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    BarProducts Black Dog Bone Speed Opener

    Brand: BarProductsColor: BlackFeatures: Opens Bottles Quickly Spinner Ring Included High Quality Stainless Steel Designed and Manufactured at BarProducts.com, Inc. EAN: 0854672049825Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches

    $ 32.99$ 29.49

Dog Bone bottle openers have a similar design to speed bottle openers as they also have a flat body and two sides. The two sides are the bar key and the thumb hole. The difference between them is the shape. It's shaped like a dog bone, as the name suggests. The form of the bottle opener is seen with both rounded ends and a thin, slender handle that helps grip the opener.

Are Dog Bone Bottle Openers Better Than Speed Openers?

The dog bone opener's slender handle is easier to grip than the regular speed opener. But on the other hand, the speed opener is more compact, which is great for your pocket. Technically speaking, both are speed openers since both have a thumb hole for the bartender to lock on, but this all depends on what you prefer.

You also have to account for your tricks as a bartender. Noticing your grip and how you handle flair bartending with these types of bottle openers can help you determine your choices. Buying both is also an option since both are at an affordable price.

Who Should Have This?

These dog bone bottle openers are an excellent addition to your kitchen. You can buy it for yourself or a friend. The best part about these openers is that you can get a stylish one to match a specific aesthetic. It's cute, affordable, and a great casual gift you can give to an acquaintance or a new friend.

You can also use these as freebies for a big event. They come in plain, so you have the opportunity to customize these according to your style. This will make your party memorable and encourage guests to attend future events you make. Another way to make a party memorable is by learning a few bottle opener tricks.


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