Man smelling his breath

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Alcohol Breath

Man smelling his breath

Have you ever gone for a drink or two, and then after a couple of hours, you realized that you reek of alcohol?

There's no denying that alcohol is a strong-smelling beverage. That is why, after a night of drinking beer or cocktails, your breath stinks so bad. The truth is every drink leaves a lingering alcohol odor in your mouth after you consume it.

If you've ever had alcohol on your breath, you know that it's not a pretty smell. But what can you do to get rid of it? Here are some tips that might help.

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Your Breath Reeks of Alcohol: Why?

A woman smelling her breath

The smell of alcohol after drinking is not produced in the mouth but internally. Alcohol is differently processed once it enters your body, unlike other dietary supplements.

Your body recognizes alcohol to be a poison and metabolizes the chemical rapidly. It is processed through the bloodstream, which is why the lungs are affected, which results in a booze breath.

Once the alcohol in your body has been treated, it leaves a sweet and distinct odor. Whether wine, beer, or rum, whatever you drink will have a distinctive aroma regardless of the brand or type of liquor.

What Causes Alcohol Breath?

Halitosis, a medical term for unpleasant breath, occurs when your breath releases a distinct and foul odor. Bad breath can be permanent in certain circumstances, but it can also come and go for some people.

Overindulgence in alcohol can also lead to an unpleasant smell originating from the stomach. The smell is particularly noticeable after belching. Both alcohol and the stomach are rich in sulfur, so when alcohol meets food, it creates an odor that often smells like rotten eggs. Stomach contents can also create an unpleasant smell if they pass through the mouth while vomiting or regurgitating.

Almost everyone may have had a fusty smell at some point, and it may have caused anxiety for certain people. A person may also be unaware or discover that they have other illnesses.

Sometimes bad breath is mistaken as being caused by alcohol when a condition like diabetes is actually to blame. Dismissing bad breath can mean overlooking symptoms of another condition that could be serious.

Tricks to Eliminating Alcohol Breath

A man holding a bottle of mouthwash

There is no practical way to prevent alcohol breath immediately. With these alcohol smell home remedies, you can say goodbye to embarrassing booze breath for good:

Brushing Your Teeth

Mouth fresheners and breath mints are unlikely to keep your breath fresh for long.

Bacteria proliferate in the mouth after drinking. Brushing your teeth with toothpaste is a great way to scour out the microorganisms to reduce your bad breath. Like mouthwash, it disrupts and flushes out all unwanted bacteria and smells. 

Additionally, don't forget to brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth. After this, your mouth will be fresh and clean. 

Having clean teeth with a crisp fragrance and taste can boost your self-esteem and self-assurance. Make sure to choose types of toothpaste that smell like mint or menthol to get rid of bad breath.

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Using Mouthwash

If you have already flooded and brushed your teeth, it's time to use mouthwash.

The vital step to using mouthwash is to rinse your mouth for at least 20 seconds, as it will help you get rid of the alcoholic stench and leave a pleasant and clean aroma behind. Mouthwash will also aid in the cleaning of your mouth to eradicate bacteria and prevent it from spreading.

Taking a Bath

Your lungs absorb the alcohol, which is why your breath smells like alcohol. Your pores may also emit an alcoholic odor that can make you smell bad. 

If your body smells like alcohol, a great bath or shower will assist in removing the alcohol from your pores and the sweat you have been producing. The soap you are using is up to remove any remaining odors and leave you smelling and feeling clean.

Use a scented lotion and spritz yourself with perfume or cologne after your shower to completely get rid of any traces of a fun-filled night. Be cautious and make sure you are stable enough in the shower or bath to avoid slipping and injuring yourself.

Letting your Body Process Alcohol

Some people believe that drinking alcohol with a neutral odor like vodka will prevent unpleasant odors from occurring through digestive breakdown. However, because the aroma comes from your lungs, all alcoholic beverages produce the same nasty bad breath, regardless of the scent of the drink.

You cannot speed up the rate at which your liver metabolizes alcohol. Staying on top of your wellness, on the other hand, can help your body process alcohol more efficiently.

