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12 Best Gin Glasses In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Gin Glasses In 2021

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One of the most beloved liquors ever made is gin. Something as iconic as gin deserves to be served in an equally iconic glass. You can pour this spirit into a highball, tumbler, or balloon glass.

With the number of glassware to serve gin, looking for the perfect one can be daunting for some people. Good thing we’ve compiled the best of the best for you. So without further ado, here is our list of the best gin glasses.

Our Top Picks

Dartington Crystal Copa Gin Glasses
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Best for Bars - Dartington Crystal Copa Gin Glass

22 oz. capacity
Elegant presentation
Spacious bowl

Best Stability - Godinger Collins Glass

• Lead-free
• Has a beautiful design
• Includes a stopper

Best Value - JoyJolt Martini Glass

• 1-liter capacity
• Airtight glass stopper
• Leakproof

1. Durobor Copa Balloon Gin Glass - Best Shape 

Durobor Copa Balloon Gin Glasses

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 Pros Cons
  • 19 oz. fluid capacity
  • Solid base
  • Wide bowl
  • Great clarity
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Quite thin

What Customers Have To Say 

An Amazon shopper stated that he wanted glasses for gin and tonic, and these are perfect. They are sturdy, and he had no issues with them being heavy. He also found them very stable, pretty, and far less fragile than a typical wine glass. Another customer said that he bought these for gin and tonics with his friends. They add a little class to the cocktail, and his hand doesn’t get cold when holding it.

Why We Think It’s Great 

This Spanish Copa bowl is one of the best gin glasses. Unlike the traditional Copa de Balon glasses, this one doesn’t have a stem but rather a slightly elevated base so you can have a more relaxed grip on the glass.

Who Should Buy It

If you take your gin and tonics seriously but don’t want to be conscious of handling a long-stemmed glass, this is the best gin glass to get. You can also check this list of the best tonic water to make your G&T more delightful.

2. Humor Us Home Goods Lowball Gin Glass - Best for Home Use

 Humor Us Home Goods Lowball Gin Glass

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 11 oz. fluid
  • Makes a fun gift
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comfortable fit in the hand 
  • Thick base
  • Smaller than expected

What Customers Have To Say 

A shopper shared that his dad is a gin lover, so he wanted to get him something gin-related. Then he found this glass, and he loved it. The pun is just perfect, and he’s so glad he got this for him. Another one said that this was the ideal gift for a gin-loving friend of his. It's good quality and looks nice.

Why We Think It’s Great 

At first glance, it may look like an ordinary lowball glass with a print on it, but when you read it, it lets out a smile or laugh. The pun sure is a great way to make the glass unique while not sacrificing quality.

Who Should Buy It

Do you anyone who enjoys gin cocktails such as gin Moscow mule? How about giving them this creative glass as a gift? They will surely appreciate its function and hilarious spin.

3. Spiegelau Gin and Tonic Glass - Best Balance

Spiegelau Gin and Tonic Glass

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 Pros Cons
  • 21 oz. capacity
  • Generous bowl
  • Smooth rim
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Elegant structure
  • Takes extra caution to use

What Customers Have To Say 

One customer said that she loves these gin glasses. She prefers these over the larger, balloon glasses and they still hold a good measure of liquid with ice. They have good quality and are dishwasher safe. A different customer remarked that these could accommodate lots of ice, a double gin, and a baby bottle of tonic with a slice of lemon or lime all in one glass. For him, it’s a nice and thin glass but does not feel fragile or too delicate to wash.

Why We Think It’s Great 

These gin glasses are crafted from the finest lead-free crystal and are shaped to perfection, from the wide bowl to the precisely cut rim. The surface area of the bowl accumulates the botanical aromas for the drinker to fully enjoy. 

Who Should Buy It

These are among the best gin glasses that undoubtedly possess radiating elegance, so they are suitable for professional settings like bars and restaurants. This also makes a terrific gift idea to the gin enthusiast. 

4. Riedel Gin Set - Best Clarity

 Riedel Gin Set

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 Pros Cons
  • 26 oz. fluid capacity
  • Bulbous shape
  • Great clarity
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Fragile
  • May feel awkward to hold

What Customers Have To Say 

One customer remarked that this is precisely how she would have designed them. It has the body of an excellent bulb to enjoy the nose of the gin and tonic. The bulb also does a great job of preventing ice cubes from sliding into your mouth or lips. A separate customer also said that the shape channels the right scents to make the drink most flavorful. It also makes you feel like you are on a posh vacation. 

Why We Think It’s Great 

Gin may be transparent, but they are as noticeable as ever when poured into these glasses. Its brilliance stems from the material used, which is fine crystal. The bowl is wide, extending to a slightly less wide rim, so the aroma is packed. This design is perfect for nosing and tasting.

