What Are Digestif Drinks?

What Are Digestif Drinks?

A few blogs ago, we wrote about what aperitifs are. You know, those enticing welcome drinks you serve your guests at a party. We’ve also previously discussed which classic cocktail drinks taste best with an aperitif and how you can even create these recipes yourself. This time, however, we will be writing about digestif, a drink that’s just as mouth-watering as aperitifs but of a different kind and purpose.

What is Digestif Alcohol?

We all know that aperitif is taken before a meal to stimulate your appetite. So what’s digestif? It’s an alcoholic drink usually consumed after you eat. There are various types of digestif alcohols. Some varieties are sweet like Spanish wine, while others, like Italian amaro are bitter and herbal-like.

How Do Digestifs Affect Our Body?

While digestifs, like apertifs, are used to enhance the flavor cocktails, digestifs are believed to contain medicinal properties that can cure a number of digestive problems such as bloating, nausea, and heartburn. As early as the 18th century, digestifs are considered a potent drink that helps indigestion. Digestifs have a higher alcohol level, too, which explains why after drinking it, our stomach becomes less full and makes us crave more food.

What’s in a Digestif?

Digestifs contain herbs and spices that often aid in digestion such as artichoke, lemon verbena, fennel, cardamom, and caraway which give it its bitter taste. There are different types of digestifs available in the market and their ingredients vary as well.

Types of Digestifs

There are hundreds of varieties from all over the world that it would be quite difficult to catalog them all. However, below are just some of the more well-known ones:

  •         Chartreuse – are French digestifs that are intensely spicy and herbal. They come in yellow and green varieties and has over a hundred types of spices in it.
  •         Aquavit – a type of Scandinavian digestif made up predominantly of caraway spices with a bit of fennel and cardamom in it.
  •         Jägermeister – a world-famous German digestif containing over 50 herbs and spices. It has been around for more than 80 years and is popular worldwide. Read our previous article on this premium German digestif, here.
  •         Amaro – classic digestif from Italy and probably the most well-known digestifs there is. Known for its bittersweet and intense flavors, it also comes in various types as such as Nonino, Angostura, Fernet Branca, to name a few. Read more about the amari, here.

Serving Digestifs

Transform an ordinary meal into an unforgettable one. Impress your guests with a final touch to a delicious and filling spread by adding your favorite digestifs in a cocktail, tea, coffee or even on desserts like cakes and ice cream. Some even prefer to drink it straight taken as shots. The best thing about digestifs it is that you won’t need copious amounts of it to feel satisfied. Because of its slightly sweet and intensely bitter flavors, just an ounce or two will do the trick.

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