A drinking jar or mason jar is multi-purpose glassware that may vary in size, shape, and materials. They resemble the vessels we use for jams and preserving small amounts of food. Drinking jars come with a cover and straw. Sometimes, they appear with handles. 

Drinking jars have a closely similar purpose as tumblers. Seeing a drinking jar probably reminds you of hot days that you’re sipping a fruit shake or an icy beverage to cool off, and you’re most likely to get one for yourself. With that being said, let’s look at the different factors for a good drinking jar!

  • Materials. Most drinking jars are made of soda-lime glasses. Regular glasses are also ordinary but not as prevalent as the soda-limes, and acrylic drinking jars are specially for kids.
    • Soda-lime glasses. This type of glass is cheap to produce, making the price of the drinking jar very affordable and accessible. Using this type of glass for your drinking jars if you are running a business is brilliant because the environment is prone to accidents, increasing the risk of your jars being broken.
    • Regular glasses. This type is slightly thicker than soda-lime glass. It is also heavier, which is not ideal for children’s use as they may shatter and cause harm to the environment.
    • Acrylic drinking jars are the most child-friendly material. It’s lightweight and sturdier than the first two. However, when acrylic drinking jars keep on acquiring damage, there’s no washing technique you can use to make them look new again. This material comes in clear and colored. The downside of using the colored variation is that you cannot appreciate your drink's beauty.
  • Size. An ideal drinking jar is of average height, while the perfect size for drinking cocktails and juice is a vessel that can hold 4 to 6 ounces of liquid. On the other hand, the ideal size for drinking water and iced tea in a jar with up to 16 ounces of juice.
  • Lid. You can buy drinking jars that do not have covers. However, there are times when you’re using drinking glasses while doing something else. Drinking jars with no lid are prone to spilling, so getting one with the cover is wiser. Trendy drinking jars even have a small hole in the cover where you can place your straw.

Drinking jars may seem pretty ordinary, but like other glassware, they also have specific purposes, making them worth your money.

  • Aesthetics. Drinking jars are glasswares that perfectly match the summer vibes. They are picture-perfect and give off a fun and exciting energy. We know a drink is an absolute thirst-quencher if they serve it on a drinking jar, and besides, they’re trendy!
  • Multi-purpose. Aside from sipping from drinking jars, its style allows you to put something else in it. Removing the lid of your drinking jar instantly will enable you to serve smoothie and ice cream with it. The mouth of this glassware also allows you to scoop out from it. And if the drinking glass has a handle, it is very convenient to use because you can walk around and eat simultaneously!
  • Sanitary. Drinking jars have lids that prevent dirt from getting into your drinks. It also helps in maintaining a clean environment by avoiding spillage.

Before the hot weather arrives, equip yourself with a beautiful drinking jar. Check out our collection of drinking jars and see if they suit your needs and tastes! If you have inquiries about our featured products, feel free to reach out!