Who Should Buy It

Either for casual or formal gatherings, these gin glasses match any atmosphere. However, due to the small rim, it’s recommended to be extra careful when filling them up with ice to prevent breakage. 

5. Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass - Best Twist

Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass

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 Pros Cons
  • Capacity of 10 oz.
  • Designed with playful patterns
  • Great brilliance
  • Precise etching
  • Sticker at the base is difficult to remove
  • Prone to scratches

What Customers Have To Say 

One customer liked that they all have different designs because then people know which glass was theirs. They felt durable and not flimsy, and she was impressed that each one was bubble-wrapped well. Meanwhile, a separate customer said that these are bigger than she thought they'd be. They are thin but seem well made. 

Mikasa Cheers Martini Glass - Best Twist review

Why We Think It’s Great 

When talking about gin, one can’t simply miss out on a good martini, and that’s what these glasses are for. If you look closely, the exterior is designed with fun shapes and patterns to add a dash of amusement to the glass. This feature is also great because you never have to get confused about which one your glass is because each one has a different design. 

Who Should Buy It

For people who want to invest in something more exciting, these patterned vessels are the best gin glasses you can get. 

6. English Pewter Company Gin Glass - Best Look

English Pewter Company Personalized Gin Glass

 Pros Cons
  • Holds 21 oz. fluid
  • Personalized
  • Sturdy base and stem
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Sophisticated look 
  • Pricey
  • Badge comes off easily

What Customers Have To Say 

This was a present for an Amazon customer’s brother-in-law as he wanted a more ‘manly’ gin glass, and he was pleased with it. For them, it’s perfect as the presentation was fabulous and it has outstanding quality. Overall, he thought this is an excellent gift for anyone. 

Another customer shared that he gave this gin glass for her husband, and he loves it and uses it more times than she'd think. The packaging makes these glasses a beautiful and thoughtful gift, so it’s worth every penny. 

English Pewter Company Gin Glass - Best Look review

Why We Think It’s Great 

Without a doubt, the eye-catching feature of these gin glasses is the badge that shows your initial. This way, you are the only one who can use your glass. The gin glass is crafted with precision, resulting in a smooth surface that makes it easy to handle.  

Who Should Buy It

If you want to have a gin glass that you can call your own, this is a perfect choice. And since it is packed in a gorgeous gift box, this is an easy gift idea for your friends or relatives who enjoys gin. 

7. Dartington Crystal Home Bar Gin Goblet - Best Grip

Dartington Crystal Home Bar Gin Goblet

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 Pros Cons
  • 14.5 oz. capacity
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Modern design
  • Bowl is thin
  • Smaller than expected

What Customers Have To Say 

One customer found these gin glasses elegant, not too delicate, and perfect for gin libations. They were a gift for her brother-in-law, who loved them. All in all, she was delighted with this purchase. On the other hand, a different shopper stated that these glasses are beautiful to look at and to hold. She uses them for gin and tonic, and they are a perfect size for it. She can also put them in the dishwasher, that’s why she loves this glassware.

Why We Think It’s Great 

Cut the stem off a goblet, and you’ll end up with a beautiful modern twist. The base is solid and flared to make the glass stable. The practical shape also enables the drinker to hold the drink easily without being tired.  

Who Should Buy It

These gin glasses would make a great addition to any home bar. They will showcase any cocktail they are filled with, leaving your guests happy and satisfied.

8. Godinger Collins Glass - Best Stability

Godinger Collins Glasses

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 12 oz. fluid
  • Thick wall
  • Sturdy 
  • Diamond cut exterior
  • All-purpose
  • Visible seams
  • Narrow opening

What Customers Have To Say

One Amazon customer thought that these glasses deliver on looks and quality. They are relatively thick-walled, and the cut-glass-effect from the mold looks excellent. He noted that they feel a bit larger than a regular tom collins style glass, but not to the degree that makes them difficult to hold. 

Another shopper said that she loves how thick and sturdy these glasses are while also appearing elegant and classy. She also found the price for four glasses is comparable to the price for four regular water glasses that likely aren’t anywhere near as good quality-wise. 

Godinger Collins Glass - Best Stability review

Why We Think It’s Great 

These gin glasses may be made from lead-free crystal, but they sparkle like real crystals. In other words, they make the drink the star, especially with the intricate cut patterns on the exterior. They are also conveniently thick, so you can enjoy a full conversation with guests without paying too much attention to how you hold your glass. 

Who Should Buy It

Tons of beverages can be filled in Collins glasses. So if you want all-around glasses, go for those with styles such as the ones from Godinger.

