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  • Sale -12% ERLOOD Shots Menu Retro Vintage Bar Metal Tin Sign Poster Ptyle Wall Art Pub Bar Decor 12 X 8 ERLOOD Shots Menu Retro Vintage Bar Metal Tin Sign Poster Ptyle Wall Art Pub Bar Decor 12 X 8

    ERLOOD ERLOOD Shots Menu Retro Vintage Bar Metal Tin Sign Poster Ptyle Wall Art Pub Bar Decor 12 X 8

    Brand: ERLOODColor: OtherFeatures: Material:tin/Metal Size:20cmx30cm(7.8inch*11.8inch) pre-drilled holes for easy hanging A wonderful piece to add to your bar,coffee house or home Binding: KitchenDetails: This is Tinplate material poster, some paintings appear to have the effect of rust, it is printed up, not really rusty, Fit For Decoration of BAR, PUB, Restaurant,Home...Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 9.0 x 0.3 inches

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Having your very own bar provides you with the freedom and convenience to enjoy your favorite drinks in the comforts of your home at any given time. Not only does it help you save a lot of money, but it also allows you to practice and enhance your cocktail-making skills. Additionally, you can always invite friends and fellow drink lovers to share your latest concoctions.

Types of Bar Set-Ups

  • Folding Bar. A folding bar is a space-saving bar that transforms from a cabinet into a full bar. As the name suggests, you can fold it when not in use, giving the appearance of having more room. You can even use this space for other purposes.
  • Corner Bar. This type of bar also allows you to save some space. Make good use of that corner in one of your rooms and turn it into the perfect venue for spending your very own happy hours.
  • Hide-A-Bar. A hide-a-bar features a design that makes it look like another piece of furniture such as vanities, cabinets, dressers, and more. This way, it allows you to conceal the bar when it’s not in use. It also offers ample room for storing your bar items. 
  • Wine Bar. This bar type is ideal for wine connoisseurs as it comes equipped with built-in racks for your bottles of wine. It also comes with an integrated stemware rack for wine glasses and additional shelving for other spirits.
  • Wrap-Around Bar. The wrap-around bar is the perfect centerpiece for your living room or den. Most of these bars include wine and stemware racks, space for a beer or wine fridge, and cabinets on both sides.   

Things to Consider Before Buying Home Bar Supplies

Building or furnishing a home bar can be complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to. The key is proper planning. Here are some things you need to know.

  • Space and Size. The amount of space available in your room will determine the size of your home bar, as well as the equipment that it can accommodate. Make sure to take the measurements of the spot you want to use before deciding which set-up and tools are best for you.
  • Skill Level. When buying home bar supplies, select the ones you will use frequently based on your cocktail-making skill level. If you are a beginner, there is a wide range of bartending starter kits available in the market that you can try. You can always upgrade to more advanced tools to keep up with your progress.
  • Quality. Choosing high-quality bar essentials can be pricey, but it will prove to be more cost-effective than buying cheaper options repeatedly. 
  • Style. Choose bar supplies that will complement the design and finish of your home bar, as well as the room’s existing décor. This way, you can add character to your home bar and set the mood for cocktail drinking.

Advanced Mixology carries a wide selection of bar supplies to provide you with great options for furnishing your home bars. Shop now!


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