Art of Mixology

  • The Blackbeard Recipe

    The Blackbeard Recipe

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  • Beer Cocktails

    5 Fun Beer Cocktails That Are Easy To Make

    Whether you brew beer at home or simply love the taste, you haven’t realized its true potential until you’ve added it to a cocktail. Take...

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  • Flaming Dr. Pepper Recipe

    Flaming Dr. Pepper Recipe

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  • Boilermaker Recipe

    Boilermaker Recipe

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  • Irish Car Bomb and other cocktail Variations

    15+ Irish Car Bomb & Other Guinness-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

    Irish Car Bomb is a relatively simple bomb shot recipe made with Irish cream and Irish Whiskey dropped into a glass of Guinness. It is basically two drinks, drank together...

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  • ‘Tis the Season For A Holiday Moscow Mule

    ‘Tis the Season For A Holiday Moscow Mule

    Table of Contents Nutritional guidelines Holiday Moscow Mule Recipe Recipe Variations Minty Holiday Mule Raspberry Christmas Mule Cranberry 2x Moscow Mule Cranberry Apple Cider Moscow...

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  • Moscow Mule With Whiskey

    Moscow Mule With Whiskey

    Table of Contents Nutritional Facts Kentucky Mule Recipe Recipe Variations Kentucky Mule 2 Kentucky Mule 3 Kentucky Buck Summer Kentucky Mule Tennessee Mule Irish Buck...

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