9. Bormioli Rocco SORGENTE Highball Glass - Most Unique

 Bormioli Rocco SORGENTE Highball Glasses

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 Pros  Cons
  • 15.5 oz. fluid capacity
  • Lead-free
  • Easy to grip
  • Versatile
  • Matches any setting
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

What Customers Have To Say 

One Amazon patron said that he doesn't like super thin or fragile drinking glasses, so he was impressed with these glasses’ weight and thickness. He has been using them for iced tea and cocktails, and no matter how much condensation builds on the outside of the glass while sipping on the patio, they are effortless to grip without slipping. His friends also think they're gorgeous. 

Another customer said that he wanted to buy a different kind of drinking glasses than the traditional rounded ones. He purchased these and said that they look fantastic.

Why We Think It’s Great 

Made with the highest quality by artisans in Italy, these gin glasses are a contender for a reason. The irregular shape of the glass makes it easier to hold and more intriguing to look at. There are also no deep grooves, so they are still easy to clean. These are definitely conversion starter vessels. 

Who Should Buy It

Sometimes, things need to have a bit of innovation to stand out, and these are among the best gin glasses that do. You can use these for any drink at any event, so they are a practical choice.

10. Dartington Crystal Copa Gin Glass - Best for Bars

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 Pros Cons
  • Holds 22 oz. fluid
  • Elegant presentation
  • Lead-free
  • Spacious bowl
  • Excellent gift
  • Needs to be handled with extra care
  • Prone to cracks

What Customers Have To Say 

Unlike other items one customer has received on Amazon, these gin glasses came fully intact and gorgeous. She uses them for everything: gin and tonics, wine, or any drink that needs something fancier than thick glass. She remarked that she would purchase them again. 

A different customer commented that these are beautiful G&T glasses. She gifted these to her guy for Christmas after our trip to Spain when he fell in love with the glass while experiencing a proper gin and tonic.

 Dartington Crystal Copa Gin Glass - Best for Bars review

Why We Think It’s Great 

There’s nothing like a fantastic balloon glass to enhance the flavor of gin. This one has a wide rim and bowl, so it can be filled with lots of ice and limes to make the drink more flavorful and enticing. It also doesn't lack in looks, and it will be more beautiful when filled with the delicious liquor that is gin.

Who Should Buy It

If you want to partake in juniper liquor the right way, these balloon glasses are the best way to go. Just be careful not to overdrink because health is still wealth. 

11. Libbey Cut Rocks Glass - Most Versatile


Libbey Cut Rocks Glasses

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 Pros Cons
  • 11 oz. fluid capacity
  • Strong base
  • Smooth lip
  • Cut design
  • Lead-free
  • Hand wash only

What Customers Have To Say 

An Amazon patron stated that she’s thrilled with these gin glasses because they look beautiful, nicely heavy, and are perfectly sized. She also found them very comfortable to use. Overall, she and her family were thrilled with these lowball glasses. 

Another customer commented that the glasses are beautiful, and the etching is such a special touch. They have held up well in the dishwasher, so it was an excellent purchase for her all in all. 

Why We Think It’s Great,

These could've been just regular rocks glasses, but Libbey reached new heights to take inspiration from Art Deco, resulting in cut glassware that adds a touch of elegance to the presentation. With solid construction, using these gin glasses is a breeze. You can also use them for any kind of liquor and cocktail. 

Who Should Buy It

If you want glasses that you can use for no specific liquor type, these are a great choice. It’s also a smart use of your money.

12. JoyJolt Martini Glass - Best Value

 JoyJolt Martini Glasses

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 Pros Cons
  • Capacity of 8 oz.
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Thick base
  • Casual yet elegant look
  • Stable

What Customers Have To Say 

An Amazon customer loved the shape because it is stable in the hands. Aside from martinis, she also serves margaritas and cosmos in them. The glasses are transparent and well-made, and they make a great addition to her new wine and beverage bar. 

Another shopper found these glasses are perfect. While he loves martinis, he has a hard time transporting the long stem martini glasses in his RV, which is why he ordered these.

JoyJolt Martini Glass - Best Value review

Why We Think It’s Great 

Cocktail hour will be more fun with these modern-looking glasses. The absence of stems makes these more comfortable to hold but still makes you feel high-quality glasses. Even at the table, you won’t be worried about tipping it over so you can have a blast at any event. 

Who Should Buy It

For stemless glasses fans out there, have a go at these magnificent gin glasses. Don’t worry, the taste of the drink will still be the same. You’ll just have a more relaxing time hanging with friends while drinking.

