• Sale -9% Atterstone Tequila Shot Glass Sugar Skull Wooden Box Set for Men and Women - 4 Premium Shot Glasses, Garnish Knife, Lime Cutting Stone, Salt Tin, Perfect for Themed Parties and Holiday Gifts Atterstone Tequila Shot Glass Sugar Skull Wooden Box Set for Men and Women - 4 Premium Shot Glasses, Garnish Knife, Lime Cutting Stone, Salt Tin, Perfect for Themed Parties and Holiday Gifts

    Atterstone Atterstone Tequila Shot Glass Sugar Skull Wooden Box Set for Men and Women - 4 Premium Shot Glasses, Garnish Knife, Lime Cutting Stone, Salt Tin, Perfect for Themed Parties and Holiday Gifts

    Brand: AtterstoneFeatures: COMPLETE LUXURY TEQUILA SHOT GLASS SET - The Atterstone Sugar Skull Tequila Shot Glass Box set includes 4 heavy based 2oz shot glasses, salt tin (salt not included), a sugar skull engraved mini stone cutting board and a garnish knife. These tequila essentials are packed in a stylish rustic wooden decorative box engraved with a large Spanish Sugar Skull design. PREMIUM SHOT GLASS SET - All glassware included is food grade, lead-free luxury crystal. You will experience the quality and heft that the glassware offers every time you lift and feel the heft of your new glasses. Your top shelf tequila and liquor will appreciate it as well. GARNISH KNIFE, CUTTING BOARD & SALT TIN INCLUDED - The included Garnish knife and cutting board are perfect for slicing limes, lemons, or your favorite cocktail side for a tequla chaser. The round salt tin is size perfectly to salt the rims of your new shot glasses. These inclusions complete this tequila collectors item making it the perfect kit for any tequila lover. CANDY SKULL DESIGNED BOX - The Candy Skull or Calavera is proudly displayed on the front top lid of the tequila wooden box. The design is also etched on the cuting board that comes with the set, making it a great Spanish-themed party accessory. This striking Mexican design makes the Atterstone Tequila Box set a special gift for the holidays or any special occasion that calls for a shot of tequila. SPOIL A GENTLEMAN IN YOUR LIFE WITH THE BEST GIFT - The Atterstone Sugar Skull Tequila Shotglass Box Gift Set is the #1 gifting idea for Christmas, Father's Day, groomsmen or any occasion. Treat a loved novice, seasoned tequila connoisseur, bartender or anyone that would appreciate an amazing conversation piece! Details: Tequila aficionados, entusiastas del cóctel, conocedores y coleccionistas – todo el mundo querría agarrar esta colección con el tema de Candy Skull Atterstone Tequila Box. Un juego incluye lo siguiente: 4-2 oz 2"x 3.5" vasos de chupito. Beber a través de cristal cónico con el peso justo es como debes disfrutar de la tequila. El cristal premium de esta colección también se puede utilizar para vodka y agavo mezclado. 1-9" x 11.7" x 2" caja de madera con diseño de calavera de caramelo en la parte superior. La caja decorada con calavera de caramelo será un éxito seguro en fiestas temáticas mexicanas. Tan funcional como estética, el divertido y elegante embalaje de esta colección Atterstone lo convierte en un regalo ideal para los amantes del cóctel. 1-2.68" x 2.68" Circle lidded tin with Salt etching. Esta lata de círculo mantiene la sal en un lugar para evitar que se astille por todo el lugar. La tapa, con el grabado de la palabra Salt on, se puede agarrar y girar fácilmente. 1-0.89" x 7.5" Cuchillo de guisante El juego de caja Atterstone Tequila te permite cortar tu garnés de cóctel o perchero de tequila. Porque un disparo de Pardon es mejor disfrutado con una lima o limón a mano. 1 – 4" x 4" posavasos Los disparos de tequila son divertidos, los anillos en las mesas y los contadores no lo son. El juego Atterstone Tequila incluye un posavasos con grabado especial de calavera de caramelo que lo hace un éxito en las fiestas temáticas mexicanas.EAN: 0759195015558Package Dimensions: 13.6 x 11.1 x 5.4 inches

    $ 230.99$ 209.49

Kitchen, Dining, and Service is an essential factors for restaurant and bar owners. People go to food and drink establishments for food, service, and theme. If the food tastes and looks great, chances are you’ll see it on social media.

The same goes for theme and decor, but service is seen in yelp reviews. And to be able to give the best service you can provide, you’ll need the proper tools to keep your kitchen and serving areas organized and clean. Tools such as kitchenware, serving supplies, and barista tools can aid you on this goal.

Different Kitchen, Dining, and Services Tools

Kitchenware. Having quality kitchenware can reduce spending on items such as kitchen utensils and cutting boards. In addition, high-quality tools minimize the chances of getting a replacement and give opportunities with your resources to use for improvement rather than maintenance.

You can improve food service by getting premium utensils explicitly built for certain activities. For example, potato mashers are typically looked over since some people can use food processors or blenders, but most prefer hand mashed potatoes because it gives it texture.

Counter Caddies. Aside from the kitchen, counters are among the most active areas in a restaurant and a bar. It is where people check the menu, order, and pay. Therefore, having a counter caddy can increase your chances of making an extra sale.

The best examples are coffee shops. If you notice, coffee shops often have countertop displays and caddies near or on the counter. These feature baked goods, ready-to-eat food boxes, and other types of desserts. People who usually see these delicious treats and are tempted to buy one for themselves.

Chafers and Buffetware. Catering companies use buffet ware to serve food during events. They’re made of stainless steel food-grade metal which is solid and durable. The design usually comes with a built-in cover to protect the food from outside forces and a fuel holder to keep the food warm. 

Buffetware is vital for places with an eat-all-you-can setup or companies that offer catering services. However, catering itself is a different kind of challenge. First, you have to determine the amount of food you have to make for specific events and calculate the gain and loss from the food that was not consumed.

Serving Supplies. successful business is not just counted on the decoration, food, and even customers. None of that would be possible without the help of the service crew, from delicious dishes to happy customers.

Serving supplies like aprons, check pad holders, serving trays, and other tools can help your employees give the best possible service. In addition, uniformity and preparedness can be recognized and appreciated by customers, leading to more clients in the future.

Barista Tools. Coffee bars have a huge difference compared to cocktail bars. While the concept of mixing and presentation is the same, the drink base and serving time contrast each other.

Coffee bars usually open in the morning, and their drinks are caffeine-based, while cocktail bars are open during the night and their drinks are alcohol-based. As a result, baristas require different tools for their drinks. Items like milk frothers and steel powder shakers are essential for making good lattes and coffee art.


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