• Sale -11% BayView Beer Pong Set Complete | 24 Cups & 4 Balls | America's #1 Drinking Game, Reusable BayView Beer Pong Set Complete | 24 Cups & 4 Balls | America's #1 Drinking Game, Reusable

    Bayview BayView Beer Pong Set Complete | 24 Cups & 4 Balls | America's #1 Drinking Game, Reusable

    Brand: BayviewFeatures: KIT INCLUDES 🍺 24 red beer pong cups (16 oz), 4 white ping pong balls (regulation size), and a fun time with family and friends guaranteed! DURABLE & STURDY🍺 Cups are crafted with durable polystyrene plastic and balls are made with 40mm perfectly rounded ping pong balls. Wash cups and balls after playing and reuse dozens of times! PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION 🍺 Great for big celebrations, parties, birthdays, family reunions, holiday parties, graduations, bachellorete/bachelor parties and any other festivities. SAFE AND SIMPLE 🍺 Food grade quality cups and balls ensure your safety / health while playing and simple playing rules so advanced and new players can have a good time. PORTABLE & EASY TO SETUP 🍺 Compact design allows for easy discrete travel in any backpack or suitcase. Set up and play in less than 30 seconds with quick setup. Binding: ToyDetails: BETTER WAY TO PLAY! 🍺🏓Our full kit includes 20 cups (16 oz) and 4 balls allowing many fun games to come. Made with high quality materials and classic style, we give you a 100% guarantee that you will love our kit or your money back!ABOUT USWe have played beer pong for years and finally decided to make an easy, high quality, transportable kit for any occasion. The constant search to find cups and balls was frustrating and this kit solved all those problems in one! Based out of the United States, BayView strives to provide our customers with entertaining and high-quality products that don't break the bank.EAN: 0618149647804Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches

    $ 49.99$ 44.49

Drinking games help keep the party interesting. It's an excellent way to bond with your friends and get to know them better. There are two types of drinking games: games that require skill and games that are more trivial.

Different Drinking Games

Ring Toss. This is a kid's toy with an adult twist. The goal is to get the ring on the hook. Whoever gets the ring on the hook first, their opponent must take a shot. Some do five or ten depending on the agreement, but whoever empties their shots first loses the game.

Board Games. You can always add drinking in any childhood game. Win conditions and punishments are added to keep the games interesting. Shots are placed around the panels for any poor soul to land on and drink from.

Flip Cup. This is a skill-based game where the player flips an upside-down cup and hopes to turn it right side up. Once the task is done, the player is safe. The last player to flip their cup loses and takes a shot. The game continues until the last person to not drink wins.

Never Have I Ever. You could play this two ways: put a finger down or never have I ever cards. The game's basic premise is you make a statement you have not done, for example: "I never traveled to another country," and if another player has done that, they take the punishment or put a finger down.

The put a finger down method is dependent on how you play it. Some just wait for the first player to put down all their fingers, and they get the punishment. While others get the penalty every time, they put down a finger. 

For the never have I ever cards, you get prepared statements and written punishments. If you have made that statement, you need to do the punishment written on it. The game is over once all the cards have been used or you're out of drinks.


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