Consuming Something Smelly

While you cannot replace the smell of alcohol with a fresh scent, eating foods with a strong smell like alcohol to prevent alcohol breath like:

  • Coffee

The intense smell of coffee can override the smell of alcohol breath. It has one of the most pungent tastes and enters the bloodstream quickly. Black coffee with no sugar or milk will give you the best results within seconds. We recommend swishing the coffee around your mouth before swallowing to help get rid of alcohol breath.

Moreover, coffee is a stimulant, whereas alcohol is a depressant, and drinking a cup of coffee will make you feel more alert and energized. 

Coffee is a diuretic, like alcohol, making you urinate more often than when you’re drinking water. If you drink coffee to mask your alcohol breath, make sure to follow it up with a glass of water to replace any fluids that you will flush.

  • Peanut Butter

If you enjoy sweet and creamy peanut butter, then you can use it to mask the smell of alcohol breath. The peanut oil produces a pleasant, penetrating smell that overshadows the repulsive alcohol odor.

  • Lemon

Lemon is a valuable organic remedy you can use to conceal alcoholic breath as it contains citrus compounds that help reduce the accumulated toxins and the smell of alcohol. The acidity of the lemon will help cleanse your mouth of germs and flush out your system.

Squeeze a lemon into your water to help with nausea and make your body have more alkaline, so the process of metabolizing the alcohol in your system will go much smoother and be less complicated on your body.

  • Parsley

You can use aromatic herbs like parsley as it has antibacterial and deodorizing properties. It will help eliminate the stench of spirits from your mouth and stomach.

An easy method is to eat the parsley leaves straight away, or cook them up in a dish like stir fry or chop it up fresh to garnish your dish with it.

  • Tomato 

Tomato can get rid of alcohol breath. You can drink it in juice or make a tomato dish like soup. It's a safe and effective way to get alcohol breath out of your system.

  • Cranberry Juice

It has far more benefits than just preventing urinary tract infections. It can also help you eliminate alcohol breath by boosting the process your body uses as metabolism. It makes sense that cranberries are recommended in alcohol detox programs for its abilities to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

How You Can Avoid Getting Alcohol Breath

You do not want your breath to smell like liquor, no matter how much fun you had last night, these tips can help you have a good time while also keeping your breath fresh:

Drink in Moderation

Drinking moderately can help you mask out the odor of alcohol. When it comes to staying fresh, sticking to a few shots or bottles of beer can be a reasonable alternative. On the other hand, drinking heavily can result in a distinct alcoholic stench and potential health problems, especially if you drink frequently. 

Reducing the amount of your alcoholic drink intake will help you maintain a neat and professional appearance. Two drinks are recommended per sitting.

Before consuming more alcohol, give your body time to process what you had. Around one drink for every hour is a general approximation depending on your weight and age. Drinking water between drinks will also help you avoid hangovers and keep your breath from smelling like a bottle of ethanol.

Furthermore, the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream will be lower. If you drink less, it will not have to use as much energy to push it out through your lungs and breath.

Avoid Mixing Alcohol

Each kind of alcohol has its distinct aroma, and drinking multiple alcoholic drinks can make your breath smell worse. So, sticking to one brand will make your breath smell a bit better.

Sweet drinks such as soda, juice, and simple syrup are usually added to mixed drinks. Although alcohol already contains sugar, consuming too much of it raises the probability of having alcoholic breath. Bacteria likes sugar and will reproduce more quickly in your mouth.

Choose Simpler Drinks

While a smaller amount of alcohol would not make you waste, it will help you drink in moderation. You will still have a drink in your hand and the pleasure of drinking without the harmful consequences.

Lighter beers, not necessarily lower in alcohol content but hops and wheat content, will give you a more mellow alcohol breath.

Drink Water

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration, and once the mouth is dry, it becomes a breeding group of bacteria, amplifying foul odors. 

Stay hydrated when you consume alcohol is as simple as sipping water, and drinking a glass of it with each alcoholic beverage is a decent rule of thumb. Water can also help you avoid dry mouth, leading to foul breath.


Whatever the reason for hiding the scent of alcohol, you can apply the tips and tricks above anytime and anywhere. Remember to stay safe and know your limits to avoid the stress of keeping your breath fresh after an hour or day of drinking.

Enjoy your drinks, raise a glass, and stay fresh!

Which among the ways of eliminating alcohol breath above do you prefer? Share on the comments below!

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