Strong Scotch Sour Cocktail for the Toughest Drinkers

Scotch whiskey, as its name implies, is a whiskey made in Scotland. It's either made of malt or grain and produced by Scottish folks. 

Noticeably, not everyone loves Scotch, for the reason that it acquires a distinct, strong taste. Nevertheless, it's still a good experience to have a glass or two of scotch in a relaxed and quiet night. 

Did you know? 
July 27 is the National Scotch Day! 
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Have a glass of this Scottish version of Whiskey Sour today! 

Scotch Sour Ingredients:

  • 25ml Scotch whiskey       
  • 25ml Sugar Syrup                 
  •  Lemon juice    
  • Half a lemon 
  • Sugar to add sweetness
  • Cherry and a slice of lime for garnish

Scotch Sour Preparation:

  1. Prepare your chosen glass by putting ice in it and set it aside. 
  2. In a shaker, put all ingredients and shake for 10 seconds. 
  3. Strain and transfer it on the chilled glass. 
  4. Add cherry and lime for garnish 

Watch It Here:

The Perfect Pair 

Its peated smoky taste is perfect with mushroom risotto and poached egg as well as with a fillet of halibut.

Did you know? 
In Scotland, there are a lot more casks of whiskey than humans! 
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The Rise in Fame

Scotch Sour is a great deal with the St.Helena’s people.  They love it so much that they drink it any time of the day. Also, France and the US, it's becoming a crowd’s favorite drink.


Challenge yourself with a glass of Scotch Sour and be surprised with the massive flavor that it can provide in every sip you take.

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