• Sale -15% X-cosrack Bar Set,18-Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools,with Rotating Display Stand and Recipes Booklet,Premium Bartending Kit for Home,Bars,Traveling and Outdoor Parties X-cosrack Bar Set,18-Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools,with Rotating Display Stand and Recipes Booklet,Premium Bartending Kit for Home,Bars,Traveling and Outdoor Parties

    X-cosrack X-cosrack Bar Set,18-Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Bar Tools,with Rotating Display Stand and Recipes Booklet,Premium Bartending Kit for Home,Bars,Traveling and Outdoor Parties

    Brand: X-cosrack Color: Stainless Steel Features: 【*Patent Pending】【ANSWERS ALL YOUR NEEDS!】:Bartender Tool Kit:Includes 24oz Shaking Tins, 2 Double Bar Jigger,Flat Bottle Opener, Hawthorne Strainer, Muddlers, Ice tongs,Bar Spoon, 5 Liquor Pourers with Dust Caps,Wine Corkscrew,4 Stainless steel straws,Storage Tray and Drink Recipe. 【GREAT FOR HOME OR BUSINESS】:Bar tool supplies for home and professional use (Bar, Nightclub, Restaurant) — Can be used on pub table to prep alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, margarita, mojito, mint julep, martini, daiquiris, and many more) —Our 18-Piece Bar Tool Set can make you so professional when you mixing drink both on your party or even in your bar. 【PERFECT GIFT SURPRISE】:Here offer you 10 Cocktail Manuals, which will help you to make delicous and wonderful cocktail for your family and friends.High quality bar tools plus a stylish Acrylic turntable tool holder, both packed into the gift box,Whether it's a wedding, birthday, Christmas, housewarming, anniversary, cocktail party, or just a small gift that expresses "I love you". Our bartending kit is a surprise you want to give to your loved ones. 【360° Rotating Turntable Stand--Unique Storage Method】:X-cosrack Higher end bartender kits,to use the Acrylic Plexiglass storage rack, each tool has a specific card slot.-- The uniquely designed 360° rotating turntable rack integrates storage and display, making your kitchen well organized and farewell to chaos. The dishwasher safe. [HIGH QUALITY & SUPER TIGHTNESS]: High-quality, High-grade, Rust-proof and Leak-proof bar sets. Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, the inner tank is made of high-grade stainless steel, which will neither ooze harmful chemicals nor affect the taste of the drink. Even better, the cooling effect of metal can effortlessly enhance the layered texture and flavor of the cocktail! (100% RISK FREE-1 year *Note: When returning, please do not remove the protective film from the product) Binding: Kitchen Details: 您是否正在寻找一款漂亮且完善的专业级鸡尾酒套装,为鸡尾酒会中的所有朋友和家人提供饮料? X-cosrack BARTENDER 套件可满足您的所有需求! X 形支架套: - 24 盎司防锈酒会调味罐 - 高级 SST 级别。 包括一个内置过滤器和顶部密封式调味罐盖。 - 双面慢跑 - 1⁄2 / 1 盎司(15/30 毫升)和 2⁄3 / 11⁄3 盎司(20/40 毫升) - Mojito Muddlers - 搅拌勺 - Hawthorne strainer - 5* 带防尘盖的液体倒流器 - 冰钳 - 双手柄开瓶器 - 葡萄酒开瓶器 - 4*不锈钢吸管 - 360°旋转转盘支架 - 食谱小册子 100% 退款寿命! 无理由退货。 ---> 点击上方的“加入购物车”按钮,享受您的新的训练技能! *注意:退货时,请勿从产品上移除保护膜。 EAN: 0192594334569 Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.4 x 6.1 inches

    $ 78.99$ 67.49

Professional bartending kits are a practical and cost-effective way of furnishing your bar with essential tools and specialty equipment. A bartender’s best friend, these kits allow them to explore their bartending capabilities and enhance their proficiency in the craft. With the proper bartending kit, they can create the best-tasting cocktails with consistency and efficiency.

Bartending kits may feature any or all of the essential bar tools such as cocktail shakers, jiggers, muddlers, strainers, bar spoons, and corkscrews, to name a few. Some sets also come with a carrying case for easy transport, while others include mounts or stands for a more organized working area and quickly accessible tools.

Things to Consider Before Buying Professional Bartending Kits

With a wide array of professional bartending kits available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which one to buy. Here are some factors that you need to consider before purchasing a bartending kit to ensure that you’ll get the right one for your bar.

  • Skill Level. It is vital to select a bartending kit that matches the bartender’s skill level. If you’re a beginner, you may want to try a budget-friendly bartender kit that contains the most basic bartending equipment. This type of toolset typically has less than ten items. It is less expensive but still offers high-quality products. If you’re planning on learning how to mix a wide range of drinks, it won’t hurt to invest in a more expensive bartending kit. These kits feature advanced equipment to aid you with your bartending exploration. For professional mixologists and bar owners, putting your money on the best bartending kits available will prove to be a wise decision, as it will help boost your business.
  • Features and Specifications. Different kit components have distinct features and specifications. Make sure to check them before buying to ensure that you’re getting the ones that suit your bar’s needs. You may want to know, for example, the shaker’s or jigger’s capacity, muddler’s length, or size of cocktail glasses to avoid wasting money over tools that you can’t use.
  • Quality and Durability. Investing in quality and durable tools that can last for a long time is another smart move you can make. Not only does it save your money by reducing replacement expenses, but it also guarantees excellent services. Only buy from reputable brands to avoid defective items.
  • Functionality. Select a bartending kit that you can use frequently and for a wide range of applications. Make sure that the items included are suitable for all your routines or the drinks you are creating.
  • Design and Style. You may want to choose a bartending kit that is not only fully functional but also looks good on top of your bar. Stylish pieces can add character to your bar and set the ambiance for the customers to enjoy. You can even find kits with color schemes such as black, gold, and rose gold.

Advanced Mixology carries the best professional bartending kits to meet all your training needs. Shop now!


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