World’s Best Mixologists Of July 2021

World’s Best Mixologists Of July 2021

World’s Best Mixologists In July 2021

Mixologists are the new rockstars of drinking. It's a profession that has grown in popularity with every passing day and is one that many people aspire to enter. In this blog post, we will highlight the top mixologists around the world for July 2021! If you haven’t checked out our June feature, you can read it here

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1. Matia Natale

Matia Natale mixing drinks

Matia Natale @matianatale_official, is a bartender who likes to show his tricks and skills in flair bartending. He has always been fascinated by creating amazing-looking cocktails with just his hands, so he has devoted so much time and energy to refining his skills.

Matia also loves to experiment with different types of alcohol, which is reflected in the drinks he makes at work and when he's designing new recipes for himself. He enjoys creating drinks that are not only visually appealing but taste great too!

2. Simone Bodini

Simone Bodini holding a bottle of liquor

Simone Bodini @simonebodini1980 has enjoyed his time as Global Brand Ambassador for Stoli over these last few years. He’s seen some of the most exotic places in the world while spreading the word about what makes it so amazing to be part of such an iconic family-owned company.

Simone Bodini's story is one any traveler would envy, from Italy to London and around the globe. There are very few countries he hasn't visited during his stint traveling as Global Brand Ambassador for Stolichnaya Vodka. 

His job includes working closely with bartenders all across Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific Rim Countries (APRC), North America & Latin.

3. Hiroshi Ichikawa

Hiroshi Ichikawa pouring liquor into the cocktail shaker

Hiroshi Ichikawa @hiroshi_ichikawa_flair is a star mixologist in Tokyo who specializes in craft flair. His incredible performance will amaze and delight anyone lucky enough to watch him work! 

He is also the owner and manager of Rad Entertainment, a  restaurant in Tokyo that is one of the top draws for hip young people.

Rad Entertainment is a company that seeks to maximize each individual's potential by supporting them and helping their skills grow. They offer world-class trends in cocktail-making with flair, including the only instructor certified by WFA (World Flair Bartending Association) in Japan.

4. Remi Messai

Remi Messai pouring liquor into a glass

Remi Massai @frenchandstormy is the founder of French and Stormy, a cocktail bar in France. He is also the manager of an event catering company. 

Recognizing his talent for creating delicious cocktails, he has positioned himself as one of the best bars around, with more than 10 years of experience under his belt. 

He surrounds himself with other talented bartenders to create fresh combinations while still keeping customers happy.

5. Federico Pasian

Federico Pasian holding a glass of cocktail

Federico Pasian @federico.pasian has his online program where those who want to learn about winemaking can enroll. The webinar on alcoholic fermentation and fruit wines will introduce you to the fascinating world of making delicious homemade beverages!

In this course, you will not only learn the basic concepts of fermentation, but you will also fully understand the different processes, allowing you to prepare your recipes.

6. Yannick DuyckYannick lying with liquor bottles beside him

At the age of 19, Yannick @your_modern_bartender was offered a significant challenge by one of his party organizers: to become bartending in an Aperitif bar. 

Initially, it seemed like a foreign profession, given that he had never touched or seen any bar before. But after some time working there and getting trained, he fell madly in love with this job and all behind-the-scenes work, such as touching up the room service area.

However, after 5 years of working, he wanted to try something else related to bartending. Luckily, he got a place at the Grand Casino de Bruxelles as a bartender, where he worked with professionals such as Filippo Baldan.

7. Marco Marchino Macelloni

Marco Marchino Macelloni holding a jigger

Marco Marchino Macelloni @marchino_barman has a passion for cocktails and Italian spirits. His bar in Lucca is considered one of the best cocktail bars in Italy, thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm behind crafting these drinks.

He is passionate about mixing excellent cocktails with fine Italian liquors, as well as an owner of Franklin '33 - recognized by many locals who frequent it often because they consider its signature drink menu among their favorites!

8. Libby Lingua

 Libby Lingua pouring liquor into a cocktail shaker

Libby Lingua @oolalibby had been tending bar for 10 years before getting her Fashion Merchandising & Marketing degree from Western Pennsylvania. Because of her love for the hospitality industry, she decided to develop skills that come naturally to a creative person, such as visual design and creativity in designing drinks.

Libby has previously worked with Marriott Autograph Collection and Barter Hospitality Group. They created both acclaimed restaurants UnderTow (named one of Esquire's Best Restaurants) and Century Grand (a Top 20 restaurant according to Gayot). 

This led to her desire for immersive sensory experiences through food and beverage, making it easy to decide what type of consulting work would be best suited for her by branching out into Restaurant or Brand Consultant positions.

9. Enrico Gonzato

 Enrico Gonzato pouring liquor into a glass

Enrico Gonzato @vivimiscelato knows what it takes to make customers happy as an experienced bartender who completed training at the London School Of Excellence In Wines And Spirits (WSET). 

He is highly qualified when it comes to managing hotels because, during his studies, he learned about Food and Beverage Management from MICROS and Sommelier Skills through Hospitality Training courses.

10. Ashly "Miss Agave"

Ashly Miss Agave holding two bottles of liquor

Ashly's @missagave fascination with Agave Spirits began when she first started her bartending job in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, Ashly has been spreading the word about all things agave by educating people and introducing them to these great spirits worldwide!


And that's it for our list of the best mixologists around the world for July 2021! It was a tough decision, but we think this is an accurate representation of who you should be looking out for in terms of bartending talent.

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