Beer glassware is an essential bar vessel to serve beer. Its thick glass design ensures that your drink keeps cool as you hang out with your friends or scout for new people to meet. They come in different designs that cater to any individual.

    Different Beer Types

  • Belgian
  • This can vary from pale lager to amber ales and a range of lambic beers, Flemish red ales, sour brown ales, strong ales, and stouts. Belgian-style beers have fruity, spicy, and sweet flavor profiles with high alcohol content.

    This beer developed its own culture with its unique taste and distinctive fermentation methods. Belgian beer is customarily served in a branded tulip glass and is not as bitter compared to other types of beer.

  • Lager
  • This comes in different types, such as pale, Vienna, and dark. Lager is considered a good beer for new drinkers since it has a low alcohol content. It has a light and malty taste, perfect for newcomers.

    The term lager came from the German word “lagerbier,” which refers to all types of bottom-fermented and cool-conditioned beer. Lager beer is typically served in a tall and narrow pilsner glass.

  • Pale Ale
  • This beer has a massive variety, such as Amber ale, American, Australian, Bière de Garde, Blonde, Burton pale ale, English bitter, India pale ale, Irish red Scotch ale, and Strong pale ale.

    Pale ale is an English-style beer and has a malty and medium-bodied taste which is excellent for light drinkers. They're brewed through warm fermentation, and it's made with pale malt. The drink is typically served in a tulip or nonic glasses.

  • Pilsner
  • This beer type varies by country, which is German, Czech, European, and American. They're described to be crisp, light, and full-bodied in flavor. Pilsners are the perfect summer drink.

    This type of pale lager has a unique note of caramel, which separates it from other beers. It is served in a pilsner glass, which is a tall and slender glassware for light beers.

  • Porter
  • Out of the types of beer, this has a particular chocolatey and coffee taste. It has a well-hopped and dark appearance compared to most kinds of beer. Porter beer is usually served in a pint glass.

  • Sour
  • This has six kinds: American wild ale, Berliner Weisse, Flanders red ale, Gose, Lambic, and Oud Bruin. Sour beer has a citrus, tart, and fruity taste. People who prefer sweet drinks will enjoy this beer.

    They are made by intentionally letting wild yeast strains into the brew to create that tart taste. Since they have a hint of sweetness, tulip glasses are used to serve this drink.

  • Stout
  • This beer has several variations, such as dry stout, oatmeal stout, milk stout, and imperial stout. Stout beer flavors are dependent on the region, which can be sweet, creamy, or full-bodied.

     They're top-fermented beers that also vary in alcohol content. Nonic beer glasses are used to serve stout beers as they aid with temperature maintenance, enhance your senses, and help carry the foam.


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