Best Gin Glasses Buying Guide

Some gin lovers would go the extra mile to learn all about gin. Other fans just love to enjoy a cold glass of botanical goodness. But to make a good drink, one needs glasses, so here are some things to consider before buying the best gin glasses.   

  • Design

As the world innovates, designs of the best gin glasses also do. Be smart and creative when choosing a design. Make sure the shapes, styles, and details are something that you’re comfortable with. Pick something that is aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t sacrifice quality.

  • Capacity

An ideal gin glass should be able to hold about 10-20 oz. of liquid. There should be enough room for ice if you prefer to have it.

  • Durability

There’s no point in buying things that won’t last for a long time, and you need a gin glass that’s durable and sturdy so your money won’t go to waste. Lightweight glasses are much easier to handle; however, they might have issues with thickness. 

Make sure the glass is thick enough so it won’t break or crack easily. Although hand washing is recommended for glasses, thicker glasses have a higher chance of withstanding dishwashing.

  • Material

Gin glasses can either be made from crystal or glass. The lead content of glass will decide if it is a crystal or just glass. Both materials are suitable, but you need to consider your environment and health to know which is best for you. 

Crystal wins when it comes to appearance, but the lead content isn’t something you should overlook. Glass may cloud, but they are definitely safer to use. 

  • Price

There are many best gin glasses out there that you can buy for low prices, and equally, there are also expensive ones. It’s important to remember that high price doesn’t translate to high quality, and cheap doesn’t automatically mean it doesn’t last long. 

Examine which gin glasses are worth their price; you can do so by reading reviews. Also, make sure you stick to your budget.

  • Thickness

The most common complaint about glasses is that they are thin or fragile, and that’s why there are some problems with shipping or packaging. But just because a particular glass is thin doesn’t mean that it is poorly made. This may be true for some and false for others. 

Some people find it easier to drink out of thin glass because they can feel the liquor or cocktail more. It also makes the glass more manageable because there is no unnecessary weight. On the other hand, some people prefer thick gin glasses because they are more stable. 

  • Ease of Use

As you can see from the list above, there are stemmed and stemless options. Stemmed gin glasses look elegant, but they require extreme care when being used. One mishap, especially around the stem, could result in breaking the glass altogether, rendering it worthless. 

If you’re not comfortable with stemmed gin glasses, you can always opt for stemless ones. They are more casual-looking but are still functional. Also, given that there are countless gin cocktails, some may be more suitable in tall or short glasses than stemmed ones. So, the type of gin drink you usually make also plays a key factor. 

Gin Glasses FAQ

1. Why is gin commonly served in a balloon glass?

If you want your gin’s flavor to stand out, it is best if you use a balloon glass, also known as Copa de Balon glass. A balloon glass looks similar to a wide wine glass. The spacious shape traps the flavor and aromas. 

Moreover, you get to experience the privilege of smelling every satisfying botanical fragrance in your drink. The bowl shape also slows down the melting of ice.

2. How do you hold a gin glass?

Clear spirits such as gin are enjoyed cold. To keep it so, serving it in a stemmed glass is recommended. The proper way of holding a gin glass is by the stem. Using your fingers to pinch the stem. If you want your drink to be secured, position your other palm facing the bottom of the glass for balance.

3. What is the best glass to serve a gin and tonic?

A Copa de Balon glass is the most superior choice of glass to serve your gin and tonic in. Gin in a balloon glass stands out for various reasons; however, serving gin and tonic in a high ball is the classic way. There are other options as well, such as gin goblets, tumblers, or stemless gin glasses.

4. What is the difference between a Copa de Balon glass and a wine glass?

A Copa de Balon and a wine glass look the same, except a Copa de Balon has a more bulbous bowl; the bottom part of the bowl is wider. It is designed this way to enhance the aromas of gin. Nonetheless, both of these types of glass sit on top of a stem.

5. What is a gin goblet, and how is it different from a balloon glass?

Gin goblets are another type of gin glass that looks close to balloon glasses. It is a rounded glass; however, most gin goblets have shorter and broader stems, just like the goblets during medieval times.


Who would’ve thought that you need specific glasses for gin? Using a highball or rocks glass is practical since they are versatile vessels. 

Still, you will get a new and better experience when you try the juniper-rich liquor in their designated glasses, like the Dartington Crystal Copa Gin Glasses. These have a wide surface area allowing more ice and citrus garnishes to mix with the gin.

If you like mixing cocktails with gin, the Godinger Collins Glasses will do the job just right. And they even look terrific, which is a bonus. You can’t forget about martinis. With this, JoyJolt Martini Glasses provide the twist and convenience you need in terms of comfort. 

If you’re a fan of brandy as much as gin, you can also check out our list of the best brandy snifters. Cheers!



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