• Sale -12% [2 PACK]Wine Bottle Stoppers,Real Vacuum Champagne Stoppers,Reusable Wine Preserver,Wine Corks Keep Fresh,Best Gifts for Wine Lovers. [2 PACK]Wine Bottle Stoppers,Real Vacuum Champagne Stoppers,Reusable Wine Preserver,Wine Corks Keep Fresh,Best Gifts for Wine Lovers.

    Sunwuun [2 PACK]Wine Bottle Stoppers,Real Vacuum Champagne Stoppers,Reusable Wine Preserver,Wine Corks Keep Fresh,Best Gifts for Wine Lovers.

    Brand: Sunwuun Color: Black Features: KEEP YOUR WINE FRESH LONGER - Minimize wine oxidation by sucking the air out of the bottle. Just pump the vacuum wine stopper several times until it sucks itself tightly . This will help preserve your wine bottle’s flavor for weeks instead of just days. The perfect solution for your home, bar or restaurant. NO SPILLS OR LEAKS - The vacuum rubber seal fits most wine bottles as well as others with similar characteristics. It preserves better than the original cork and prolongs the wine freshness. SAFE & HIGH QUALITY - Great for a household, hotel, club, bar and more to use. Made from high quality and durable Food-Grade Silicone inside and food-grade ABS outside. A safe to human body, non- toxic, high-class wine accessory. WIDELY USED -- Fits most wine and champagne bottles.If unluckily can’t work with your bottles ,please just contact us for return . 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence. We want you to be 100% happy and satisfied with our stoppers. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, please allow us to make it right. Promise to offer you friendly and prompt customer care. Binding: Kitchen Details: Why Choose US :  ➤No other tools required but achieve the real vacuum function to keep wine/champagne fresh longer than normal wine stoppers . ➤Strict Quality Inspection- your favorite is our lifelong pursuit . ➤Brand Quality Assurance - brand equals quality . ➤Carefree After-Sales Service -- no matter how many problems you have, we will listen and solve with patience.    How to Use ➤ 1.Place the stopper over the bottle neck(The stopper fits standard wine bottle necks) . ➤2.Push the button down several times to extract the air out of the bottle until the button doesn't rise . ➤3.Turn the dial to make the date of sealing. Store the bottle in the refrigerator to prolong the sealing process . ➤4.Opening-Remove the stopper left and right gently then pulling it up after a swishing .   Product Information:  ➤ Suitable For:Work perfectly with most bottles, like red wine, merlot wine, champagne and so on.  ➤ Material :ABS、Silicon. Safety is the most important for a wine stopper .   ➤ Size:1.96*1.96*3.14 in ➤ Warranty :One year hassle-free replacement or money back.  ➤ Package : 2* Vacuum ABS wine bottle stopper . EAN: 0615150946360 Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.1 x 2.1 inches

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You’re either a beer or wine person; it’s rare to see both as they’re surrounded by different social groups. Wine is for the more elegant, while beer is more casual. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why accessories such as stoppers and beer towers are made to make any drinker’s life a little easier.

Beer Vs. Wine

  • Alcohol Level
  • Beer has about 5% alcohol per 12 fl oz, while wine has about 12% alcohol per 5 fl oz. The fluid ounces are different because of how they’re served.

    Beer can be served in a tall highball glass since they get proper aeration during the fermentation process, while wine needs to be served in a wine glass to get enough air for adequate aeration of the flavors.

  • Calories
  • Beer has about 239 kcal per serving, while wine has about 133kcal per serving. The term beer belly is much more common than wine belly because of its popularity. In the United States alone, 67.5 billion beer was consumed, while 4.3 billion bottles of wine were consumed.

  • Hangover
  • Alcoholic drinks contain congeners. Congeners are other substances like methanol, acetone, acetaldehyde, esters, tannins, and aldehydes. These can be toxic to the human body which can cause nausea and headaches.

    Congeners are also known to make up the flavor of the drink. They said the darker the drink, the more congeners it contains, but this also means the worse your hangover. Red wine is darker than regular beer, which means that wine has the worst hangovers.

  • Societal Perception
  • Beer has a casual feel to it. Most American households prefer to drink beer at the end of the day or during celebrations. Beer is more affordable than wine, and you don’t need extra steps to enjoy them.

    Wine has a community of sophisticated and elegant social groups. There are activities such as wine tastings and dinners that are done mainly by the elites. Some people enjoy wine at the end of the day, so it depends on your perception of both beverages.

  • Expenses
  • Wine is much more expensive per bottle than beer, but this depends on how often you buy either drink. One bottle of wine can last someone a month, while six packs of beer may last someone only a week.


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