Restaurant gift cards and restaurant flyer ideas

Design A Hot Flyer For Your Restaurant In 8 Easy Steps

Restaurant gift cards and restaurant flyer ideas

Are you an up-and-coming restaurant owner? Do you need marketing help with a new food promotion? Did you close briefly for renovation and want to announce your reopening? Do you want to know how to design a flyer for your restaurant? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need help coming up with the right flyer templates for your needs. Here are 7 easy steps to help you design one that's right for you!

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1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your target audience before designing any flyer or marketing materials is important. It helps you understand what message to send and how best to go about it. Think about "Who am I trying to reach?" and "What is the main thing they need to see?"

For example:

  • If you're a seafood restaurant, your target audience would be anyone who likes the sea – mostly families with kids.
  • If you're an Asian fusion restaurant, your audience is hip, urban-dwelling twenty-somethings who love spicy food and trendy decor.

2. Figure Out What You Want Them to Do

Restaurant customers

Once you've got your audience down, you can focus on what you want them to do. Do you want people to come by your restaurant that night or next weekend? Do you want them to check out your menu online or buy a gift card for someone else's birthday? Are they willing to sign up for your mailing list? 

It's important for potential customers who see your flyer to understand what action they're supposed to take and then get the information that will influence them to do it easily.

3. Your Flyer Templates Should Have a Catchy Headline

“A good headline is like a great opening line in an essay, novel, short story, etc.”  said one marketing guru. That catchy opener grabs attention and builds interest all at once. Your headline is the first thing people will read, so make it count!

For example:

  • "Learn to cook like a local with our new culinary classes!"
  • "What's on our menu? Only the best of everything we know and love."

4. Add Pictures to Your Flyer Design

Whether you use stock photos or your photography, pictures are a great way for people to visualize what they can expect if they come to your restaurant. If you include pictures of food items, make sure there's more than one – otherwise, it could look like your only dish is spinach crepes!

As with anything else in any kind of marketing campaign, quality is key. It doesn't matter how good the rest of your materials look; if they're covered in pixelated or poor-quality images, they won't have a positive effect.

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5. Write a Compelling Description of Your Food and Why It's Good

Foodie festival restaurant flyer ideaFoodie festival restaurant flyer idea - Image by Venngage

It doesn't matter how fabulous your food is – it won't sell itself! Once you've got the headline and photos down pat, prove to your readers what great local dishes they'll enjoy if only they stop by (or click through) soon. 

Using descriptive words like delicious, mouthwatering, and to-die-for will all help make sure that people understand why they need to try your cuisine as soon as possible. You can even throw in some fun little stories to illustrate better.

6. Invite Your Readers to Sign Up for Specials and Deals

Valentine’s day restaurant flyer idea

Valentine’s day restaurant flyer idea - Image by Venngage

If you're planning a grand opening, having specials and deals to announce would be a great way to build hype. People will want to come as soon as possible to get the best price or whatever you've promised them. You can even offer incentives such as free desserts for those who bring in your website printout as proof of purchase. 

However, remember that no one wants so much for just $5. Keep your pricing competitive and keep the emphasis on quality. Otherwise, you'd lose out on potential customers and lower sales overall – not exactly what any business owner wants!

7. End on a High Note

No, not a cliffhanger! You want to leave customers wanting more, but you don't have to go overboard and use tricks that won’t work in your favor. Keep it simple and honest: "Contact us at (contact info) for hours of operation" is enough to entice people to come by or get in touch with you.

Try making the end of your flyer stand out somehow – consider using bold lettering or italics or contrasting colors like black text on yellow paper. Just make sure that people won't miss what you've written there.

8. Try a Flyer Maker

Restaurant flyer ideas

Restaurant flyer ideas - Image by Venngage

Once you've gotten the hang of these steps, you'll need some creative thinking and perseverance before you're ready to create and unveil your masterpiece. 

There are many combinations of colors, fonts, images, and other visual elements to make your flyer shout about your hot product. You can use a flyer maker software or app that lets you experiment so you can come up with something that fits you and your message. 

Be creative and have fun – no one expects a flyer from the average neighborhood restaurant to be as clever or creative as those written by advertising majors, but that makes them effective marketing tools! In the end, you'll find that writing great-looking flyers is much easier than it seems.

Check out Venngage for various flyer templates and restaurant flyer ideas, from clean and minimalist looks to bold and adventurous ones, and start creating yours now!


That's it! You now know how to design eye-catching flyers for any occasion, whether a product launch or good old marketing. So get out there and use these steps to help you advertise today. Good luck with your hot new business and in designing your first flyer!

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