What Does A Sommelier Do?  5 Reasons To Get Certified

What Does A Sommelier Do? 5 Reasons To Get Certified

Of the many careers one can take in the food and beverage industry, only some people think of pursuing the path of a sommelier. Many would instead become chefs, bakers, or even chocolatiers. But being a sommelier has its perks, and it’s as respectable a job as any.

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The Sommelier’s Duties

A sommelier is a beverage manager who specializes in wine service and wine and food pairings. Other places also refer to them as wine stewards. Sommeliers have extensive knowledge of wine, including its creation process and proper storage. They also frequently deal with cellar management, customer service, and wine selection for their workplaces. 

You can attain certification as a sommelier by attending a wine school. Your education period may differ depending on the school, your experience, and your willingness to learn. So, expect your studies to take years, like achieving a bachelor’s degree.  

If you enjoy tasting different kinds of wine and want to improve your skills and knowledge, consider getting certified as a sommelier. Here are some great reasons why you should:

1. Better Job Opportunities

Getting a sommelier certification opens up great career opportunities. Most high-end restaurants, hotels, and cruise ships only accept staff members who are certified at their jobs. So, if you plan to work for the big leagues, you’ll need proof that you know your stuff.  

There are different kinds of sommeliers, each with their own tasks and responsibilities. Finishing wine school can land you these jobs:

  • Restaurant Sommelier – They work in restaurants by giving guests recommendations, overseeing wine service, and curating a list of available alcoholic drinks. 
  • Retail Sommelier – You’ll often find them handling liquor stores. They assist customers in choosing the best wine based on their budget and preferences. 
  • Wine Consultant – They’re like business consultants for wine and alcoholic beverages. They provide their expertise to companies and individuals who wish to build their personal collections or improve their wine services in food establishments. 
  • Wine Educator – You may encounter this teacher in wine schools, seminars, and workshops.  
  • Wine Director – They usually work in restaurants or hotels. Like restaurant sommeliers, they’re responsible for wine service but may also train wait staff.

The world may have its favorite classics, but winemakers constantly produce new varieties and flavors. Food establishments need more sommeliers to ensure their wine stocks are in excellent taste and condition. Certification allows you to work in these places and share your love and knowledge of wine with many people.

2. Gain More Wine Knowledge

You can learn many things about wine through self-study. But nothing beats receiving valuable lessons from experienced sommeliers in the industry. They’ll teach you everything from wine’s history and the many terminologies you need to know. You may have teachers coming from the prestigious Court of Master Sommeliers. So, you’re getting lessons from some of the best and most certified wine professionals.

Many people eating in restaurants lack an understanding of alcoholic beverages and their food pairings. As a certified sommelier, you can help them by suggesting varieties to try while also broadening their own knowledge. They’ll appreciate your assistance in improving their dining experience. 

For your benefit, you’ll also know which wines to choose for yourself. Whether you’re eating out on a date or collecting new varieties, your knowledge of wines will come into play. Your meals will always be extra satisfying when you have the ideal partners for your food.

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3. Encounter New Tastes

If you remain in one location for long periods, you can only get whatever’s within your reach. As someone passionate about wine, that could be a nightmare since many wines are exclusively available in their home countries.

However, with a sommelier certification, you can encounter other flavors and varieties through work or connections. Your palate will broaden with each sip, adding to your mastery and repertoire of wines.  As a result, expect many people to ask you for advice on Thanksgiving wine pairings or what brands to serve for the next gathering.

A sommelier certification is an excellent bonus since it shows people that you’re authorized to impart factual wine knowledge and offer suitable recommendations.

4. Meet Likeminded People

Many people enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, but only a few are passionate about the details. When you enter a wine school, you’ll meet fellow enthusiasts who understand and share your level of commitment to wine.  

You’ll also get to learn more things through your classmates. Some may have come from other countries, and you could absorb new information on rare or international wines while receiving your certification.

A wine school is a perfect place to build connections, too. You could acquire other brands and variants unavailable locally from your new friends.

5. Improve Your Cellar, Sell Wines, Or Host Amazing Parties

Not every sommelier gets a job in a food establishment, and that’s alright. Some prefer getting their certification to build their wine collection. For one, your cellar could have the best vintage bottles when you know the flavors and types you’re looking for.  

Moreover, a sommelier certification may lead you to create and sell your own wine. It’s important to note that your certificate is only valid if you work in the industry. And while you might not be working for a restaurant, you could still call yourself a sommelier if you continue practicing your craft. As mentioned, retail sommeliers exist. So, you can use the information you learned in wine school to sell to others in your community. 

In addition, an extensive knowledge of different wines and pairings benefits anyone who enjoys hosting parties and special events at home. Impress your guests with the finest wine with their meal or after a round of adult party games. Your place could be the talk of the town and the favorite venue among friends, relatives, and neighbors.


You can learn a lot about different wines by studying on your own or being exposed to them at work. But if you want to boost your credentials and earn valuable know-how on wine, getting a sommelier certification is the way to go. It can significantly benefit your career, passion, and life.

Author’s Bio

Sophie Lee is a wine enthusiast and bartender. She has been working in the hospitality industry for over 8 years and has a passion for wine. Sophie shares her knowledge of wine with others by writing blogs and articles. During her free time, Sophie enjoys traveling to different vineyards and trying new wines. She believes that getting certified as a sommelier can open up a world of opportunities and deepen one's understanding and appreciation of wine.

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