognac Vodka Liquor, Unique Gifts for Men Brother Adult KANARS Whiskey Rocks Glass, Set of 4 Crystal Bourbon Glasses In Gift Box - 10 Oz Old Fashioned Lowball Tumbler for Scotch Cocktail Whisky Rum Cognac Vodka Liquor, Unique Gifts for Men Brother Adult

    KANARS KANARS Whiskey Rocks Glass, Set of 4 Crystal Bourbon Glasses In Gift Box - 10 Oz Old Fashioned Lowball Tumbler for Scotch Cocktail Whisky Rum Cognac Vodka Liquor, Unique Gifts for Men Brother Adult

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    Brand: KANARSColor: ClearFeatures: ✅ THE BEST QUALITY LEAD FREE CRYSTAL - Original high quality crystal glass, Diamond-like detailing for texture and brilliant refraction, Sparkle beautifully in the light! The whiskey glass offers excellent clarity perfect for bourbon, scotch, rum, vodka, cognac and Irish whisky ✅ UNIQUE AND STYLISH - The "Lucifer" design is fantastic and modern, elegant and gorgeous, Twisted design makes it more special, not only a glassware, but also an artwork. The bourbon glasses feel great in men and women's hand and make every drink feel special ✅ SOLID AND DURABLE - Thick side and solid base, The twisted whiskey glasses have a nice weight (0.86lb) and virtually unbreakable, dishwasher safe. The cocktail glasses are large enough to hold a 2.5 inch ice sphere much better ✅ PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY WHISKEY LOVER - Each rocks glass is carefully packaged in a high-end branded box that makes this set great for gift giving, An exceptional value and an excellent gift for any occasion, perfect for birthday Christmas Retirement Wedding and father's day gifts, also it can be used as a high-grade glassware in home ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you're not 100% satisfied with your whiskey glasses, just return them within 30 days for a full refund, If by any chance your shipment arrives damaged, we will send you a replacement for free Binding: Kitchenmodel number: 4PWG33Part Number: 8541917326Details: Estas anteojos están hechas para la persona que sabe cómo para apreciar la sutil pero hermosa y cosas en la vida. El vidrio son simples y elegancia que complementa su whisky favorito. Impresionante juego de vidrio de whisky con diseño intemporal Bellamente esculpido Glass es impresionante, considerable, bien equilibrado & Cómodo en la mano. El resultado legado de calidad y de belleza hace de nuestros productos una impresionante para cualquier hogar. Fabricado para la experiencia más abundantes de whisky Wide, apertura de crafted pone la nariz en el ángulo óptimo para capturar los sabores sutiles y el aroma de whisky. El resultado es un impresionante, estético y experiencia sensorial. Añadir un cubito de hielo y disfrutar a la temperatura perfecta, gran ancho acomoda piedras de whisky, whisky rocas o bolas. Disfrute de la paz de la mente con 100% de vidrio sin plomo kanars Glassware es hecho de última intervensión de plomo vidrio de ultranítidas. Todo el maravilloso brillo y Flair de fina, vidrio de vidrio templado para fuerza y cuidadosamente formado para prepara perfectamente a un Jameson, jack Daniels, whisky irlandés o una multa Single Malt. Fácil de limpiar. Las anteojos son seguros para usar en el lavaplatos, sin ningún temor de daños o roturas. 100% Garantía de perfect-delivery Nuestros anteojos kanars para alcohol vienen con una garantía de perfect-delivery 100%. Si están dañados en cualquier manera a su llegada, te enviaremos un repuesto set de forma gratuita. Que la kanars promesa. Especificaciones Material: 100% de vidrio sin plomo anteojos Característica especial: aprobado por la FDA Tipo de ocasión: Navidad, cumpleaños, regalo de bodas de cóctel Componentes incluidos: X4 vasos de Whisky Capacidad: 10 oz Forma de artículo: TwistEAN: 0749789828961Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.4 x 5.6 inches

    $ 112.99$ 101.49

Like beer and wine, which use glasses specifically made to enhance the flavor and aroma, liqueur and spirits glasses are where liqueur and spirits are served. Liqueur and spirits glasses are primarily designed for neat drinking and allow the drinker to analyze the flavors of their drink.

Types of Liqueur and Spirits Glasses

Liqueur and spirits glasses vary in size, shape, purpose, and the drink it intends to serve. Here are some of the most common liqueur and spirits glasses that you should know.

  • Cordial Glass. It gives an elegant touch to fine dining settings traditionally designed for. They are small and have a stem, ideal for holding liqueurs often flavored. Cordial glasses can fit an average of 1.5-2 ounces of liqueur, suitable for drinking neat.
  • Brandy Snifter. A brandy snifter is short-stemmed and has a wide vessel sitting on top of it with a narrow top. The design of this glass is for trapping aromatics from aged liquors such as bourbon, whiskey, and brandy. Snifters hold 6 to 8 ounces at most and are also used in beers that feature complex aromas.
  • Rocks/Lowball/Old-Fashioned Glass. This type of glass is a short tumbler with a thick base and wide brim, which allows muddling other ingredients. Lowball glasses are often used in cocktails such as old-fashioned and on the rocks, and for spirits.
  • Shot Glass. Shot glasses are small, simple glasses that hold 1.5 to 2 ounces of alcohol. Shots go around with this glass as it is for drinking neat.
  • Copita Glass. Copita is a spirits-tasting glass that is relatively small and used to sample aromatic spirits such as sherry. It has a tulip-shaped body that traps the aroma and gathers the spirit of the drink.
  • Glencairn Glass. This glass is the perfect glass for learning how to swirl whisky. It is slightly similar to the copita but thicker and is meant for appreciating the aroma and spirits.
  • Highball Glass. The highball glass is highly associated with one of the best spirits in the world—Scotch. It has more room for drinks over ice because of its tall height and wide top. 
  • NEAT Glass. This type of glass has a peculiar vessel shape. NEAT stands for Naturally Engineered Aromatic Technology, which is why the glass shape prevents harsh aroma from getting through the nose. The NEAT glass is ideal for beginners who can be pretty sensitive to intense aromas.Besides enhancing the flavor and aroma of liquors, liqueur and spirits glasses also serve as measuring glasses when mixing cocktails. If your glasses are only used for that very purpose, and nobody drinks from them, you can just give your glasses a quick rinse.

If you tend to wash your liqueur and spirits glasses rather than giving them a quick rinse, they may wear faster than expected. 

Some of you may own vintage or rare liqueur and spirits glass. They require extra special care. In washing them, pay attention to the designs and not wipe them hard when drying. You may also want to separate their storage area to avoid unnecessary bumping with other glasses.


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