SodaStream Canisters on a bubly orange background

The Real Reason For SodaStream CO2 Carbonators Expiration Date

SodaStream Canisters on a bubly orange background

In 1903, George Gibley invented the first soda-making machine. He showcased the soda maker to nobles and aristocrats by injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) into the water, and they loved it. Fast forward to 1979, SodaStream introduced soda machines to the public, and just like that, soda makers have taken residence in homes everywhere. 

Did you know that CO2 doesn’t expire? However, the canisters of SodaStream carbonators have an expiration date, so they are routinely checked before a refill. And if they show dents or any forms of damages, they’re considered for replacement.

Learn more about how injecting liquid with SodaStream carbonators can cause it to fizz and how much you need to get that fizz.

Why Do SodaStream Carbonators Expire?

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CO2 is a colorless gas that doesn’t have any biological aspects, meaning it doesn’t have an expiry date since it can’t break down. Carbonators for SodaStream, however, do expire. While it’s not the gas itself that expires, the cylinders need to be inspected to see if they can still contain carbon dioxide.

People in charge of filling up the CO2 cylinder generally check its quality for any leaks, condition of the aluminum, and if there’s any overall damage. The expiry date is placed in the cylinder for a specific reason; it’s not for the CO2 but for the gas cylinder itself. The container’s durability can diminish over time from usage, so ensure it is inspected when you can.

What is the Shelf Life of a CO2 Carbonator Cylinder? 

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If stored properly, gas cylinders can last indefinitely. Whether you make sparkling water every day or on occasion, rest assured that your cylinder can be used whenever you please. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to empty your gas cylinders. In that event, have at least one ready to take its place. 

It is recommended to buy two SodaStream carbonators for your soda maker for an uninterrupted operation. It’s also good to take note that sparkling water’s carbonation can last up to 2 weeks.

How Should You Store SodaStream CO2 Cylinders?

As previously mentioned, the shelf life of your CO2 cylinder is counting on how you store it. Suppose it’s stored in a heated and unstable area; the canister’s pressure may increase and result in a destructive explosion

When the temperature increases, so do the pressure. This is because heat can affect the movement of molecules. The molecules bounce around the container more often, which can be unstable. And if you add a hazardous environment like the trunk of your car or a wobbly shelf, you can guarantee a leak or even your canister bursting. 

It is best to store your SodaStream CO2 canister in a cool or room temperature area close to the floor. This way, there would be little to no damage on your canister, even if it falls off. Remember to place it in dry areas to avoid mold, bacterial growth, and possibly damaging the metal valve with rust.

How Much CO2 Should You Introduce in a SodaStream Bottle?

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SodaStream machines are correctly calibrated with the bottles they’re assigned to. They usually recommend you to do two or three pumps of CO2 for the bubbly results. If you do five or more pumps, there may be some consequences to your actions. 

When you inject a bottle with CO2, you are increasing its volume. CO2 doesn’t naturally stay in liquid, so when you force it to become one, it’s going to try and escape. If you do this in an enclosed container, like a SodaStream bottle, too much CO2 levels can result in two ways.

The first one is not as terrifying but messy. The gas will force the liquid out because of the increased pressure. This generally happens when you remove the over-pumped bottle from the machine, and the gas finally gets an opening to burst out of the confined space.

The second result is undoubtedly alarming. If you over pump your bottle with carbon dioxide and it’s still attached to your SodaStream machine, the bottle and soda maker can fly off together. Not only is it hazardous for your soda machine, but you could be injured.

How Often Should You Replace Your CO2 Cylinder?

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SodaStream CO2 cylinders can bubble up to 60L to 130L of water. Based on how often you make fizzy drinks, carbonating cylinders can last up to 4 to 8 weeks with regular use.  

  • It’s empty

When you start reaching that limit, regularly check your canisters to see if they’re empty. If you want to find out when your SodaStream CO2 canister is already empty, there are two ways to check. 

First, you can eye the weight by comparing it to a full canister; it’s more than likely the canister empty if it feels lighter. The second one is a surefire way to figure it out. When you’re trying to carbonate your water, watch your injector. If you notice that it doesn’t bubble or there are little bubbles, there’s a chance that your cylinder might run low on CO2.

  • It has a leak

If you start hearing a hissing sound on your canister, there might be a leak somewhere. It’s mainly due to a busted valve or the pressure in the SodaStream carbonator increased somehow. 

When this happens, please do not use your canisters anymore and quickly replace them. There’s a small chance that the gas might be compromised, and an accident might occur. Better safe than sorry!

  • It’s damaged

There might not be a leak, but if you start noticing rust on your valve or a dent in your canister, it’s high time to replace that container. Keep in mind that you are drinking the soda, and ingesting rust is not safe. 

Canisters with dents or corrosion are not safe to use anymore. When you see your canister has a bump or has expanded, it’s high time you get a new one.

Can You Refill SodaStream Carbonators by Yourself?

SodaStream carbonators are FDA approved, meaning the CO2 contained in your canister is safe to consume. But if you refill it by yourself or in your local stores, there is a chance the CO2 will not be safe for consumption. This is because some third-party CO2 tanks may contain toxins.

Yes, you can refill SodaStream carbonators by yourself, but be extra careful and only replenish the canister when it’s completely empty. Safety first!


Soda making is the lovechild of food and science for the non-alcoholic bubbly fanatics out there. The convenience and green aspects of the technology are enticing, but we must remember the rules and the maintenance it takes to keep it going. 

Make it a habit to read the instructions before creating that fizzy delight, and continuously check your SodaStream CO2 carbonators for leaks, damages, or if it’s empty. Don’t forget to store the canisters at room temperature and in safe areas to prevent any accidents. And finally, avoid refilling your canisters with local CO2 tanks and replace them.

If you have any questions about the topic, leave a comment below. Stay safe and bubbly!



  • Hello, I have recently discovered i have four times the safe upper limit of Aluminium in my blood. I am trying to find the source. I drink regularly sparkling water from my soda stream. Could there be a chance that i am getting small amounts of Aluminium from the canisters even if they are not damaged? Many thanks, Louise



  • I have the original Drinkmaker soda machine and 3 cylinders. Will the new soda stream cylinders fit my old machine?



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