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  • Sale -12% INOCERIS Edible Glitter Luster Dust for Drinks, Food Grade Vegan Shimmer Sparkle Gold Brew Glitter Dust for Wine Cocktails Champagne INOCERIS Edible Glitter Luster Dust for Drinks, Food Grade Vegan Shimmer Sparkle Gold Brew Glitter Dust for Wine Cocktails Champagne

    INOCERIS INOCERIS Edible Glitter Luster Dust for Drinks, Food Grade Vegan Shimmer Sparkle Gold Brew Glitter Dust for Wine Cocktails Champagne

    Brand: INOCERIS Color: 1-Gold Features: ✨Safe & Multiple Colors: Adding these fancy sprinkles edible glitter to your cakes or drinks makes no changes to the flavor, our edible glitter made from food grade ingredients, tasteless, no sugar or spices are added. metallic luster dust colors are available, 4 Grams each container ✨Brew Glitter Dust for Drinks: This cake decorations edible glitter can also be used as glitter for drinks to add colors and vibrant, stir up your drink to bring back the magical glitter sparkle effect! ✨Widely Used: Edible shimmer glitter luster can be used on DIY wine cocktails champagne beverages drinks, also suitable for cake decorating, chocolates, and Fondant etc. ✨Easy to Use: Glitter food powder sparkle for food, great for making your desserts and drinks, add sparkle to your sugar art simply sprinkle dry edible glitters over the area you wish to decorate or add it in drinks and stir up it. ✨We Love Baking : Developed for the cake decorating and craft industry, it is an excellent gift for you whether you are a first-time baker, a home baker or a professional pastry chef/sweets artists. Details: Why Choose Our Edible Dessert Glitters Powders?1. Basic and Vibrant Color: Gold, Black, Silver, Rose Red, Blue 2. Non-toxic Glitter: Food grade materials, tasteless, it doesn't change the texture of the food3. Suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians: Gluten-Free ,Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Peanut Free4.Upgrade Capacity: 4g (0.16OZ) each bottle, bright glitters a little glitter goes a long way, enough for a whole family to use multiple times5. Convenient & Reusable: If you don’t use all of your edible glitter, so you can use our bottle to save them that the glitter comes in for safe storage6.Easy to Use: It is easy to adults and children, making your children fall in love with DIY desserts7. Widely Used: Food decoration like Valentine's Day chocolate,cake,cupcake,donuts,cookies, desserts, various beverages and wines,cocktails, champagne etc.8. Lifetime Customer Service: We provide a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, any suggestion with our food grade glitter dust, please massage us via amazon Package Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.6 x 1.5 inches

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Cocktail garnishes can be anything like fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, or objects. One of the key factors that can make a drink unique and appealing is the visual aspect. Garnishes are used to meet this requirement.

Cocktail Garnishing Techniques

  • Wedge
  • This is the easiest way to garnish a drink. Just cut a wedge from your fruit and add a slit with your knife. Insert it to the rim of your glass using the slit and enjoy. If you’re using a citrus wedge, squeeze the juices onto the drink.

  • Twist
  • Peel a thin piece of rind from your citrus fruit. You can use a small knife or channeling knife to create the peel. Twist the peel around using a swizzle stick or straw to create a lovely spring, and hang it on the rim.

  • Zest
  • Peel a wide piece of rind from your fruit and twist to express the oils into the drink. Place the peel inside the drink, and that will add a bit of color to your clear cocktail.

  • Flag
  • For this technique, you’ll need a cocktail stick to make the garnish. Take a thin slice of citrus and pierce the edge, add the cherry, and pierce the other end of the citrus. You can have this garnish floating above the cocktail or dipped in the drink to soak.

  • Salt/Sugar Rim
  • You can use a salt/sugar rimmer or the old technique. For the old method, rub lime or honey around the outside rim of the glass and rub the coated part with salt or sugar.

  • Apple Rose
  • This requires some preparation compared to the other drinks. Cut thin slices of apple for the petals and coat them in salt. The salt will draw out the moisture and slow down the browning process.

    Wash the salt off with warm water and line the slices straight, with each end overlapping the next slice. Roll the pieces together and use a toothpick to hold the flower in place.


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